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Awesome: Macross Frontier
  • The entire final battle. Just... the whole thing. The singing, Canaria's assault with the VB-6 König Monster variable bomber, the Macross attack, Alto and Brera fighting back to back... I could keep going.
    • "It's because we're alone... THAT WE CAN LOVE SOMEONE!"
  • Alto shows off and knocks Sheryl off stage? "Get flying, you idiot!"
  • Episode 7 of Macross Frontier at first appeared to be a crowning moment for the entire goddamned series. It must be seen to be believed. However, a short while later, Episode 14 came along and comprehensively one-upped it. Little did anyone realise, of course, that the real awesome was all being saved for the finale, twenty five minutes of the most intense space combat and wildest emotions ever set to animation, in which every single character and mecha gets a personal Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
  • Ranka in Macross Frontier, episode 12. She pierced the heavens fold distortion with her drill special fold engine, descended from space onboard a fighter plane sporting four huge-ass loudspeakers under its wings, landed in the middle of a battle between two Zentradi armies, and proceeded to pacify them through the power of pop music. Not bad for an Ordinary High-School Student. Memo to Celestial Being: THAT'S how you stage an intervention.
    Setsuna F. Seiei: This song is also a Gundam.
  • Pretty much anything Sheryl does to assert herself, beginning with her amazing recovery in episode 1 when Alto crashes into her, and she incorporates it into her act (making him utter "You're incredible" in awed tones,) all the way to singing "Diamond Crevasse" for the panicked refugees in episode 20, who were crying out for Ranka moments before.
    • "Ranka ... if you are the songstress of hope, then I will try singing amidst despair."
  • Alto's Big Damn Heroes moment in Macross Frontier episode 14.
  • Michel/Mikhail at the end of episode 20. Also a particularly heartbreaking Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Brera defending Ranka from the Hydra. Just as it's about to jump on her, he gets in front of it and it bites his arm. He then pulls his arm away and uses his other hand to punch the thing through a wall. We find out a couple of seconds later that he's a cyborg, so the Badass factor is lessened somewhat, but it's still pretty frakking awesome.
  • The "Nyan Nyan Service Medley" Image Song sequence in the Grand Finale —namely, a medley of all the most dramatic, or fast-paced songs in the series (including "Do you remember love?"!) that Ranka and Sheryl sing in duet while everyone, from the lowly NUNS pilots, to Canaria in her Koenig Monster, to Klan Klan in Mikhail's Valkyrie, to Alto and Brera mount a final assault on the Big Bad —backed up by the Macross Quarter and the Battle Frontier tossing Macross Attacks at the Galaxy forces. It's an honest go at outdoing Hikaru's "Do You Remember Love?" attack run and by Kawamori it works.
  • In the Grand Finale, for the Macross Quarter and Battle Frontier, after Battle Galaxy damages and destroys both ships' main guns. Combined with some Crowning Music of Awesome, the Quarter destroys Galaxy's gunship with a Macross Attack. As it explodes, Battle Frontier slices Galaxy in half with a punch! Giant mecha martial arts!
    • Because nothing says "Fuck you" quite like getting punched in the face by a battleship except getting punched by TWO battleships.
    • Special note here needs to go to Canaria Bernstein, since she was the one who allowed for the previous moment of Awesome by destroying Galaxy's shield generator with her Koenig Monster. Awesome enough on its own, but the Koenig Monster has been in service since the original Macross series and is well over 50 years old, one can't help but marvel at either the strength of the machine's design, or the abilities of it's pilot.
      • Technically, the Koenig Monster design isn't 50 years old; the basic Monster is about 50 years old, but the Koenig Monster was designed later, and was in service around the time of the VF-X games, so it's about 20 years old at the youngest.
  • Yet another Grand Finale moment, Luca Angelloni fully unleashing all performance limiters on his Ghost drones, while shouting "Show us all why you were once called the 'Nightmare of Macross City!'". The three Ghosts proceed to utterly rip apart a Vajra battleship in less than twenty seconds.
  • The SING-OFF in the hospital atrium balcony between Sheryl and Ranka for Alto's attention/affections... This troper must have watched it 20 times in less than a week. It crowns the awesomeness not just of the characters, but the series and the franchise as a whole.
    • Personally, I found that moment simultaneously totally awesome and completely hilarious; Alto is obviously terrified of the two women fighting over him.
  • Ozma's burst of Hot-Blooded UNSTOPPABLE RAGE in episode 17. Further noteworthy for his surviving his injuries, which were accompanied by a slew of references to Roy Focker's death in similar circumstances in the original series. Even the writers were in on it, as the blatant scene had characters immediately commenting about how emotional everyone would be if that had happened, and Ozma looking directly at the camera when he delivers the line, "Didn't I tell you? I will never die."
    • That description doesn't really do the scene justice. First, Ozma tanks a beam cannon blast from a Large-type Vajra, an attack previously shown to be capable of one-shotting ships, though not without damage. Then, he purges his Armored Pack, tosses his gunpod aside, draws his knife, and proceeds to gut the Vajra like a fish, finishing it off with the head lasers. Where nukes didn't work, missiles and guns didn't work.
    Ozma: ""Who cares about that!? If reaction warheads don't work, use missiles; if missiles don't work, use guns; and if guns don't work...even if I have to have have to use my teeth and nails in the end, I'll continue to fight! I'LL DAMN WELL FIGHT!! OUT OF THE WAY!"
    • Another of Ozma's: "I'M NOT AN ADULT, I AM A MAN!"
    • (PUNCH!)
    • My first thought upon seeing that scene: "When the hell did Kamina get here?"
    • It's worth noting that they share the same seiyuu.
  • Brera's Establishing Character Moment in episode ten, where he calmly gets a chunk of his arm torn off by a Hydra, then proceeds to FALCON PUNCH it across the area he's standing in. When it charges at him again, he cuts it in half with an arm blade and calmly walks off.
  • The final battle went something like this in this tropers' mind Holy crap there's SMS charging in guns blazing with the Battle Galaxy launching psycho Ghosts killing everything and the epic songstresses unite magic girl power with the Brera Alto epic Mecha RAAAH! charge killing everything that moves with blowing off super dimensional bugs heads and the super dual Macross DEADALUS ATTACKS! Yeah, it was awesome. Hardcore shippers on the other hand had a different reaction...
  • Episode 20. One of the most dramatic moments in the entire second half, where Sheryl overcomes her personal suffering to give hope to everyone trapped in the shelter. The fact that it's set alongside Michael's heroic death makes the trope apply doubly.
  • This troper consider's Klein's crowning moment to be when, after her Queadluun-Rea is knocked out of action, she comes back in Michael's VF-25G, piloting it in her micronized form. It just felt so...right.
  • One in Episode 4 with the mock dual between Alto and Klan. Set to "My Boyfriend is a Pilot" with choreography. You'd think a heart being drawn in a heated dual with cheesy J-Pop in the background would be absolute Narm. It's not.
  • The time Mikhail makes that shot saving Klan Klan from Brera in episode 9 also counts, even though he doesn't shoot the head off, the fact that he was able to make a shot to a Valkryie that was close to Klan's head, makes it pretty amazing.
  • Episode 7's duet with Ranka and Sheryl counts for both girls, as they sing knowing there are people out there fighting for the safety of Frontier.
  • In the movie The False Songstress:
    • Ranka willingly using herself as bait for the Vajra. When she's captured, this leads to moments for Alto and Michel:
      • Alto chases after Ranka in a scene that can be summarized as Le Parkour in a Humongous Mecha.
      • Michel, seeing that his sniping position isn't good enough, flies out to an exposed position on the bridge and shoots the Vajra while Alto is grappling with it. Unfortunately, this enables another Vajra to come up behind him, reenacting an incident from the TV series... but this time, he survives!
      • When the Vajra drops Ranka, Alto dives out after her in his EX-Gear. Then that gets damaged... but his Valkyrie flies down on autopilot, with him and Ranka managing to land safely in the cockpit.
    • Sheryl and Ranka singing "Lion" together as the Valkryies protect them, with guns blazing.
  • From Sayonara no Tsubasa:
    • The Macross Quarter, a Humongous Transforming Mecha almost twice the size of an aircraft carrier, Sky Surfing a piece of space debris through the atmosphere. It has to be see to be believed. Even more awesome is the fact that it's NOT an IndyPloy. Captain Wilder simply gives the order for 'Big Wednesday Formation' and the crew goes for it, the implications being that this isn't the first time they've done this!
    • And then entire fleet of SMS and NUNS ships arrives to assist the Macross Quarter, which includes an entire squadron of Macross Quarter's sister ships that at one point fire all of their Macross cannons simultaneously at a single target.
    • Alto's final battle with Brera. In the series, Brera fights both Alto and Klan and easily defeats both of them without effort. It's only being released from Grace's control that stops him from killing Alto. In the film, Brera attacks Alto with 3 Ghost drones as backup and Alto easily takes out all the drones within half a minute and then fights Brera to a standstill for awhile. Brera does eventually get Alto dead to rights and is seconds from blowing him away when (like in the series) his control implant is shut off. But Alto put up a much better fight here.
    • During the final battle, a VF-19 in tan with black trim and using an upgraded Super Pack shows up, and we hear a VERY familiar "YAHOO!"...
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