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  • A minor one but while the team is preparing to drop, Poncho gives a smirk and prepares to toss something at Hawkins, who is reading a map. Poncho gives a good toss but Hawkins catches it without his eyes ever leaving the map.
  • Dutch calling the Predator out, right before lighting the bonfire, by letting out a long primal roar that echoes all around the jungle. The Predator definitely got the message.
  • The unveiling of Ol' Painless, and the havoc that Blain unleashes with it.
    Jesse Ventura: I'm the first person in film history to shoot this weapon handheld. Not even Rambo can say that.
  • The More Dakka scene after Blain's death, which has the surviving team members unloading their weapons into the Guatemala jungle after the Predator.
  • Billy, after spending most of the movie terrified of the Predator, pulls a You Shall Not Pass moment to buy time for the few remaining team members. It turns out to be a Senseless Sacrifice, but it's still unbelievably badass.
  • Dutch destroying the Predator's cloaking device with exploding spears and arrows.
  • The final showdown between Dutch and the Predator, where the Predator takes off its armour to beat Dutch in a fair one-on-one fight... and beats the everloving shit out of him. Then Dutch takes it out with a tree stump from a booby trap he'd made that afternoon. Bad. Ass.
  • "What the hell are you?" "What the hell are you?" and the Evil Laugh following it.
    • Leave us not forget the Evil Laugh preceding the detonation of the Predator's wrist explosive, which was Billy's laugh.
  • The Predator is just an awesome villain, in general. You've gotta give props to any antagonist that can scare the hell out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger character:
    Dutch: "Did you find Hawkins?"
    Poncho: "I... I can't tell."
    *Cue major "Oh, Crap!" look from Dutch*