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Awesome: Ah! My Goddess
  • Lind and Keiichi kicking ass in the TV special.
  • In the TV special, Belldandy gets TWO at the same time. First she proves to be so pure hearted she purifies a demon angel into a real angel by her will alone, and gives Lind a Rousing Speech that snaps her out of minor Heroic BSOD, after which Lind starts kicking ass. Also, since this is Belldandy, these double as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • A minor example, but how many people have the stones to backtalk the queen of demons, which Keiichi essentially did? Hild certainly found it awesome, and asked Belldandy to hand him over to her. "That Keiichi — Rrrowr!"
  • Keiichi shows his worth once again in the recent Hagall arc. He had a central point in defeating each of Hagall's minions with sheer cleverness. He is the only human there, and he manages to top almost everybody.
    • In extension, Belldandy gets another moment when she faces a demon so strong that she can destroy songs with her fists. When she is about to attack Keiichi, Belldandy steps in and continuously fends her off with high speed attacks. Urd proceeds to comment that Belldandy has obtained a Valkyrie license, and that is why she has incredible fighting moves.
      • And even then, Keiichi's the one to pull out the victory, by tricking her into hitting the door she was guarding with a full-force punch. Whether the door or her fist broke from the impact, they'd win. Such cleverness earns him her respect.
  • The singing during the climax of The Movie. In the show, there is an episode where Urd needs her two halves fused together with the help of Hild, her mother— it's a long story. Anyway, with Hild's singing in minor coupled with Belldandy and Skuld both in major, crawling up and up the scale. Wow.
  • The TV Special deserves a mention for the totally awe-inspiring chorus in the background when the goddesses and their angels get their Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Keiichi asking God for his daughter's hand in marriage in chapter 294 of the manga.
  • Skuld trapping a body-stealing Eldritch Abomination in a floppy disk, and then killing it with a magnet.
  • Every time Keiichi's racing, he's collecting some awesome. He's faster than two holders of the title of Racing Queen of Nekomi (inferred by Megumi conquering the title by outracing the previous Queen but refusing to use the title until Keeichi is around), and has competed in a rally at world levels and won in spite of Aoshima's sabotages (the runner-up duo believed Keiichi and Belldandy had used magic to pass them. Later they inspected the course and realized Keiichi simply knew a feature of it they didn't know and was also as good as them). Also, he survived Tamiya and Otaki's madness in modifying vehicles (a madness that in one occasion left Belldandy speechless).
    • Keiichi's two losses in a race are moments of awesome for both him and the eventual winner:
      • The first one is a race against Chihiro, with vehicles modified from the same starting point. Their racing abilities are equal, but Chihiro has beefed up her vehicles' engine... And, when the modifications start wearing it up, she replaces it with an identical one while still racing.
      • To have the right to refuse to take over as president of the Motor Club, Sora has to race against Keiichi in a race organized by Chihiro (who is almost as crazy as Tamiya and Otaki), in which they have to use two small identical vehicles (except that Keiichi broke-in his, so in the actual race his is faster), and they can choose whatever route they want as long as they stay inside the campus and pass from three checkpoints. Sora has on her own the entire Motor Club (at first fearful of Sora's shyness and nervous breakdowns whenever someone points out her small stature too many times in a row, but later they grow to like her), superior knowledge of the campus (that allow her to choose shorter trails than Keiichi, including one passing from a women's dressing room where Keiichi won't dare to pass in case he decides to simply follow her. At least not until Urd drugs him), and Belldandy (assigned to help Sora to even out the odds), plus Skuld and Urd screwing up while they try to help Keiichi. Sora barely wins.

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