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Table of Contents
Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark
by ?????
Prologue: Introductions2
Chapter 1: Rough start
Chapter 2: Not so sinister woods
Chapter 3: Rocky roads.1
Chapter 4: Glittering Darkness
Chapter 5: Untouchable
Chapter 6: Trickery
Chapter 7: Crossroads
Chapter 8: Heavy Resistance
Chapter 9: Ashes and Sparks
Chapter 10: Edge of Flames
Chapter 11: Overheat
Chapter 12: Balance of Power
Chapter 13: Gone Fishing.1
Chapter 14: Missing
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16: Ghost Drive
Chapter 17: Volcanic Heart
Chapter 18: Storming Castle
Chapter 19: Reach for the Stars
Chapter 20: From the depths...
Chapter 21: Sky High
Chapter 22: Shadows on the waterfall
Chapter 23: Suitable Opponent
Chapter 24: Pinnacle2
A New Morning1
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