Funny / Ah! My Goddess

  • For starters, anytime Belldandy is subjected to face faults. Seeing her of all people doing those faces is surprising and worth it.
  • The same applies to the hardass Chihiro when presented with or is presenting cute things.
  • "This is their entertainment," Urd comments to Lind, as Bell and Keiichi engage in activity that with any other couple would be serious heavy petting/foreplay. With them, it's something out of Fawlty Towers.
  • From the same arc (The Angel Eater), there's a moment when Hild has cornered Lind and rendered all of the other goddesses except Skuld catatonic due to their angels being forcibly removed, and she mentions that she was not the only demon to break Lind's quarantine barrier. When Lind breaks free to help the others, Hild decides to check in on Mara's progress, and finds her completely incapacitated by Keiichi, Skuld, Banpei, and Sigel - and Mara had been on the ground for less than ten minutes.
  • The first time – in the last TV episode, no less! – Keiichi (successfully) tells Belldandy he loves her, she's knocked out cold by the revelation (Also a Parental Bonus). It becomes even more painful when you realize Keiichi was under an Urd spell that augmented the power of the words "I Love You", and the reason he was able to confess his feelings in the first place was because Peorth gave him a serious pep talk.
    • Even funnier in the manga where the ability carries over into the next couple of chapters and Keiichi keeps knocking out people.
  • Sayoko revealing she's a member of the Nekomi Tech BDSM club. "Yes, Keiichi. I'm EXACTLY the kind of girl you thought I was!" (and later in the same issue where Urd has the entire BDSM club scraping at her feet begging for more)
  • "Ah?! Sacre bleu! Don't tell me... is the poor boy monogamous?!" —Peorth from chapter 68
  • It doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming – Tamiya disabling a fun park's rides so that Otaki can spend more time with his date... and shedding a manly tear. You go, bro!
  • In chapter 289's Honest Axe scenario, after the Goddess gives the musician the solid gold and solid silver harps, he falls in the lake because they are too heavy for him to lift.
  • Eihwaz: "We'll keep singing until the [karaoke] machine explodes." *BOOM!*
  • In an early chapter, Mara had lost her memory due touching a lucky arrow, and the Goddesses were trying to restore it to get the password necessary to cancel the spell that had turned Megumi into a car. When they succeed, however, Mara doesn't want to help:
    Mara: "Mwahahahah! Did you really believe I would tell you the password after recovering my memory?!"
    Urd: "Nope."
    *Cue Keiichi, Urd, and even Belldandy using lucky charms to force her to comply*
  • In one episode of the anime we find that Mara has taken on a job at the same convenience store Belldandy and Keiichi had been working at, and she's really into it… until she remembers that she's a Demon First-Class. Throughout the episode, she is continuously being torn between shame and pride about it – shame because it's demeaning to be a 1st-Class demon working in a store, but pride because she's already being promoted to manager for doing such great work. The fact that the rest of the cast are continuously reinforcing both the positive and the negative of the situation just makes it even funnier, because Mara plays right into the spirit of their comments every time.
    Mara: "IDIOTS! I am Mara, Demon First-Class Unlimited! What is the Office of Demonic Affairs' #1 employee doing working a convenience store?! For 1020 yen an hour?!"
    Rats: "That's a whole 170 yen increase from 850 an hour!"note 
    Mara: "Well you see, the store owner told me I've got potential. Get this, he also said, 'I can probably even let you handle managing this place'!"
    Rats: "Congratulations on your promotion to manager!"
    Mara: "Ha ha ha, leave it to me …No, wait a minute! I'm asking how the heck I ended up like this!"
  • As part of one of his plans to steal Belldandy from Keiichi, Aoshima had created the Four Wheels Club to rival the Motor Club and absorb it, and destroyed their building. A few chapters later, the Motor Club decides to take part to a race to win the money for a new building, but they don't have the aluminum for their vehicle's chassis. The solution? Steal the aluminum chambranles of the Four Wheels Club's windows.
    • Later in the chapter Aoshima and Tamiya makes a bet: the winner of the race will absorb the other club. The Motor Club wins, and takes over the Four Wheels Club and their (much nicer) building.
      Tamiya: "Where are the chambranles?!"
      Aoshima: "B-but you took them!"
  • The Lord of Terror arc; while serious, still manages to slip in several Mood Whiplashes:
    • Mara has finally managed to summon the Will of the Lord of Terror:
      Mara: "Finally the Lord of Terror is revived! You'll pay, Goddesses! MWAHAHAHAH!"
      Will of the Lord of Terror, a.k.a. a Brainwashed and Crazy URD: "Did you summon me?"
      Mara: "What did I do wrong?"
    • How did Urd and Mara find out about the Ultimate Destruction Program? Easy. Keiichi (who they had kidnapped by accident) blurts it out. But he won't tell what it was, so Urd tries, and fails, to take the information out of his mind:
      Urd: "How is it possible? Is this human shielding his mind?!"
      Keiichi: "Wait a minute... I don't know what it is."
    • After the Ultimate Destruction Program – a.k.a. a Kaiju-sized Fenrir – is freed, Urd ends up breaking the brainwashing, and, furious for Belldandy being forced to break her limiters, decides to take it down.
      Urd: "Hey, you mutt! I'm gonna kick your-"
      *Urd notices the Midgard Serpent is defeating and eating Fenrir*
      Urd: Ha! See?! It was easy!"
    • When Urd breaks the brainwashing, Skuld blames her Lord of Terror persona for the giant wolf, the destruction of a town in Chiba prefecture, monetary inflation, and the drawing on the cover being printed askew.
    • Fenrir has died, but the Ultimate Destruction Program is now possessing Midgard and has summoned the 10-Dimensional String of the Universe. He then asks the Goddesses what they think he's planning to do with it:
      Skuld: "You'll tie it!"
      Ultimate Destruction Program: "Wrong! What could I do with it?!"
      Urd: "Hang yourself?"
    This gets a Brick Joke later when the Lord of Terror manages to get a 10-dimensional scythe to cut the String, and Skuld repeats the hanging suggestion.
  • Shiho Sakakibara, an exorcist wannabe who believed Keiichi to be haunted, tried to summon a spirit that would cleanse Keiichi. She instead summoned Garm, who, upon learning he had been summoned by accident, was understandably pissed.
    • From the same story, as soon as the cast realizes what Shiho did, Urd and Belldandy tell Skuld to wipe out the summoning circle while they fight Garm, and she can't do it… because it's written in permanent ink.
  • Peorth's introduction, from Keiichi's Oh, No... Not Again! face when she answered the phone to her attempts at a cool pose and the discovery of the goddesses of the house.
    Keiichi: "Actually, we're pretty full-up on goddesses right now."
    • Keiichi's first plan to get rid of Peorth, she makes another attempt at getting him to answer what he wants for a wish, and his response is that his wish is for her to leave. She doesn't take it well.
  • In her first appearance, Hild made a promise and offered to swear it by God. Urd was not amused... And was even less amused when she cried out "Oh my God!".
  • Skuld's introduction episode in the TV series had her lying about her broken bug-catching machine so that she can bring Belldandy back to Heaven. Urd exposed Skuld's act by imitating her voice and wide-eyed expression. Bonus points for both of Urd's voice actresses doing so as hilariously badly as possible.
    Urd: (imitating Skuld) "Every single one of my inventions are flawless! They never break down!"
  • Belldandy's failed attempts to convince Sayoko that she's a goddess caused her to resort to summoning Holy Bell. Sayoko calls Holy Bell a Special Effects Failure, which makes the sensitive angel cry.
  • Skuld's reaction to Urd's Cool and Unusual Punishment for messing with her love potion in the anime is worth mentioning. The voice acting helps a lot, how she screams "EEEEYAAAAAAAAAA!" is none short of hilarious.
  • During the story where Belldandy gets drunk on a cola and begins granting wishes to everyone she encounters, an anime-only sequence has Mara walking down the road coming up with a new scheme to take the goddesses down when Belldandy shows up. Belldandy grants her "wish" by immediately falling over, thus being "taken down" by Mara. When she asks if Mara is now happy with her victory, Mara thinks she's being mocked so thoroughly that she flies off in tears screaming "I HATE YOU SO MUCH BELLDANDY!"
  • There is something unbelievably funny about the fact that the reward Belldandy's father gives Keiichi for successfully passing through the Judgment Gate is a simple merit badge.