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Accidental Innuendo / Advertising

  • "The name of the game is 'Ball Buster'!"
  • A Best Buy commercial offering a free "hook-up" if you buy an HDTV from them.
  • In almost every Danimals yogurt commercial, the monkey character gets a load of yogurt (shot out of a rather phallic container) splattered all over his face, which he happily licks off and declares it "fruity-licious".
  • An ad for the Dyson vacuum cleaner features the rather effeminate-voiced James Dyson extolling its superior "suction". Craig Ferguson has taken to having fun with the ad in his monologues on The Late Late Show.
  • There is a Huggies commercial containing the line "Did we just make babies too fast?"
  • This commercial for Johnson boats. ("You, your kids, and your Johnson!")
  • There was once a commercial for a kids' pager called the Little Bugger. Oh, dear.
  • Mr. Bucket. "Balls pop out of my mouth!" Played with in this video by James Rolfe
  • And we have this Ortega Taco commercial, where an (underaged) Olympic athlete says that "My taco is the best".note 
  • "What pops and sprays for fun that stays?" Pixos! It's some sort of kid's art thing.
  • Play-Doh commercials end with the disclaimer, "fun to play with, not to eat!" Obviously it means what it means, but if you take it in another context with another certain act....
  • The Wet Banana. It's slippery, wet fun for the whole gang!
    Narrator: Could that be Mom on the Wet Banana?
  • This Wetzel's Pretzels poster. Apparently Wetzel isn't Jewish, judging by his dog.
  • This...special commercial for a fish deboning tool... The Wunder Boner
  • A certain car dealership has the slogan "He just wants to get you a loan." note 
  • Can happen when foreign companies produce marketing materials for a different country. Not so much Lost in Translation as something is added in the translation that shouldn't be there. For example, a children's toy that says on the box: "Will provide hours of extatic stimulation."
  • Get your skis shined up grab a stick of Juicy fruit the taste is gonna move you! Take a sniff, pull it out, the taste is gonna move you when you pop it in your mouth!
  • How wet you get...?: Let's face it, from the very moment you hear that you're thinking in everything but the toy dog the commercial is actually talking about.
  • The tagline for this Mexican commercial for a very well known brand of antiacids is Reconciliate Con La Comida (Translated as Get Along Well With the Food) but after watching this commercial, maybe this guy wants to get along with that pig in a very different way.
  • This commercial for..... nuts
  • "Weenies! Weenies!"
  • "The backseat of my Subaru is where (our little girl) grew up."
  • "Don't squeeze the Charmin!" Obviously, Mr. Whipple's talking about the toilet paper, but when taken in other context, squeezing the Charmin also refers to when a person squeezes another person's butt, usually as part of petting and foreplay by couples or out of lust by single women.
  • That old Canadian PSA that tells you, 'Don't you put it in your mouth!"
  • The early Nintendo DS advertising tagline was "Touching is good". The tagline was referencing to the touch screen, but everyone else took it a completely different direction.