Awesome / Macross Zero

  • Let's see...there was the beginning, where Shin evades a Macross Missile Massacre in an F-14 Tomcat, and later actually manages to get his Tomcat into a solid guns position on the SV-51! If only it weren't a Transforming Mecha...
    • Then there's the VF-0's debut and pretty much every serious fight after that. Thrust vectoring doesn't even begin to describe some of the fights.
  • Shin Kudo gets one at the beginning of the first episode of Macross Zero, where he out flies an Anti-UN Valkyrie, in a F-14. He only loses because the other pilot pulls tricks he has no idea are even possible (transforming). He then fights that pilot again in the last episode, with about one month's training in a VF-0 and once again manages to out fly his opponent.
  • All the dog fight sequences in Episode 5.