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Geegaw Hackwrench is still alive.
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers is a great example for Never Say "Die", but this leads to a lack of rock-solid proof that Geegaw Hackwrench, Gadget's father whom she lost more than a year before the events of the show according to her own words, is actually dead. All that we know is when she lost him and that he "won't come back" from wherever. So he might pretty well still be alive.

Gadget and Lahwhinie are sisters.
Perhaps even twin sisters. They were separated shortly after their birth and grew up separately. Even the parents they grew up with respectively never said a word to either of them about their sister.

They all have one thing in common, and that's a society of sentient animals living next to that of the humans and remaining unnoticed. Most of these animals happen to be rodents. This has been dealt with in many Fan Fics before.

Gadget is a Mouse of NIMH/a descendant of a Mouse of NIMH.
See above. Mouse: Check. Far more intelligent than average, even in comparison with other sentient mice: Check. Mysterious Past that doesn't rule this out: Check. Face it, we know little about Gadget's father, other than that he was an above average aviator, and nothing at all about her mother. Supporting this idea: Her father, Geegaw, was a pilot. The Mice from NIMH other than Jonathan and Mr. Ages were blows away by the vents. Someone who survived that might very well have said Let's Do That Again! and become a pilot to experience flying again.

"Good Times, Bat Times" was the chronologically last episode, and Dale and Foxy hooked up shortly after or even before its end.
It's quite clear that CDRR was neither produced nor aired in any chronological order. The chronologically first episode, the Five-Episode Pilot "To the Rescue", was aired as the first five episodes of the second season, so the chronologically last episode might just as well have been aired at some time in the middle of the run of the show. Besides, at least for the Pros, the signs are clear, and the chances that Dale and Foxy left one another for good after "Good Times, Bat Times" are practically nil. The Antis deny this, of course.

All Gadget Rule 34 is actually Lawhinie, posing as Gadget and making money off Gadget's image.
She's cruel enough to do that too, and she's obviously less shy about using her looks to get what she wants than Gadget is. She also must have some pretty good lawyers to have avoided a lawsuit for this long. Anyone else in the picture with her is just another look-alike she hired.

The reason why Foxglove has got a pair of Cute Little Fangs is because she's a vampire bat.
She can feed on something else than blood (hence her self-invitation to breakfast), she can resist the urge to bite someone's neck and suck them dry, especially Dale (whom she might love too much) and his friends, but still. This has even already been dealt with in Fan Fic.
  • This could explain why she has so much trouble finding friends. Vampire bats live in Central and South America, and Foxglove's all the way in what appears to be a northern American city, way out of her range. She's the only one of her kind for possibly hundreds of miles, and her species has a bad rap among those who don't know all of the facts about them, which makes most everyone else shy away from her.

The episode "The Case of the Cola Cult" is a thinly veiled jab at Scientology.
It features very rich mice giving up all their riches in the name of a silly cult based on the worship of soda, only to have the riches embezzled by the phony cult leader. If it isn't a jab at Scientology specifically it's a jab at something. The Aesop, that Gadget didn't need to join a religion just so she could feel like she belonged to something, might even be promoting atheism. Don't you love it when Disney tackles deep philosophical topics?
  • When I watched this episode again with my sister (as adults) we both agreed that it was promoting atheism. The German dub calls the cuckoo cola cult more specificly a sect, so the religious context is quite obvious.

Chip and Dale were former members of The Rescue Aid Society.
They share the RAS goals and philosophy but chafed under the organization's bureaucracy, so they set off as freelance agents. They're on good terms with Bernard and Bianca and were invited to the wedding.
  • Interestingly, the infamous David Gonterman fanfic The Rangers of NIMH inverts this theory by having Chip and Dale quit the Rescue Rangers to join the Rescue Aid Society.
  • Also, Jake the Kangaroo Rat from The Rescuers Down Under is related to Monterey Jack. When asked about their family connection, he answered, "We're distant cousins, and I prefer to keep it that way."

Had the Boom comic continued, it would have had a story arc featuring Lahwinie

Gadget is fully aware of Chip and Dale's crush on her
She knows about it, she just doesn't feel the same way. Sure she enjoys the flirting every once and a while, but she still see them as friends, and dating would ruin the friendship.