Big Damn Heroes / Comic Books

  • Darkwing Duck
    • Subverted in issue 14. Darkwing battles a new, seemingly indestructible tank of a supervillain called Cat-tankerous, and is not having any luck — all of a sudden, out of absolutely nowhere, Launchpad flies to the rescue and rams the plane straight into Cattankerous. It doesn't actually work.
    • Just when Darkwing, Scrooge, and the gang get all caught up in Negaduck's trap, Scrooge calls for help from an "Agent 44", alias Donald Duck. He goes through the corrupted Duckburg and cries out to the entire town to let out their 'inner Donald Duck' and makes everyone get so infuriated that Negaduck loses his focus.
  • Watchmen
    • In the climax, this is subverted. The big bad saw the Big Damn Heroes coming and activated his plan as he did. Consequently, they arrive thirty-five minutes too late.
    • Also subverted with Dr. Manhattan's arrival. Adrian almost destroys him, but he comes back again, crushes his base, and gives an impressive Badass Boast, Adrian merely has to turn on his television to prove he's won, and Jon stands down.
  • ElfQuest:
    • In part 15 of the original series, just as the Wolfriders and Leetah are about to be slaughtered by Guttlekraw's trolls, they are rescued by the Go-Backs and (big spoiler): Rayek. All except One-Eye, who's killed before they arrive. Here's the scene, if all the spoiler tags haven't put you off.
    • In the climactic battle at the end of the book, Rayek and the Holt Trolls charge in just as the Wolfriders and the Go-Backs were about to be beaten. It is lampshaded with Rayek complaining to Cutter that if he had sent Petalwing the Preserver back to guide them, they could have arrived much sooner.
  • In Gotham City Garage, Big Barda, Silver Banshee, Harley Quinn and Catwoman come to Kara's aid when half dozen of android enforcers are about to gun her down.
  • Supergirl:
    • During the invasion of planet Grax in the Red Daughter of Krypton arc, a Diasporan is about to kill a little girl. All of sudden Supergirl shows up and punches him across the city.
    • In Bizarrogirl is about to get crushed by a car when Jimmy Olsen rescues him right on time.
  • Superman:
    • In War World Mongul is about to crush Superman's friends when Martian Manhunter turns up and frees them.
    • Several examples in Superman: Brainiac:
      • Brainiac’s android troops are invading an alien city when Superman arrives and begins beating them up.
      • Brainiac's robots are overwhelming Kara when Lois Lane shows up, armed with a fire extinguisher, and bludgeons one of them.
  • Y: The Last Man. Natalya and Ciba arrive just in time to stop one of Alter's mooks from kidnapping Beth Junior. Genre Savvy Hero even quips: "Natalya; always with the last minute Han Solo."
  • Grant Morrison is particularly fond of this trope:
    • In his JLA run, when the Big Bad renegade angel Asmodel is wiping the floor with the Martian Manhunter, Superman appears and tells J'onn, "Stand down old friend, I'll take it from here". Superman proceeds to fight Asmodel to a standstill during which Asmodel tells Superman to "Yield!" with Superman epically shouting "Never!".
    • Also subverted in that run when The Key devises a plan that actually depends on the Justice League's last minute heroic victory.
    • Played straight moments later when Green Arrow Jr. shuts him down with a boxing glove arrow to the face.
    • He begins his obsession in Zenith (see this article).
    • He takes it to its logical conclusion in Seven Soldiers, which is just a bunch (conspicuously more than seven) of those moments strung together, from the badass ("Gloriana! There is one!") to the farcical (Bulleteer accidentally running over the Queen of Darkness in a cartoony art style to boot) encompassing romantic, metafictional and slightly creepy along the way even finding room for an ambiguous aversion, with Klarion merrily fulfilling his own personal character arc at the expense of the rest of the "team"
    • The Multiversity:
      • Ultra escapes the time loop established at the beginning of Ultra Comics #1 with a promise that everything's going to be okay now, and manages to be the first hero in the Multiverse to successfully fight back against the Gentry... not that it ultimately does any good for more than a few seconds.
      • Played considerably straighter in The Multiversity #2 when the greatest heroes of 50 worlds charge as one to defeat the Gentry.
  • In Fantastic Four #245, Galactus is about to feast upon Earth, the FF held helpless in energy bubbles as the planet-destroying machine is set up. Galactus reaches for the lever to activate it...I SAY THEE NAY! A blast of lightning rocks him away as Thor and the Avengers arrive on the scene to help the FF.
  • The Avengers:
  • There are some instances in the X-Wing Series comics that count. In Requiem for a Rogue, Wedge is captured by a Sithling who wants to use him as bait for the other Rogues. The other Rogues come on foot to rescue him, and he slips away while the Sithling is directing his forces. Just as three Rogues are about to get killed, Wedge appears with two stolen blasters, shouting "Everybody down!"
    "Wedge! You're alive!"
    "Yeah, and you can keep me that way by moving your behinds!"
  • Subverted in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, during the Foot's attack at April's building; despite Casey Jones' Big Damn Heroes entrance, the Shredder's forces still manage to overrun the heroes, and they are eventually forced to retreat. The scene is eventually adapted into the first movie and the second cartoon.
  • Subverted in Preacher, with the truly epic failure of Cassidy's attempt at rescuing Jesse and Tulip from the Saint of Killers via pick-up truck.
  • This absolutely awesome moment from The Flash: Rebirth #4.
  • In Justice League: Generation Lost #8, the League has been caught breaking into Checkmate headquarters, and are on the verge of being overwhelmed by Checkmate forces. Then the wall blows in, with Captain Atom coming to the rescue:
    Ice: Thank God.
    Fire: He's not God. He's just our ride.
  • Justice has a scene where Superman has been dog-piled by four supervillains. Blindsided and beaten on by Bizarro and Solomon Grundy, weakened by Metallo's Kryptonite heart, his powers drained by the Parasite, Superman is helpless. The whole while, he's left wondering why none of the JLA are responding to his distress call, and finally, in a rather chilling scene, Superman cries out for help. Cue Big Damn Hero moment as a lightning bolt flashes across the sky, all of the villains get an Oh, Crap! look on their faces as a red and gold blur comes down and proceeds to take them apart. Bizarro? Punched into orbit. Metallo? Kryptonite yanked out of his chest. Parasite? Had said Kryptonite jammed in his chest, and since he had stolen Superman's powers and weaknesses, was instantly defeated by it. Solomon Grundy? Beaten unconscious into a crater. In the space of a page, these four powerful villains are handily and decisively dealt with. The blur finally slows down enough to reveal who it is, offering a hand to help Superman up.
    Captain Marvel: "It's okay Superman. I got your signal. It's going to be okay."
  • In The Thanos Imperative: Devastation one-shot (a Poorly Disguised Pilot for the next cosmic Marvel mini-series, Annihilators) features one of these when Blastaar pulled a Face–Heel Turn:
    Quasar: Shall we take this outside?
    Blastaar: Oh shi--
  • In Transformers: Timelines "The Stunticon Job", when Sideswipe and Cheetor are cornered by the Stunticons, Optimus Prime disguised as Toxitron comes in, and causes a ramp to crash on the cons.
  • In Infinite Crisis, The Battle of Metropolis is raging on and it seems that the villains are winning, especially when the Syndicate's flag bearer, Doomsday, charges forward and into the path of Arsenal and Green Arrow. Cue the arrival of Superman and Kal-L, who pummel Doomsday to the ground, followed by the other heroes who had been in the Antarctic with the two Kryptonians.
  • The final part of Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide has the original eight Robot Masters jumping in to save Dr. Light, Proto Man and Sonic's friends from the other Robot Masters. In turn, Proto Man, Knuckles and Dr. Light race in to save Sonic and Mega Man.
  • In The Transformers: All Hail Megatron, the Autobots were trapped on Cybertron with an army of Insecticons that was busy overruning them. Right up to the point that Omega Supreme arrives and turns the tide singlehandedly. When he was first introduced in one of the Spotlight books prior to that, Optimus said that Omega Supreme existed more or less for that purpose.
  • In Paperinik New Adventures this was practically Xadhoom's job,so much that both she and Paperinik start lampshading it.
    • It was subverted the first time, however: she bursts through a wall and saves Paperinik from the Evronians... and then tries to kill him because she mistakes him for a Evronian.
  • In the rebooted Teen Titans #1, Deathstroke points the muzzle of his rifle right in Robin's face and pulls the trigger. Cue Kid Flash appearing out of nowhere, plucking the bullet right out of the air, and quipping, "Bit of overkill, isn't it, using an elephant gun on a helpless teenager?" What follows is a truly epic curbstomping by a superfast yellow and red blur against a one-eyed assassin.
  • When Jessica Jones has been kidnapped by a group of Hydra agents in The Pulse, a S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team led by Jessica's ex-boyfriend Clay Quartermain rescues her.
  • In Death Vigil, this is part of Bernie's job. She and Hugin show up in the first issue to rescue the protagonist from a banshee.
  • In Kick-Ass, Hit Girl pulls this after she disappears by being shot and falling into the water. The mobsters assume that No One Could Survive That!, and figure she's dead. This allows her to sneak up on them just in time to save Kick-Ass from getting killed.
  • JLA/Avengers
    • During the final battle to stop Krona, Batman, after having beaten Batroc, faces Crossbones, Titania, Zaran, Razorfist, Libra and some other villains who want to give him some trouble. Normally even the Dark Knight would have real trouble with such an entourage of villains. But then...
      Black Panther: Good day, Batman. I was wondering if you'd need a hand?
      Huntress: (showing up along with Black Widow) Or maybe six?
      Batman: If you people have nothing better to do...
      (bad guy smackdown ensues)
    • During the battle with Krona, Krona eventually ends up killing all of the heroes, Superman included, with one energy blast. Save The Flash and Hawkeye (whom everyone had presumed dead earlier), Barry then proceeded to distract Krona to give Hawkeye a good shot.
  • During Spider-Verse, the Inheritors have invaded the thought-to-be-safe Earth-13 with the Inheritors' patriarch, Solus, absorbing the powers of that world's Spider-Man, granting him the powers of Captain Universe. When the Earth-616 Spidey returns with Arana and Spider-Gwen, he comes back with another Spidey — the Japanese live-action Spidey complete with his Humongous Mecha Leopardon.
  • At the end of Copperhead's second arc the prisoner manages to break out and hold one of his captors hostage against the others. The standoff is resolved when the posse breaks in and outguns the gang.
  • Tim pulls off an awesome save in Red Robin during Anarky II's rampage. He himself is saved in moments worthy of this trope by his sister Cassandra Cain and brother Dick Grayson at different times, though in Cass's case it's revealed later to have been somewhat planned ahead of time by the two of them even if things did start spiraling out of Tim's control with the Daughters of Acheron.