Tear Jerker: Ah! My Goddess

With a menagerie of wonderful characters, and interesting possibilities, Oh My Goddess! is filled with Tear Jerkers. At least when they aren't having another drawn out racing arc. There are many moments just so touching that they not only pull at your heart strings, they play them like a violin.

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    The Manga (1988-2014) 
  • Chapter 60: Keiichi, Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld win a trip to a hot-springs resort and run into Mara, who would rather enjoy her vacation than fight the goddesses. Belldandy agrees, and warns that she will punish Urd or Mara if they squabble. After we learn that Urd and Mara were once Vitriolic Best Buds, Mara challenges Urd to a karaoke duel, and after two ties, Mara delivers a low blow by singing a polka (which makes Urd sleepy), and Urd retaliates with disco (which gives Mara a compulsion to dance). They end up using magic to fight one another, and Belldandy carries out her punishment... by forcing Urd and Mara to sing a "Best Friends" duet via magic. When Keii, Skuld, and Bell drag a tired Urd off to bed, Belldandy says to an exhausted Mara, "My job doesn't allow me to wish you luck, but I wish you well all the same." Mara actually heard her, and long after they leave, she begins singing the exact same "best friends" song, all alone.

    The OVA (1993) 
Although only five episodes were made, this is perhaps the most heart-touching of the four OMG! incarnations.
  • Episode 1 (Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms): At the end, after Keii and Bell have finally settled down at the temple, and Tamiya and Otaki get a wild party started inside, Belldandy comes outside to Keiichi, who's sitting by his lonesome, most likely still stunned at what's happened to him in the past day. Bell sits right next to him and rests her head on his shoulder, and, although Keii flinches, he soon rests his head on hers, clutching her.
  • Episode 2 (Midsummer Night's Dream): Urd gives Keiichi a love potion which causes him to fall in love with Sayoko instead of Belldandy. Upon seeing Bell distraught when he starts making moves toward Sayoko, he desperately tries Fighting from the Inside... and ends up passing out in a crag. Bell is extremely angry when she finds out Urd is responsible, and when she finds out Urd can't awaken him Belldandy instinctively kisses Keiichi... and he wakes up.
    • Not to mention, when Sayoko calls Belldandy out on (unintentionally) almost causing him to drown.
  • Episode 3 (Burning Hearts On The Road): Skuld's first words to Belldandy in the OVA are a sobbing plea for her older sister to return home because she's lonely. Although there are selfish undertones (Skuld is unable to handle Yggdrasil's computer bugs on her own, and would rather have Bell around than Urd), it's still tear-inducing (at least in the English dub).
    • On the whole, Skuld is a much more tolerable character in the OVA than elsewhere— although she's still jealous of Keiichi for being closer to Belldandy, pretty much the most selfish thing she did was try to keep him from winning the NIT Auto Club's auto race. She wants to stay close to Bell so much, She even helped Urd concoct a plan to keep The Almighty from forcing Belldandy to return home in the final two episodes.
  • Episodes 4 and 5 (Evergreen Holy Night and For The Love Of Goddess). Full stop.
    • YMMV, since some people thought the last two OVA's were too melodramatic and forced to truly bring out real emotions.

    The Motion Picture (2000) 
  • Belldandy's Patrick Stewart Speech to Celestine toward the end.
    • As well as Belldandy crossing the Despair Event Horizon in the backstory, after Celestine rebels against the Heavens. It's so bad that Urd has to totally mindwipe her to make her return to something similar to a normal mental state. Poor kid.
  • The three goddesses and their angels harmonizing together to undo the damage to Earth Celestine has done.
  • Morgan speaking to Keiichi and Belldandy and telling them how she has decided to guard the Gate and help the lovers who want to cross it.

    The TV series (2005-2007) 
  • Episode 18: The trip to the beach was a total fiasco, with Skuld getting in between Keiichi and Belldandy just at the moment Keii said "I love you" to Bell. Skuld thinks she's now bound to Keiichi, who's bawling his eyes out, complaining he doesn't have the courage to admit his love to Bell. Cue Megumi, Keii's younger sister, yelling, "What the heck happened here?!", and cut to Belldandy, by herself, folding laundry saying, "He actually told me that he loved me..." Proof that Mood Whiplash is not necessarily a bad thing.