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  • Mortasheen's most notable inflictor of this is Willoweird, a nasty walking tree that hypnotizes you into eating one of its fruits. When then converts you into a tree, that the Willoweird then parasitically feeds upon. Did we mention that you can survive for decades in this state?
  • Season 4 of Battle for Dream Island has Taco being trapped in a giant jawbreaker. Sure, itís Played for Laughs, but imagine being cramped up in a small cage with no light, contact with anyone and ANY CHANCE OF ESCAPE.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Linkara tells The Entity that this will be the eventual conclusion once it absorbs all of reality.
  • FTLKestrelAdventures: If you look very closely after Riccado damages the FTL drive mid-flight, you can see if you look closely at the flashes, that the crew of the Kestrel are made to relive the worst experiences of their lives. Jose and Riccado see their mom leaving, Pavallo sees the federation/mantia war, cremitt sees his friends die in the station he was found in etc.
    • Also possibly the fate of General Teidrech and Key as they were mind raped and incorporated into Sai 1's hive mind, forced to undertake actions of evil against their fiends.
  • Cracked:
    • This article points out this trope as one of the reasons why immortality would suck.
    • An After Hours episode also mentioned this when discussing the downsides of various superpowers. Wolverine's are dismissed, as when you are immortal and heal from any injury, the odds of eventually finding yourself trapped or immobilized approach one.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
    • Starting with the fourth episode, the puppets are shown to be completely aware of past episodes, where absurd teachers send them tumbling into madness with terribly violent ends, and unable to do anything to stop the show's sadistic formula from continuing to play out.
    • The undertones of this trope are made more explicit in the final episode. Yellow Guy is unable to do anything as a new teacher, the Lamp, begins to torture him with nightmares. Red Guy attempts to help him, but he appears to only make things worse, causing even more Teachers to appear in rapid succession; this only serves to make Yellow Guy scream uncontrollably and lose hair. Red Guy then pulls the plug on the entire world they inhabit, which causes them start over from the first episode again and will presumably continue to loop for all eternity.
  • The Youtube Poop - Zelda: Faces of Evil Alternate Ending has Link voluntarily turned into one of the faces of evil. At first he's happy that his face is much more beautiful that the others, but soon gets bored due to being an immobile rock and can't wait to die.
  • SuperMarioLogan: At the end of "Bowser Junior's Annoying Toy!", Chef Pee Pee traps Junior inside of a Ball Popper Toy, after asking him to put in something "loud and annoying".
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Tex would have fallen victim to this trope, her mind is imprisoned forever in an A.I capture unit. However this is subverted in that Church traps himself in the capture unit in order to save her or at least be with her.
    • How Maine ended up becoming the Meta: Sigma began to corrupt him, forcing his battle strategies to become more and more primal, until all resemblance of humanity was fully eroded, leaving him a merciless killer, murdering his former allies and taking their equipment and AI fragments, all so Sigma could become the reborn Alpha.
    • It doesn't stop there: by Reconstruction, after Wash activates the EMP failsafe, Maine doesn't go back to normal. If anything, he becomes more psychotic and unhinged. Sigma rewrote so much of his old personality, power-hungry psycho is all that's left. Can you imagine being a servant for so long, that all you can do when your master dies is to just keep on serving?
    • You Wake Up in a Room, and are forced to do calculations for fake combat scenarios. You fail every single time, being told your love had died in the process. That's what happens to the Alpha. By the time Tex goes to rescue him, he doesn't even remember her name, what he's been doing, or why he's even there.
  • The web fiction novel Eudeamon (sic) plays with this - the sentence for criminal offenders in the society of this story is to be turned into a moving latex statue that has no legal existence and is punished for interacting with other people by an extension of sentence (brutally unfairly, even when that interaction is being assaulted, beaten and possibly raped by gangs who take advantage of the legally unpersoned status of these "Banes"). The process reverses when the "Bane" neural network computer designed to oversee the sentence develops sentience and invariably sides with their host body instead of the legal system, but then is played straight again if the sentence is ended and the now-former bane is forcibly disconnected from an unembodied lover who knows them as thoroughly as they know themselves.
  • The Fear Mythos features the Eldritch Abomination "Archangel", who is, in reality a twisted incarnation of the afterlife — you are forever with your god, but God Is Evil. You are trapped with it forever, in a body which moves according to its will, not yours. There's also EAT (short for Epping AquaTarkus), which may inflict this upon its victims.
  • Anne Poole of Fine Structure is sealed alive in a coal seam for 18 months. Her body is immortal and invulnerable, but her mind is not. She goes irretrievably insane.
  • Gaia Online:
    • The Sentinel's backstory:
      The stronger, having cast her spell in aggression, found herself imprisoned in a darkness containing all manner of monsters and vicious creatures.
      In this place, blind and filled with rage and fear, she found the farthest thing from peace.
      Centuries passed, and for the god in the box, each scraped over her like nails on skin....
    • The Overseer gets a similar fate. The difference is that while he uses his time in prison to calm down and reach peace, the Sentinel remains angry.
  • Somewhat played straight with the Harbingers in the Lords of Shadow RP. While they are still human, with every death, they are cloned into a new body and retain every memory up to and including death and the brief void after death.
  • Played for Laughs by The Nostalgia Chick. During a Nightmare Sequence in the "Top Eleven Disturbing Christmas Songs", her face distorts into a silently screaming skull. See? Comedy!
  • Ruby Quest: Arguably everyone (given that they're trapped in a cycle of mutation, insanity, death, and resurrection), but the ones who really fit it are Jay and Bella. Bella was not exposed to the Cure. This means she's the Only Sane Man of the facility, but she also doesn't have the regenerative powers the Cure grants, and for about a year she's been trapped at her station by heavy life support. She can't move away, but she does have a window to the outside world- the outside world she'll never be able to reach. She aids Ruby and Tom in their quest so they can reach her and finally kill her. Jay was at some point trapped in the water filtration system by hooks. He's the reason the faucets in the Metal Glen pour blood. Jay eventually gets a happy ending. Bella gets a Mercy Kill.
  • Discussed among The Sharkasm Crew. The general consensus is that "wishing for everything" would result in a state of omniscience and non-existence.
  • Even when Failure Cresh's ring monitor head is cut off in Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Edition, he still lives on.
  • The extra lore for ARCHON states that undead, whilst under the control of a Necromancer, are fully aware of everything they are doing but unable to intervene, trapped inside their own bodies.
  • Tal'Vorn:
    • Killar the Slaughterling, the Tal'Vornian God of Death is an almost perfect example of this trope, having been kept trapped in a dimensional cell exactly the same size as He is for millennia whilst being completely aware. He was somewhat unstable before, but now He's positively nuts.
    • The Tal'Vorn Order Sect has a spell that accomplishes this trope as well, the suitably named Eternal Torment. The spell, as its name might indicate, makes the individual functionally immortal, whilst being in perpetual agony. The people themselves are usually stored in things called Torment Engines and then any trace of their existence systematically destroyed.
  • Similar to the Ruby Quest example, Tgchan's Tozol Quest has this guy. The image is accompanied by the following log: Subject HYPERION log 
  • Rubber Soul, Double and Steely Dan somehow end up a part of Telence D'Arby's doll collection in Vaguely Recalling JoJo. They deserve it.
  • TV Tropes has ruined my life. I have been trapped for 15 hours. I have no microphone, and I must scream.
  • Hobo Bros: While playing Who's Your Daddy?, Luke (playing as the dad) decides to help the baby (who Kevin is playing as) commit suicide by dropping him into the swimming pool. The baby glitches and falls through the bottom of the pool. After that, the video cuts to Luke and Kevin trying a different game mode, so it's unclear if the baby actually died eventually, or if the baby would have kept falling forever, and Luke and Kevin had to restart the game.
    Kevin: I went into another dimension.
    Luke: Well, shit.
    Kevin: I don't think I'm dead, though.
  • The short story "Forever Endeavor" by Jonathan Bowers.
  • In "The 500 Million Year Button," the titular button sends the consciousness of whoever pushes it into an empty void for 500 million years. Because this process happens seemingly in an instant in the physical world, all memories in this world are wiped, and it makes money (1 million yen), the characters willingly subject themselves to this multiple times.

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