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Better Than It Sounds: Film L
  • La Vita Bella (a.k.a. Life Is Beautiful): A comedy, the second half of which takes place in a Nazi concentration camp.
    • A family of Italian Jews get sent to a concentration camp, where they get split up and the father lies to his son and dies. This is supposed to be a comedy.
    • Alternatively, a film that has been compared to The Day the Clown Cried, one of the biggest examples of Creator Backlash in the history of narrative.
  • Labyrinth: A girl navigates a maze at the whim of a fairy rock star.
  • Lady and the Tramp: Two lovers eat spaghetti.
  • Lady in the Water: A character from a fairy tale (which is entirely accurate to reality, of course) takes up residence under a swimming pool, with the intention of inspiring a writer whose works will become important.
  • Lagaan: A rebellious teenager must put together and train a ragtag team including a Sikh, a mute, a hairy fortune-teller, and a man with a gimp arm (who is their secret weapon), to play cricket so they can save their village from taxes that will force them all into starvation. Also, it is a Bollywood musical.
  • Il Mare: Woman becomes pen pals with someone whose letters take two years to reach her.
    • The Lake House: American woman becomes pen pals with someone whose letters take two years to reach her.
  • Lakeview Terrace: Cop finds out his new neighbors are an interracial couple. Racism ensues.
  • The Land Before Time: Five kids walk westward for a few days. All the while, their de-facto leader is following the advice of what is either a hallucination or his mother's ghost. And then they kill the guy who killed the leader's mother.
  • The Last King of Scotland: An emotionally unstable African leader befriends a doctor, because he likes the place he's from.
  • The Last Unicorn: A unicorn has an identity crisis, falls in love with The Dude, and fights an energy drink mascot. There's also a talking cat.
  • Lawrence of Arabia: An idealistic British officer brings the Ottoman empire to its knees, but becomes a cynical recluse in the process. He dies at the end, except it's actually at the beginning.
    • A conceited staff flunky becomes convinced he is the messiah and kills a lot of Turks. Arabs on Cool Horses cheer.
  • Layer Cake: Man looks for missing pills, while Dumbledore discusses baking.
    • James Bond gets his pre MI-6 training in the London drug trade. Some of the skills learned come in handy in his later spy job.
  • A League of Their Own: Baseball player gets called out for crying during a game.
  • Legally Blonde: Girl goes to law school trying to get engaged.
  • Legend: Problems befall a pair of unicorns. Tom Cruise saves them and a princess from Tim Curry.
  • The Legend of Frenchie King: Two women act catty over a potential oil empire.
  • The Lego Movie: A construction worker teams up with a motley crew of heroes (including a riot girl, an old blind man, a guy obsessed with outdated space technology, and a mix and match critter with anger-management issues) to stop a businessman from covering a city in super-glue. It ends by ripping off a Pixar property.
  • Leon/The Professional: Girl is forced to move in with her neighbor, and gets interested in his job.
    • Or: A grown man grows increasingly uncomfortable about a prepubescent girl hitting on him. He sticks his gun in a guy's mouth.
  • The Leopard: An aristocrat feels alienated.
  • Les Miserables (2012): A guy steals a loaf of bread. Shit goes down.
    • Or: Maximus chases Wolverine for his entire life over some bread. Along the way, Wolverine adopts Catwoman's daughter. Borat and Bellatrix Lestrange try to rob him. Eventually, they all get involved with some students who have blocked off the roads (an action which gets a horrifying number of people shot). Nearly everyone dies, though the only really villainous character survives and thrives. It's a musical.
  • Let the Right One In: A shy, unpopular adolescent experiences first love with a vampire, cursed with eternal youth, an uncanny beauty, and ice-cold skin like marble, but blessed with the wisdom of the ages. Can their love last, despite the dangers inherent in their union? And you won't believe what happens if the vampires go in the sunlight...
  • Liar Liar: Man gets close to losing the case of his life due to a birthday wish.
  • The Life Of David Gale: A man arranges for his own death so that the killers will feel bad.
  • Like Minds: Two students from a Catholic boarding school kill people. Incest, necrophilia and pedophilia ensue (sometimes all three at the same time).
  • Lilo & Stitch: Teenager almost loses guardianship of her sister because of their newly-adopted dog.
  • Lincoln: A politician bribes members of the legislature to pass a highly controversial bill while refusing peace overtures from an independence movement.
  • Linda Linda Linda: A Japanese girl band prepare to play a few punk rock songs at their autumn festival.
  • The Lion in Winter: Dysfunctional family bickers throughout the entire movie.
  • The Lion King: Prince who blames himself for his father's death runs away and is taken in by all-male commune which subsists on insects.
  • The Little Mermaid: A girl trades her voice for feet to impress a guy who thinks she is her voice.
  • The Little Shop of Horrors: A sad sack grows a plant that feeds on blood. It takes place in a Crapsack World.
    • Little Shop of Horrors: Musical adaptation about an awkward orphan who wants to win a battered beauty's heart by tending to a plant that came from space.
  • Lo:The main character paints a circle in his apartment floor, spends the entire film sitting in that circle.
  • Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: Rigged game puts card-shark with a huge debt. While trying to get the money, he and friends stumble by Loads and Loads of Characters dying.
  • The Long Good Friday: As a result of dodgy deal gone very badly wrong, London gangster experiences worst Easter Weekend of his life.
  • The Longest Day: Big Damn Heroes cross a channel to put the skids under an Obviously Evil dictator, who gets handed the Idiot Ball. Based on a True Story.
  • Looper: A hitman tries to commit suicide, but he makes it difficult for himself.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Midget destroys stolen property during the war years.
    • Alternatively: Crap, this is a long walk.
    • The Fellowship of the Ring: A group of unrelated men fight off multiple claimants to a jewelry inheritance.
    • The Two Towers: Aristocrat and his servant help a man with multiple personality disorder.
    • Return of the King: Defective merchandise is returned, causing the manufacturer to go out of business due to the resulting upheaval.
  • The Lost Boys:Vampires terrorize a boardwalk like an MTV music video. Disaffected teen saves mother from obsessive nocturnal video store owner. Billy Idol tries to seduce Jim Morrison.
  • Lost in Translation: A married old actor and a married young woman hang out in Tokyo, because their life partners don't understand them.
  • The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra: Three different parties all search for a valuable meteorite.
  • The Lovely Bones: A girl is murdered by Stanley Tucci, then her spirit plays around inside several Macintosh wallpapers to reach Heaven while her family deteriorates. Tucci falls off a cliff.
  • Lucky Number Slevin: An unlucky guy stays over at his friend's house in New York, then two gangsters try to make him commit murder and come up with a ton of money. He goes on dates with his friend's plucky neighbor.
  • Lucy: Girl takes some drugs, and shares the effects with the audience.

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