Funny / Macross Frontier

  • Alto being "introduced" to Sheryl after hearing his "Princess" nickname.
  • Sheryl awakens in the cockpit of Mikhail's VF-25G in enemy airspace while Frontier is engaged in a full scale fleet engagement with the Vajra. Mikhail is clearly out of it and bleeding from the head. Amidst the chaos, Sheryl remembers her training (she enrolled in a piloting school a few weeks ago!), invokes her Catch-Phrase ("'cause I'm Sheryl Nome!"), powers up the Valkyrie and takes off with a Theme Music Power-Up. She's shot down immediately by a couple of Vajra mooks and forced to eject in a subversion of the old Falling into the Cockpit trope in perhaps the biggest laugh-out-loud moment of the series.
  • Alto's initiation into SMS in the movie. Starts out all dramatic, gets a bit more light-hearted...then takes a sudden turn to the downright silly when the hazing ceremony starts.
  • Star Date is an exercise of heart-warming and laughs. That all starts with a surprise visit from Sheryl.
  • School Queen is full of laughs! Sheryl's car comes screeching into Alto's school on the day that Ranka transfers in, nearly running over several students. Hilarity Ensues as Sheryl is given a tour of her soon-to-be new school.
    • First she explains how she knows Alto by calling him her slave, to which Luca pictures Sheryl as a dominatrix stepping on a half-naked, tied up Alto. Then a male student amongst the many watching them exclaims that he'd love for Sheryl to be his queen, and one of Alto's fangirls cries in dismay at her "Princess Alto" being taken away.
    • Then Sheryl tries to practice in the flight suits that Alto and co practice and perform in. She's told to pick up some eggs without breaking them. The girls wind up covered in egg and in need of showers, and Sheryl's fanboys hide out outside waiting for her to come out. Then a little green squirrel-thing steals Sheryl's panties, to which the entire school goes into a massive hullaballoo trying to catch it.
    • Sheryl grabs the exoskeleton in order to gain an advantage. Alto and co's Oh, Crap! faces when they realize that she doesn't know how to stop and that she didn't lock herself into the suit are to die for!
  • Brere using his heat vision to track down a small animal, believing it to be the little green critter that follows Ranka around. He opens the trashcan it's hiding in to find... an angry cat jumping at his face. His expression as it happens is priceless. In-Universe, Ranka finds it funny.
  • Ranka's pet Vajra Ai-kun tangling himself in Sheryl's panties while the latter is taking a shower... then running out of the room into the middle of a large group of Sheryl-crazed fanboys who were trying to listen in. As soon as an irate and towel-clad Sheryl screams after the little thief, all the boys realize the opportunity and a school-wide panty chase begins. Naturally, Sheryl responds by hijacking Luca's EX-Gear and joining the hunt while Going Commando.
  • Alto's "training" in episode 4.
    "Congratulation for your 25th death, Princess Alto."