Fridge / Ah! My Goddess

Fridge Brilliance
  • Belldandy's unable to get drunk (at least with alcoholics. Soda is another matter...), and even Urd, who we have seen drunk, can hold her liquor very well. Now, aren't Nordic divinities infamous for being heavy drinkers that take forever to get drunk?
  • Mara's declining level of danger doesn't come out of nowhere: aside her Punch Clock Villain status and past friendship with the goddesses keeping her from hurting them even in ways allowed by the rules, they discovered her weakness to lucky charm and they have fortified the temple specifically against her (Banpei in particular started out as a devastatingly efficient anti-Mara guardian).

Fridge Horror
  • In an early chapter, Urd brews a Love Potion with the intent of tricking Keiichi into taking it to speed along his relationship. Although Urd swallows it by mistake, consider that the love potion would have been essentially a date-rape drug that might have made Keiichi try to force himself on Belldandy.