Heartwarming / Macross Frontier

  • Ranka and Sheryl's "What Bout My Star?" duet at the hospital. It's too cute to see the flustered look on Alto's face as the two girls who love him so much serenade him.
  • The picture of Michael and Klan as kids. They're both about 5-7 years old, and Michael is using the fifteen-foot-tall Klan as a swing set.
  • Special credit has to go to the end of The Wings of Goodbye... The Love Triangle featured as the trope pic on the main page is resolved after four years, in a heartbreaking fashion.
    Alto Saotome: "Sheryl... Even though it may be too late, I love you."
    • Doubly so when you read the lyrics to the song "Sayonara no Tsubasa" and then realize that Sheryl wrote it during her time in prison. Even then, she still believed that her feelings would reach Alto and that he would respond in kind.
  • Doubling as Awesome Moment, what the Vajra do when they realize that, unlike them, every human is an individual mind - just as a Macross Beam was being fired at a ship packed with several millions of humans... They mass up in the beam's path and stop it, saving the ship at the cost of who knows how many of them.
  • Grace's death in the movie and manga where, once she breaks from of Galaxy's control, she shows that she really did care for Sheryl.
    • In the manga, what breaks her out of Galaxy's control is seeing Sheryl's love for Alto, which reminds her of her own love for her dead fiance Jack.