Awesome / Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

  • In "Case of the Cola Cult", Gadget starts believing that her abilities as an inventor and mechanic are declining — until she finds out that the reason she's been so down on herself is because an invention that malfunctioned and threatened the Rangers' lives was actually sabotaged by the episode's Big Bad. So after escaping the Big Bad's grasp and retreating back to Ranger Headquarters, what does she do? She takes the sabotaged invention, fixes it, and turns it into a tank, that's what. She then proceeds to return to the Cola Cult's hideout in the tank, easily takes out the mooks blocking her way with other inventions, then reveals the Big Bad's plans and thoroughly humiliates him.
  • Dale gets one in "Last Train to Cashville". After having spent most of the episode in varying states of sleep and putting the Rangers in danger several times, Dale — not known for thinking up good plans, especially in a pinch — wakes himself up and comes up with a plan to stop Fat Cat's plans and save his friends. Fat Cat was using model trains to move gold from a bank into a neighboring pet store, and had placed the other Rangers in a fishtank with a snake; Dale distracts Fat Cat with the help of some of the pets in the store, then reroutes the model train tracks to take the train through a window and out of the store, then he makes sure Fat Cat and his cohorts are on the train as it crashes through the window, foiling Fat Cat's plans (and giving the Rangers all the time they need to escape peril).
  • Chip choosing to defy Cassandra's prediction that he would be killed in order to save his friends in "Seer No Evil".
  • Monterey Jack has one in the climax of the pilot. After Klordane and his gang succeeded in robbing a US Gold Reserve using a mountain-sized earthquake-inducing jello mold, the Rangers figure that the best way to bring here cops would be to start another earthquake. Chip and Dale rush to the jello with an improvised ram, but Fat Cat catches them... only to be grabbed by his tail by Monty, swung around and tossed across the cave right into jello, completely sinking into it from the sheer force of impact and starting an earthquake much stronger than first.