Awesome / Cinderella

Disney's Cinderella

  • Cinderella managed to keep Bruno in the house despite her stepfamily having a cat and hating her.
  • The smug grin on Cinderella's face when she comes down the stairs in her pink dress, astonishing her stepfamily.
  • Jaq coming up with a plan to distract Lucifer so the other mice can get some extra food. The plan calls for a mouse to be a distraction, and he gets chosen. Despite being visibly terrified, he follows through with his plan and kicks Lucifer's face into the saucer of milk.
    • When Gus accidentally gets Lucifer's attention, Jaq does everything up to pulling Lucifer's whiskers out to make Lucifer focus back on him.
    • When the pair of them need to steal beads for Cinderella, Lucifer sits on the beads. Jaq comes up with a plan again. And despite being, again, visibly terrified, he puts on a mask of nonchalance and walks past Lucifer and begins to casually ruin the other sister's laundry.
    • Then the plan goes south, again, and Jaq still carries on what he was doing, up until he hits Lucifer in the face with a button. The pair of them proceed to fight in the laundry, the fight ending with a terrified Jaq on Lucifer's head. When Lucifer spots Gus again, Jaq closes Lucifer's eyes, and then leads him down a sleeve to trap him!
  • Cinderella starts to go after Lucifer with her broom before the footman interrupts her.
  • The scene where Cinderella gains her iconic ballroom gown. In fact, Walt Disney called it his favorite piece of animation.
  • The glass slipper is smashed, all hope is lost, the Grand Duke is stammering in mortal terror, until... "You see, I have the other slipper." What really sells it is Lady Tremaine's stunned Oh Crap! face when Cinderella says it.
  • Jaq and Gus stealing the key and making it to Cinderella's room. When Lucifer stops them, the other mice fight back with forks and a lit candle. When that doesn't work, the birds drop pots, dishes, and pans on his head. When that fails, Cinderella tells the birds to fetch Bruno the dog, who scares the cat away and chases him off the tower.
  • Allegedly, a deleted scene from the movie had Cinderella telling off her stepfamily for their horrible treatment of her.
  • In another deleted scene, Prince Charming is reintroduced to Cinderella after she fits the slipper. While surprised that she's a servant girl, he accepts her immediately as his princess.
  • Cinderella making a second attempt at going to the ball. She's been treated like crap for most of her life, she knows from experience that her "family" will punish her brutally if they find out, and she has no reason to think that the ball will bring her anything other than temporary happiness. But she goes anyway. Why? Because through all the bullying and degradation, she still believes that her abusers were wrong and she deserves to be happy. That she wasn't broken completely by the dress scene is in itself a psychological moment of awesome: after a brief cry, she remains brave and optimistic enough to go out and make that night the best of her life.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella

  • A meta example, but the 1957 version set a record as the highest-rated TV program of all time. Not bad for a cash-in on Peter Pan.
  • Whitney Houston as the Fairy Godmother steals the show with her number "Impossible" in the 1997 version.
  • Look how quickly Laura Osnes changed her dress at the 2013 Tonys!