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Anime: Dairugger XV

Combining Mecha from Toei that aired in 1982. Since shows like this were a dime a dozen in Japan, it unfortunately got overlooked. But elsewhere, including America, where Humongous Mecha shows were still practically unheard of, it got recognition as the vehicle robot of Voltron.

Dairugger is a peacekeeping and exploration robot during the days of space exploration. The Terran League decides to explore beyond the galaxy. But the first mission runs into the Galbeston Empire, who decide to attack Earth. Dairugger is sent to defend, but eventually learns that the Galbeston are actually desperate for a new home, as their planet is doomed.

Like Go Lion, Dairugger XV has been released in its original form on DVD in R1, as Armored Fleet Dairugger.

See also Go Lion, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and Super Sentai.

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alternative title(s): Dairugger XV
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