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  • In A Very Potter Musical, Ron Weasley always has a snack, including but not limited to: a carton of Chinese food, a bag of Funions, Twizzlers handed to him by a member of the band, and a Hershey bar the size of his torso.
    Ron: Accio double-stuffed!
  • Wheatley becomes this after GLaDOS implants his brain into a human body in the Portal 2 fic Test Of Humanity. He ends up eating everything in Chell's fridge after tasting food for the first time, and, later on, GLaDOS tricks him into eating 30 cakes. By the end of the fic, he's grown noticeably fatter.
    • The sequel has Chell's roomates being unable to make anything for dinner because Wheatley already ate nearly everything. And, Wheatley then admits he made a large order for Chinese takeout...most of it being for him to eat.
  • Sheila Brainstorm and her mother from Calvin and Hobbes: The Series - the latter ate an entire turkey in a few bites.
  • Mike gets away with being called fat in Pokéumans - as a Ditto he resembles a pink fleshy blob and turns into a Munchlax so he can eat more.
  • Choji in the Naruto fanfic Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, just like his canon counterpart. At one point, Sasuke actually takes advantage of this to convince him to fight Shikamaru during the qualifying round of his tournament—in addition to getting tickets for the upcoming Shadow Fox comic-book movie, they're told that there'll also be a buffet line, as the screening they'll get to see is that which is usually reserved for movie critics. Choji immediately jumps on board.
  • Yajirobe's appetite is played up in Dragon Ball Z Abridged, most notably with an FAQ video where he apparently started eating Yamcha's body and Bulma correctly fearing he might eat Trunks out of spite and/or hunger.