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Pokeumans originally was a fanfic series by a user named Pokemonmanic3595, but then other people took interest in the concept and a whole online group on deviantART was born of writers who wanted to produce their own series based on the concept, with hundreds of spin-offs and side-stories creating a huge Shared Universe.

Millions of years ago, not long after the dinosaurs were wiped out, humanity was developing. However, alongside humans were a race of strange creatures that would now be recognised today as Pokemon. They lived with the humans and, as they were far more advanced, helped them grow. They worked together and lived together in harmony. Some Pokemon even found stones that could temporarily turn them into humans and lived closely with the humans, marrying and having children. All was well, for now.

Unfortunately, Humans Are Bastards. As the humans grew more intelligent they began to exploit and mistreat the Pokemon, leading to terrible war. Eventually the Legendary Pokemon created a portal to another dimension for the Pokemon to live without the humans in peace. They used the powers they had to undo everything they had ever taught humanity and leave them the way they were before, erasing all knowledge of their existence. All the Pokemon then departed to to alternate dimension, leaving only Mew to watch over the humans in disguise.

Fast forward to the 20th century. A scientist known only as Mr. X attempted to use a hair of Mew he discovered accidentally to create a full clone of the legendary. However, the experiment went horrifically wrong and the machine exploded, killing everyone but Mr. X and his research assistant and transforming Mr. X into a Mewtwo, as well as giving him knowledge of the original Pokemon. Moreover, the disaster released a 'genetic shockwave' across the world, and people, usually in their teenage years, whose ancestors had been Pokemon would find themselves irreversibly transforming into the species in their genes at random times.

Mr. X declared these transformees impure and sought to remove them from the world, creating the Pokextinction organisation and building an army by capturing and brainwashing transformees with the use of sleeper agents. In response Mew created the Pokeumans organisation, setting up secret bases around the world for the children to be protected and learn how to use their new abilities properly. He also took on a new disguise - Satoshi Tajiri. He used this to create the games to give the transformees fore-warning about what they would become, as liking the games is a strong indicator of being a Pokeuman. To this day a war is fought in secret, using memory erasure to hide it from public and replacing lost transformees with clones to live out their lives unknowingly. This is a series where The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You.

The original series focused on a Lucario Pokeuman named Brandon in the secret base under Long Island in America. However, spin-off series since then have used every species from Rattata to Salamance and been set in every corner of the world.

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Tropes found in the original Pokeumans series include:

Tropes applied to many stories across the group or the group as an entity: