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Tear Jerker: beatmania
  • The song Scorpion Fire, whilst pretty epic in the game cut, has a full 8 minute version in the OST. Trust me when I say that you will have tears in your eyes from 2:40 onwards, in particular the section beginning at 4:15.
  • When Jason Michael Borenstein (who portrays Michael a la mode) died, this sure caused the fandom to shed a tear or two.
  • "SA.YO.NA.RA SUPER STAR", for those who love Super Star Mitsuru. It's TAG's final song under that particular alias, and drives the point home during the breakdown in the middle of the song, when you see all the other BEMANI musicians presumably congratulating him and bidding him farewell. Possibly subverted by The Stinger at the end, where he hints at coming back.
    • ...which he indeed does, in "I will be back".

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