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Tear Jerker: Cinderella
"There's nothing left to believe in."

The Disney movie

  • The main title theme.
  • Just before her stepsisters tear her dress apart, Cinderella asks if they like it and if they think it will do at the ball. Part of her wanted their approval...
  • The scene where the stepsisters destroy Cinderella's dress. Just seeing her run out to the garden in tears, abandoning all her dreams...
    • Made worse after taking into account that the dress originally belonged to Cinderella's biological mother, which means the stepsisters destroyed one of the only things Cinderella had left to remember her by. One of the deleted songs claims that Cinderella's biological mother got married in that dress.
    • Up until then, Cinderella had faced all of her stepfamily's crap with a smile on her face and trying to be brave. The moment when she not only stops smiling but cries... ouch.
  • Lady Tremaine breaking the glass slipper.

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