Tear Jerker / Cinderella

"There's nothing left to believe in."

The Disney movie

  • The main title theme.
  • The brief image in the prologue of little Cinderella on her knees crying at her father's deathbed. Unlike in the live-action remake, where her father dies far from home and she's already a young adult when it happens, here she's only a little girl and apparently has to see it happen... and she's about to be abused for years afterward.
  • "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" becomes incredibly sad when you realize that dreams are the only way for Cinderella to escape her life. She had no one to turn to and no way to get help, but still kept dreaming.
    • On a meta-level; Cinderella's voice actress, Ilene Woods, died of Alzheimer's. As a result, she forgot that she voiced Cinderella but this was the one song nurses at the nursing home where she spent her final days played frequently for her. Why? Because it would make her happy even though she couldn't remember the reason why.
  • The King's motive in his first scene is actually quite poignant if you think about it.
    King: I'm not getting any younger you know. I want to see my grandchildren before I go.
    Grand Duke: (sympathetically) I understand, sir...
    King: No. No, you don't know what it means to see your only child grow farther and farther and farther away from you. I'm... lonely in this desolate old palace. I... I want to hear little patter of little feet again. (starts sobbing)
  • Just before her stepsisters tear her dress apart, Cinderella asks if they like it and if they think it will do at the ball. Part of her wanted their approval in spite of all they'd done to her.
  • The actual scene where Anastasia and Drizella destroy Cinderella's dress. Just seeing her run out to the garden in tears, abandoning all her dreams...
  • Lady Tremaine breaking the glass slipper. There was nothing to be gained by it. Her daughters were already out of the running. She did it purely for spite.
  • Lady Tremaine locking Cinderella in the attic and Cinderella, sobbing, begs her to let her out.