Awesome Music / beatmania

  • 20,November by the now-retired Reo "DJ Nagureo" Nagumo, from the very first beatmania title, has become one of the most iconic songs in the Bemani franchise, and November 20 has become not only Nagureo's birthday, but also a day celebrated every year by fans.
  • Interestingly, according to the poll in beatmania THE FINAL website, the most popular song during 5-key era is not "20, November," but super highway by nouvo nude. This song is included in beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD.
  • HELL SCAPER by L.E.D. LIGHT-G, originally from GOTTAMIX. With high speed gabba with senseless psychedelic animations, it's a 2-minute rave!.
  • COREDESAT by Des-ROW from beatmania THE FINAL. This song is a blend of the intro music Des-ROW did for beatmania CORE REMIX, beatmania 7th Mix, and beatmania THE FINAL''. Also appears on pop'n music via ee'MALL.
  • ASK by RAM from beatmania III.
  • Jack and Mark Get Busy! by Distant Soundz from Beatmania 6th MIX: The UK Underground Music.

4th Style

5th Style
  • V by (dj) TAKA, a remix of "Winter" from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", and V -conclusion- from dj TAKA's album "Milestone".
  • Radical Faith by TaQ, a good example of his Big Beat work, as well as one of the songs with a separate Another mix.

7th Style

8th Style

9th Style

10th Style


  • Xepher by Tatsh, from IIDX 12 Happy Sky, which was so good it appeared in a shortened version in DDR SuperNOVA.
  • Mei, the One More Extra Stage of Happy Sky. It also serves as the final stage of the Kaiden Dan'inintei course. There's also Mei (Rockin' Swing Remix), first appearing in SOUND VOLTEX.
  • Scripted Connection=> from IIDX Happy Sky is an epic 5 1/2-minute techno track, with a very unique gimmick: the Normal version fades into the Hyper version, the Hyper version fades into the Another version, and the Another version fades in from the Hyper version—put all three versions together for the aforementioned full version.

13: DistorteD
  • tripping contact by kors k vs. teranoid
  • Contract by DJ Yoshitaka (aka Suzaku), also from IIDX 13 DistorteD.
  • Nageki no Ki by Kinjinshi (a special pseudonym of DJ TAKA) from beatmaniaIIDX 13 DistorteD. According to TAKA, the intention was to write a song to be the king of kings. It shows.
  • Apocalypse ~dirge of swans~ is both beautiful and sad and, within context of the Zektbach world, horrifying. The full version more than deserves a listen as well.

14: GOLD


  • Bad Maniacs by kors k as teranoid. A difficult hardcore song with lyrics spoken in a feminine computer voice about killing and/or fucking you. "We are... playing to die!"
    "How much do you hate me now? That is not enough. I ?????? you. We will be back to ???? again soon."
  • Raison d'etre ~Kousa suru shukumei~ by Zektbach, from beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS. It's pretty much Tomosuke doing a Shout-Out to himself. Pretty much anything Tomosuke does under his Zektbach alias applies to this.
  • She is my wife by Super Star Mitsuru, aka TAG. Notable for the hilarious background video (shown in the link) where TAG, dressed in a campy superhero outfit with large sunglasses and feathers, dances with dj TAKA, L.E.D, Ryu*, DJ Yoshitaka, and kors k in an extremely fabulous fashion. There's a live version performed at AOU 2011, now with even more hilarious cardboard cutout of Ryu* holding a boom box.

18: Resort Anthem
  • Yuuyake ~Fading Day~ by JAKAZiD. Guaranteed to make you feel good.
  • Get out. (The video links to the full version.)
  • Kailua by kors k. Also from Resort Anthem.
  • Dances with Snow Fairies by Dr Honda from Resort Anthem. One of RA's boss songs, and it definitely sounds the part.
  • Shakunetsu -Beach-Side-Bunny- the OMES from Resort Anthem.
  • From the same composer of "Scripted Connection =>", we have ANTHEM LANDING, a six-minute Latin/eurodance track that serves as Resort Anthem's Extra Stage. Like SC=>, the track is divided up into Normal/Hyper/Another sections.

19: Lincle

20: tricoro

  • The select BGM, once again by Nekomata Master.
  • m1dy Deluxe by speedcore musician m1dy, who makes his BEMANI debut in this game.
  • rainbow guitar weeps by dj TAKA, a Sequel Song of sorts to "rainbow flyer" from 8th Style.
  • I will be back marks the triumphant return of SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU-. Not only is the song good, but the BGA features MITSURU saving the world from an incoming giant meteoroid!
  • INSOMNIA by the Jakarta Funk Brothers, one of the few funky kota songs (as the artist name suggests) in the series.
  • Miracle 5ympho X by USAO, which features machinegun notes halfway through the song.
  • The Spada✝leggendaria select theme, perfectly fitting of the fact that you're about to face one of the game's boss songs. Then there's the Spada✝leggendaria songs themselves:
    • Close the World feat. a*ru by REDALiCE, under the "天叢雲剣" alias. This is as light as the Spada✝leggendaria tracks get, and it is just as amazing as the rest.
    • Verflucht by Hommarju, under the "Tyrfing" alias. It's a high-energy, hard-rocking track with a ✝LEGGENDARIA chart notorious for having the most notes of any arcade IIDX chart, at 2401 notesnote !

  • PRESENT Phase exclusives:
    • chrono diver -fragment- by Nekomata Master featuring Aki Misawa, a calming track that represents PENDUAL's PRESENT phase.
    • illuminate by Sota Fujimori, featuring his usual brand of synthetic goodness.
  • FUTURE Phase exclusives:
  • m1dy strikes again with m1dy Festival, featuring his signature brand of high-speed craziness.

23: copula

  • Hades, Massive New Krew's first entry in the Bemani franchise. The background video fits the video perfectly, not to mention that it's quite terrifying.
  • Music Is The Answer by C-Show, a groovy, low-tempo beat with an awesome saxophone solo midway through.

Console Versions
  • Go Beyond!! by Ryu* vs Sota, from IIDX: Distorted Rates up there as one of the hardest songs in the game, but probably one of the most awesome songs as well. Wound up appearing in EMPRESS arcade, as a revival.
  • Also from the console version of DistorteD, Shoot'Em All. If it reminds you of the Shoot 'em Up genre, it should; it's composed by Manabu Namiki.
  • quell ~the seventh slave~ by dj TAKA vs DJ Yoshitaka, also from Distorted CS. Has a special another mix, too.
  • Saturn from DJ TROOPERS, which would go on to appear as an unlock in the arcade version of tricoro.