YMMV / Macross Zero

  • Epileptic Trees: What the heck was the Bird Human anyway, and what did it actually have to do with the rest of the series?
    • Clues are scattered throughout the franchise; the Bird Human's mysterious symbol shows up in DYRL, Macross Frontier ep 22, and amazingly, during the All-That-VF airshow (MF version) over the same desert mountains near New Edwards Air Force Base from Macross Plus. Oh, and one of the relics in Zero shows up in Brera's last scene in Macross Frontier
    • What the Bird Human is is explained in Macross Frontier: it's a lifeform created by the Protoculture in an attempt to mimic the Vajra and their Subspace Ansible capabilities.
  • Narm: The designation for the space ship that would be Macross is ASS-1, or Alien Space Ship 1. Unfortunate, but justified.