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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The anthropomorphic traits of the mice around Cinderella's house are a result of the Fairy Godmother's magic.
It was something she [the Fairy Godmother] set up so that the poor, practically enslaved girl wouldn't be lonely. The mice made Cinderella's original dress. The Godmother knew that would happen; by providing sentient mice who Cinderella would naturally befriend, she would be enabling Cinderella to achieve a happy ending as a reward for her kindness, without having to interfere directly. Only when the stepsisters wreck this plan does the Godmother decide to intervene, since she didn't see that coming.
The anthropomorphic mice are the ancestors of all the mice in the various Mouse World movies.
Cinderella gave clothes to the mice and taught them to talk. Given the high reproduction rate of mice, the descendants of these mice spread all over the Earth, probably also teaching the other mice to dress and talk. By the end of the 19th century, they had a whole kingdom in England, and communities in Russia. By the late 20th century, they had a global society protecting humans, as well as rogue organizations that did the same. One wound up in the hands of a human and became much like one.
They may even be off-world explorers from planet Altea...
Because why not! After all, some of them were friendly with an orphaned princess...
Cinderella dreamt the entire thing up starting when the fairy godmother appeared and actually committed suicide while her stepfamily was at the ball, just so she could die feeling happy for once.
Because the Grimm version just wasn't sad enough.
Why the Prince can never identify Cinderella on sight.

  1. He's legally blind. He just pretends to see, calling Cinderella beautiful and such, and has been trained so well to pretend he can see that it is as if he is not blind to all outsiders who don't know. He can also sense what people are like with a Magic Eye (given by his fairy godfather).

  2. Considering the fact that he was being set up with meeting all the eligible bachelorettes of the land (against his will), He was probably pretty hammered by the time he was dancing with Cinderella. Luckily for the prince the shoe was left behind.

  3. He's treated basically like a rockstar (look at the scene when he's surround by girls after Ella runs off-he doesn't get too far now does he?) So it could have been impossible without injury for himself (even in a carriage) to have gone out without eligible maidens hounding him.

  4. "I'm looking for a blonde who wore a silver blur dress to the ball." At a time when hair bleaching was while not common was possible he had to use one thing he knew no girl could fake as a cover, as in "If your foot size is bigger then 4 1/2 don't bother trying."

Lady Tremaine murdered Cindy's father

  • Check the release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. She may have only married Cinderella's father for his money and aristocrat status, then secretly poisoned him and made it look like an illness, similar to the Trunchbull in Matilda.
    • One of the tie-in books confirms this (he had an allergy to cats.) No wonder she had Lucifer. She used him as part of her murder scheme. If she had been a tad bit nicer, then no Lucifer.
There is no mistreatment

  • What if... The stepmother was just helping a poor orphan girl and Cinderella agreed to all her chores. The day of the ball, she decided to steal the stepsisters' belongings to make her own dress, so they punished her with what they considered a humane punishment, and Cinderella later exploited the poor woman by claiming forced labour! After all, she did always say "Yes, stepmother".

Cinderella is a reincarnation of Aurora.
Lady Tremaine is either a reincarnation of Maleficent or Maleficent herself in disguise, still trying to make the girl's life miserable... which makes even more sense if you know that Eleanor Audley voiced both characters.

Lady Tremaine later reincarnates into the Contessa
Provided that it's possible for the Fairy Godmother to open gates into other dimensions, Lady Tremaine and Drizella were given an escape clause on Cinderella's request following the third film. This clause is banishment into another universe - one populated exclusively by anthropomorphic animals - which is permanent. They took it out of spite, and were given new forms to suit their darkened hearts: black widow spiders. Tremaine then marries a rich man and kills him soon after their wedding, and joins Interpol and the Klaww Gang, becoming the Contessa as a result. It's unknown what became of Drizella, but knowing her, she most likely tried to marry Muggshot or Octavio.

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