Trivia / Macross Frontier


  • As noted on the front page there were quite a few interviews that were actually fake. Some of the information from the interviews include...
    • Hiroshi Ohnogi has nothing to do with Macross Frontier. Any Macross Frontier Interview which includes Hiroshi Ohnogi is fake.
    • The belief that Ranka was created before Sheryl is not true. Sheryl's character was created before Ranka's.
      • Similarly the belief that the love triangle was originally planned to be Ranka being fought over by Brera and Alto is also not true. While the original love triangle was two guys and one girl this was still in the planning stages before they decided on the characters.
    • Kawamori never once gave the Shrug of God in regards to any of the characters or their relationships to one another. Those were a part of the fake interviews.
    • Kawamori never said the ending was a Marry Them All ending. Kawamori never even implied that, in fact he jossed many of the dialogues that could have been taken as meaning that Alto loved both girls.
  • The claim that Kawamori had very little to do with the last episode of the TV series is unsupported. In his fanbook interview, script writer Hiroyuki Yoshino observed that everyone involved in planning the last few episodes had started feeling the same way: that it didn't need to end with Alto choosing one girl or the other. In fact, some of them even started to joke that, 'if Alto were to behave naturally, he'd like the sky more than either girl anyway'.
    • Furthermore, unlike commonly believed, Yoshino did not specify out right who Alto favoured either (although this may have changed since the second film was released).
    • Note that, according to Kawamori in his Wings of Farewell Complete Book interview, the ending of the films was the one closest to the ending he had originally thought up. However, he has not specified exactly how close it is to that 'original' ending.
  • Even though the movies are supposedly Non Serial Movies Kawamori does endorse the movies, especially the second one which resolves the love triangle as the end of Macross Frontier.


  • Fan Nickname:
    • As a result of Memetic Mutation, Ranka is sometimes referred to as "Nyan Nyan";
    • Part of the fandom has started calling Brera "Evil Jesus" due to his resembling Kira Yamato (and having the same voice actor), whose Fan Nickname is "Jesus Yamato". The movie version of Brera is known as Undercoverpriestcop because of his outfit.
    • To differentiate between her two forms, some referred to macronized (Zentradi size) Klan Klan as Klan-sama.
    • Bobby Margot, SMS helmsman of the Macross Quarter, is often called GARby by fans when he has his Hot-Blooded moments (those moments being referred to as entering GARby mode).
    • towards the end of the series, the three bridge bunnies (Monica, Mina, and Ram) were referred to as "Bobby's Daughters".
    • Alto has several of these, there's Alto-hime (that was used in the show by Mikhail) Pilot-hime (after he finally got designated a pilot) Kabuki-hime (reference to his past as a kabuki performer) & Sakura-hime (again referencing his past in kabuki theater, but more specifically the name of the last kabuki play he performed in.).
    • Sheryl's boobs have the nickname of "Hopes and Dreams" after an infamous scene in Episode 11 which basically involves Sheryl groping her own boobs while declaring that her chest gives people "hopes and dreams".
    • Grace's boobs are known as "Despairs and Nightmares" after a somewhat less infamous scene where Grace gropes her own boobs while she monologues her evil plan, earning the nickname by Memetic Mutation from Sheryl's own scene.
    • On certain internet forums, specifically those dedicated to comparing multiple series in fictional battles, the MDE weapons from Frontier have earned the name "Go the Hell Away Weapons" for their effect of simply warping whatever they hit away into super-dimension space.
  • Name's the Same: Brera's "official" NUNS callsign Antares 1 is way too familiar since it's also the callsign of a certain Ace Combat protagonist. Although it can be a coincidence since Joint Assault was released mostly worldwide in 2010 while the TV series was first released in Japan in 2008.
  • No Export for You: Despite how incredible the show ended up being, the show ended up falling victim to the infamous legal snarls surrounding the Macross franchise; nobody ever said a word about even considering bringing it over, even after the show DVDs, soundtracks, and related paraphernalia matched or shattered decade-old sales records in Japan (and this is for "anime" goods in general, not just Macross stuff). There's still a thin, wispy chance that intense industry-wide pressure from everyone else (looking to strengthen the overall market with another prominent release) will make the various combatants in the Macross legal snarl play nice (or, perhaps Harmony Gold will be inattentive as it was for Macross Plus) but as time grinds on this begins to look virtually impossible.
  • Playing Against Type: Kikuko Inoue playing... Grace!
  • Shrug of God: Subverted if you have the Blu-ray version of Macross Frontier; in the commentaries, Kawamori actually gives you plenty of hints on how the love triangle will end.