Awesome Music: Dance Dance Revolution

Let's heat it up with this number!
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  • Butterfly. Which is made 100% cuter with Pikachu.
  • Sakura from EXTREME (Original from IIDX).
  • Dynamite Rave by the aforementioned Naoki Maeda, from Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix.
  • Max 300 from Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (also known as DDRMAX). The first Extra Stage-exclusive (initially) song, and the first to clock in at 300 BPM. When DDRMAX was first released, being able to clear its Heavy/Expert charts was a huge deal.
    • And of course, the sequel from DDRMAX 2- MaxX Unlimited. The long sequence of jumps near the end is awesome.
      • MAX would go on to become a series institution, with DDR EXTREME producing The legend of MAX.
      • Fascination MAXX. Taking leg-breaking insanity Up to Eleven and sounding awesome while doing it.
      • The less-remembered 2MB remix MAX. (period), available only on the Japanese console version of Extreme. This is available on the latest arcade version of DDR through the Repicant D-Ignition extra stage system now. It was the utter peak of difficulty escalation in DDR before In The Groove's challenge-oriented design forced Konami to up the ante to match. The fourth wall gets a beating - the background video depicts recording sessions and the distorted voice is whispering "WHY DO YOU NEED KONAMI ORIGINAL SONGS?". The normally silent slowdown has a tiny glimpse of nostalgia to the first ever DDR mix, with the faint background music and step patterns taken from PARANOiA, the first boss song of the series. After a few seconds of standard MAX fare, the speed rockets to a staggering six hundred beats per minute, the fastest official song scrolling speed around that time. The rest of the MAX songs skirted the line between "legitimate song" and "difficulty justification", but MAX. is an unabashed attack towards the player.
      • It's on the fence whether or not it's technically a "MAX" song, mostly owing to its softer difficulty, but MAXIMIZER is just a minute and a half of fast, pulse-pounding, hardcore techno goodness.
    • DM Asura's Ascended Fanboy mix Delta Max starts with a large "100" in the background while a slow-moving but dense (on higher difficulties) pack of arrows attacks the player. Then the "100" increases in number, one-by-one, while the arrows start moving faster. Yep, that number is the BPM, and it's going to keep going up for the rest of the song, ending at Konami's lucky number, 573. The song itself is bits and pieces of the classic Maxes seamlessly mixed with original sounds. For added fun, the video makes a "checkpoint" effect every 100 BPM.
  • PARANOiA HADES from Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2. Think of it this way - one of the hardest songs in the game. Halfway in, the song drops in speed, then speeds up slightly again. Partway through that speed up (at 1:26 in the video), the build-up begins. Every time without fail, this part makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, as if to say "This next part is going to kick your ass." Add to that the disturbing backing video, and you actually fear the next part of the song, in the most awesome way.
  • Hana Ranman -Flowers- by TĖЯRA from DDR SuperNOVA. It also later appeared in Beatmania IIDX 15: DJ TROOPERS.
  • Kakumei by dj TAKA with Naoki; a remix of Chopin's "Revolutionary" Etude no. 12, and the One More Extra Stage for beatmania IIDX 7th Style and DDRMAX2: 7th Mix.
  • WONDERLAND (UKS MIX) by X-TREME from Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX. Posted the full version to save people the trouble of finding it.
  • ORION.78 (Civiliation Mix). A combination of an old Okinawan folk song and a pumping techno beat.
  • The standard Extra Stage of DDR X2, KIMONO PRINCESS.
    • Notably, that part of the song is done by TAG, who is known for hamming it up in his "ONLY ONE _____" series of songs under his alternate "SUPER STAR MITSURU" alias.
  • Valkyrie Dimension from DDR X2 AC.
  • Roppongi EVOLVED from DDR X2. Made even more so in the console version because you have to play it seven times with increasingly hard difficulty and mods to finish Dice Master Mode.
  • PARANOiA Revolution from DDR X3's 2nd Mix Mode.
  • DDR X3 brings London Evolved to the table, which has three versions:
  • New Decade, especially the long version. Also doubles as That One Boss like some of the other examples.
  • Monkey Business by kors k from the 2013 arcade DDR. Playfully difficult with the slowdowns and stops and tons of hops and fast steams. A very bouncy tune.
  • "Pluto" is a dramatic piano/techno song which matches well with the desperation felt trying to survive or ace its charts. Even the Fake Difficulty stops almost feel acceptable in the face of a song that fits with them so well. Almost.
  • New to 2013 is "Magnetic" by Sota Fujimori. A fun track all the way through, helps that it probably has the greatest Challenge chart ever made.