Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 5: Untouchable

{Dewford city:}

Party status:

  • Leiden: Lv 10 Sableye
  • Luna: Lv 16 Poochyena
  • Exde: Lv 17 Nuzleaf

Shay: This gym is as dark as the depths of Granite cave. You'd think I'd have a way to take advantage of that.

Gym Guy: Hey, how's it going, Champion-bound Shay?

Shay: Well. What type does the leader here use, anyway?

Gym Guy: Dewford's Gym Leader Brawly commands Fighting type Pokemon.

Shay: I'd been afraid of that.

Gym Guy: Going agains him with Normal type Pokemon is asking for trouble. Fighting Pokemon will lay a serious smackdown on /Normal Pokemon, so be careful.

Shay: (They're effective against Dark Types too. But I just found a counter.)

Gym Guy: What's worse, the Gym is as dark as the ocean floor. But it will get brighter after defeating the Trainers in your way. Hey, okay, go for it!

Battle Girl Laura: Don't you dare brush me off! It's not my fault if you cry!

Shay: Leiden, stand by for battle!

{Laura uses a single Meditite, however as Sableye is immune to fighting attacks, she can't even hit Leiden.}

Laura: Waaaaaaah! I lost!

Shay: Well, this is... disappointing.

Laura: I battle in the dark to make my heart stronger. But because it's so dark, I can never see Brawly's face...

Battle Girl Lilith: Ufufu... Are you stumbling around in the dark?

Sailor Brenden: I'll show you the gumption of a sailing man!

{Double challenge! Lilith uses Meditite, Brendan uses Machop. Shay sends in Luna to support Reiden. They manage to take down the Machop first, but Luna is left in critical condition by a single Karate chop. Meditite uses Bide, but can't withstand an all out attack. After winning, Luna tries to learn Odor Sleuth, but Shay thinks she has no use for it.}

Lilith: Oh, you... I don't want to know you!

Brendan: How'd this happen? It's not like me to lose this way!

Shay: So what do you think?

Brenden: Oh, Aye! You're worthy of seeing our Gym Leader!

Lilith: You deserve to stay lost and end up back at the entrance again.

Shay: (Actually, I should go back to the Pokemon Center.)

{When Shay returns, she finds that it's still lit from her two battles earlier.}

Black Belt Takao: Might is right! Come on!

{Takao uses a single Machop. He still can't land a hit on Leiden, and is reduced to just leering at him. For winning, Leidan learns Astonish over Foresight}

Takao: Not enough power... Your skill overcame my strength! Your technique is commendable.

Shay: (None of these pokemon have learned moves to counteract their weaknesses...)

Black Belt Cristan: If you mean to pass, it has to be through me!

Shay: Leiden, go through him.

{Cristan sends out Makuhita.}

Cristan: Grrrr! Vastly overpowered! You win! Go after that badge!

Shay: (It's gotten pretty bright now, but have I beat every Gym Trainer yet?)

Battle Girl Jocelyn: There's no need for Brawly to be involved! I'll crush you!

{Jocelyn uses a Meditite}

Jocelyn: But... How? How could I lose so easily? ...I'm not going to waste this loss! I'll use it to motivate me to train! One day I'll become a gym leader... No, I'll become the Pokemon League Champion!

Shay: (Come to think of it, Gym Leader is a lower position than Champion, but it's more stable. How does becoming one work?)

{One trip to the Pokemon center later:}

Brawly: I'm Brawly! Dewford's Gym Leader! I've been churned in the rough waves of these parts, and I've grown tough in the pitch-black cave!

Shay: Then you should know what strategy I'll use.

Brawly: So you wanted to challenge me? Let's see what you're made of!

{Gym Battle: Leader Brawly}

Alternate music: Pinchers Capture

{Brawly sent out Machop}

Shay: Engage, Leiden. Night Shade!

{Turn 1: Machop uses bulk up first.}

Shay: That won't work. Raising defense won't affect Night shade. (And unless you have an effective attack...)

{Turn 2: Machop keeps Bulking up. Enemy Hp at under half.}

{Turn 3: Machop keeps bulking up. Enemy HP critical.}

{Turn 4: Brawly used a Super Potion.}

{Turn 5: Machop keeps Bulking up. Hp at under half.}

{Turn 6: Machop keeps Bulking up. Hp critical.}

{Turn 7: Machop Keeps Bulking up. Machop fainted.}

{Brawly sent out Meditite}

Shay: Stand your ground. Try Astonish!

{Turn 8: Meditite Bulks up first, but Astonish is super effective.}

Shay: (But ghost attacks count as physical somehow... Bulk up will weaken Astonish's effects.) Keep it up.

{Turn 9: Meditite uses Reflect, physical move effectiveness is halved. Meditite is at under half Hp, but astonish is dealing little damage.}

Shay: No good! Switch to Night Shade!

{Turn 10: Meditite bulks up, but Night shade leaves him in critical condition.}

Shay: (Leiden can only use Night Shade 7 more times...} Astonish again!

{Turn 11: Brawly uses a Super Potion. Astonish does little.}

Shay: Tch... Night Shade again!

{Turn 12: Meditite Bulks up, but Night shade takes him down to under half Hp.}

{Turn 13: Meditite Bulks up, but he's left with critical Hp. Reflect wears off.}

Shay: Finish him with Astonish.

{Turn 14: Meditite raises Reflect, but it's not enough to keep him conscious.}

{Brawly sends out Makuhita.}

Shay: Stand your ground. (But Reflect is still active, and Leiden can only use Night Shade 5 more times...) Night shade attack!

Brawly: Maybe having Makuhita forget Knock off was a bad idea...

{Turn 15: Makuhita Bulks up, Night shade takes off about a fifth of his Hp}

Shay: (He's got a lot of health. If five isn't enough, then this could take a while.)

{Turn 16: Makuhita bulks up. A Sitris berry restored his health}

Shay: Urg... Keep it up!

{Turn 17: Makuhita Bulks up. }

{Turn 18: Makuhita Bulks up. Reflect falls.}

Shay: Try Astonish again.

{Turn 19: Makuhita bulks up. Astonish does little.

Shay: That's enough. I didn't want to use this, but...

{Turn 20: Shay gives Leiden a Leppa berry, restoring 10 uses of Night Shade. Makuhita Bulks up to maximum.}

Shay: Now. Night Shade!

{Turn 21: Makuhita uses Arm Thrust, but Leiden is intangible to it. Night shade brings him to critical HP levels.}

{Turn 22: Makuhita tries Reversal, but Leiden is immune to that too! Makuhita is defeated.}

Shay: That's the end of this.

Brawly: Whoah, wow! You made a much bigger splash than I expected! You swamped me! Okay, you've got me. Take this Gym Badge!

{Battle end. The gym lights up completely.}

Brawly: The Knuckle Badge makes all pokemon up to level 30, even those you get in trades, obey without question. And, you'll be able to use the HM move Flash outside of battle. If you'd like, use this Technical machine too.

Shay: TM08 Bulk Up. This could be useful.

Brawly: It's a move that raises both Attack and defense stats.

{Registered Gym Leader Brawly in the Pokenav.}

Brawly: I can see your Talent becoming a giant wave to cause a storm of astonishment among trainers one day!

Gym Guy: Whoah! It's turned too bright in here! Your future is bright, too!

{A bit later:}

Shay: Match call: Mr. Stone. Hello?

Stone: Oh! Shay!

Shay: I delivered your letter.

Stone: Ah, so you've met Steven! I'd better reward you then! When you visit Rustboro again, come see me at my office. I'll be waiting for you!

Shay: Now? I haven't delivered the Goods to Stern yet.

Stone: Oh, I believe you'll get that done soon.

Briney: Now, my friend, where are we bound?

Shay: I think I left unfinished business in Petalburg.

Briney: Anchors aweigh! Peeko, we're setting sail, my darling!

{Later, in Rustboro:}

Pokenav: Roxanne: Oh, hello, Shay? This is Roxanne of Rustboro City.

Shay: Ah, Roxanne, I was just coming to talk with you.

Roxanne: I heard from Brawly that you're moving up through the ranks of trainers at an incredible clip. Well, I'd rather not think that I can't beat you.

Shay: Well, that depends. How much have you been training since last time?

Roxanne: I promise, I will shape up my gym so that you may challenge us again. I hope you'll be looking forward to that occasion as much as me!

{The connection ends. Gym Leader Roxanne was registered in the Pokenav.}

{At Devon:}

Stone: You delivered my letter? Thank you kindly! This is my way of thanking you. It should help you, a Trainer.

Shay: An Experience Share? This will be useful later on.

Stone: It should be useful for raising weak pokemon.

Shay: Ah, I'll have the package delivered soon.


Shay: Mr. Briney, we're off to Slateport.

Briney: Anchors aweigh!

{The boat passes Dewford, Going through routes 107, 8, and 9, and passing a slightly wrecked ship.}

Briney: Ahoy! We've made land in Slateport! I suppose you're going to visit Captain Stern and deliver the Devon Goods?

Shay: That's the plan. (Technically, this is still Route 109. I wonder how many Trainers are around here...)

Tuber boy: Our sand castle is taking a long time to make.

Tuber girl: You can have this!

Shay: (This soft sand can make ground moves more powerful.)

Tuber girl: We're going to get all the sand from the beach and make a big castle! And then we're going to be a king and queen! We'll let you be a servant.

Shay: Fine. Good luck with that.

Sailor Huey: I've laid anchor in ports around the world, but Slateport's the best.

{Huey uses a Wingull and Machop. Luna and Leiden win.}

Huey: You're the best! In the best port was the best Trainer...

Shay: (Luna's power is dropping a bit compared to our opponents. I hope I can pull her out of this slump soon... Hm, there's a hut here. "Seashore House: May hot battles rage on hot sands! The place for hot Trainers!")

Girl: Yo, Trainers! Whether you're hot to trot, or cool cat not, chill at my papa's spot!

Shay: It's worth a shot.

Mr. Sea: I'm the owner of the Seashore House. But you can call me Mr. Sea! What I love above all is to see hot Pokemon Battles. Let me see that your heart burns hot! If you can defeat all the Trainers here' I'll reward your efforts.

Sailor Dwayne: If you're looking for a battle in the Seashore House, you'll find no hotter trainer than me, matey!

{Dwayne uses Wingull, Machop, and Tentacool. During the battle, Leiden learns Fury Swipes over Scratch.}

Dwayne: That was a hot battle! I can accept that loss, matey! Whenever I'm in Slateport, I enjoy hot battles and ice cold Soda Pop!

Beauty Johanna: Boring battles aren't worth the effort. Fiery hot battles are what toughen up Trainers and Pokemon!

{Johanna uses a Goldeen. Luna manages to take her down.}

Johanna: That's hot! Whew, I'm all thirsty. Maybe I'll have a Soda Pop.

Tuber Simon:I'm going to show you how great my Pokemon are, but don't cry!

{Simon uses an Azurill and a Marill. Luna wins.}

Simon: ...I lost, but I won't cry... If one of my Pokemon knew the move for carrying me across water on it's back, I could get rid of this inner tube.

Mr. Sea: You're scorching hot! Those battles blazed! I'm more than just satisfied! As thanks for showing me your hot streak, I want you to take these. It's half a dozen bottles of Soda Pop.

Shay: (Six Soda Pops.) {Actually, they're better and less expensive than Super Potions.} (I'll buy some more, while I'm at it.}

{Back outside, Shay combs the beach for more trainers.}

Tuber Ricky: I'm thirsty. I could go for a Soda Pop at the Seashore House...

{Ricky uses a Zigzagoon who knows the powerful Surf attack. Shay manages to overpower him.}

Ricky: Groan...

{After the fight, Luna evolves into a Mightyena!}

Shay: Woah. I thought this would happen soon, but... I'm still amazed.

Ricky: Will you have another match with me when I'm not all thirsty? {Registered in the Pokenav}

Tuber Hailey: I can't swim, so I'm pretending to swim.

Sailor Edmond: Urrrrppp... Battle? With me?

{Double Challenge! Luna and Leiden take on Hailey's Marill and Edmond's Wingull.}

Hailey: I thought so! I didn't think we could win.

Edmond: Urp... Ooooooohhhhhh... Urrrrpppp... I'm usually Stronger than this! I'm just seasick as a dog! I'm a Sailor, but...

Tuber Lola: Doesn't a beach umbrella look like a giant flower?

Tuber Chandler: Tadaah! See? My inner tube's round!

{Double challenge! Lola's Azurill and Chandler's Tentacool face off against Exde and Leiden. Exde hits everyone with Nature Power - Earthquake, but they both have two more of the same pokemon in reserve. Leiden is strong enough to survive one hit of Earthquake, but Exde switches to Bullet Seed for the rest of the battle.}

Lola: Mommy!

Chandler: Oh, oh! Too bad!

Lola: Me? I'm here every day! {Registered in the Pokenav.}

{Shay finally enters Slateport.}

Shay: I think this place is worth a look around.

{There's an open air market, but nothing that interests Shay is for sale.}

Shopkeeper?: Do you know the TM Secret Power?

Shay: I'd heard of it.

Shopkeeper?: Our group, we love the TM Secret Power. One of our members will give it to you. Come back and show me if you get it. We'll accept you as a member and sell you good stuff in secrecy.

Shay: (How surprisingly open of them.)

{While exploring town...}

Shay: Uh oh, this looks like trouble.

{A bunch of Aqua Grunts are lined up outside the museum.}

Woman: What is that over there? That long line...

Aqua: Why are we even lining up and paying? We should just march in!

Aqua: A long line, huh? It reminds me of the limes I used to line up to buy smash-hit games...

Aqua: What's the new scheme, I wonder? Our Boss is scary when he's mad, so I'd better not screw things up...

Aqua: If there's something we need in the museum, we should take it all!

Aqua: Hey, you there! Don't butt in!

Aqua: When this operation's over, I'll take you to a hot spring spa! That's what our leader said. I can't wait!

Aqua: ! What do you want? {Looks back and forth} You want to read this sign? I'll read it for you! Let's see... Um... I think it says something like "the life in the sea is endless." Yup, I'm pretty sure that's what it says.

Aqua: Grumble... I should've brought my Game Boy Advance so I wouldn't get bored in line... Grumble...

Aqua: Our Boss is brilliant. What would he want to do with a Museum now?

Aqua: Team Aqua has a policy of assembling and dispersing at the operation site.

Female Aqua: Hey, there! Quit pushing! This is the line, can't you see?

Man: Stern, the fellow who built the museum, also happens to be the leader of an undersea exploration team. So, everyone calls him Capt. Stern.

Shay: (Is Team Aqua still after the goods? I'm sure I can take them, but maybe I should avoid them for now...)

{Shay visits a building called the Battle Tent and picks up a TM for the Torment move, but decides not to battle, as she wouldn't be allowed to use her own Pokemon.}

Shay: The line hasn't moved.

{Shay visits the pokemon Fan Club. One woman there sees that her Pokemon seem to care about her and gives her a Soothe Bell.}

Woman: Pokemon are very sensitive to the feelings of their trainers. If you treat your Pokemon with love and care, they'll love you back.

Shay: (I was wondering whether I was treating them with enough.)

Chairman: Er-hem! I am the chairman of the Pokemon Fan Club! Being the Chairman, I am naturally the most important! No one can best me when it comes to raising pokemon. No one! Well, let me tell you about Pokemon Contests. They're events where one can show off Pokemon for the world to see! However, they're held in far-off towns, so I cannot participate often enough. That is why we gather here to show off our Pokemon, and have others show us theirs. Actually, there used to be a contest hall here until recently, but it was torn down and replaced with the Battle Tent. I'm quite disappointed about that...

{Back outside, the line still hasn't moved.}

Shay: Maybe I should check the town's exit?

{Partway up Route 110, a group of Aqua Grunts are gathered, unintentionally blocking the road.}

Aqua: Team Aqua's actions should bring smiles to people's faces!

Aqua: This is my first job after joining Team Aqua. It's a little scary.

Aqua: I want to get going to Slateport and kick up a ruckus!

Shay: (To fourth grunt) What are you trying to do, anyway?

Aqua: Team Aqua's activities... We can't talk about them yet.

{Back in town}

Shay: Well, I was giving up too soon anyway. Where would a captain be? In the Harbor, maybe.

{Stern isn't in the harbor.}

Shay: Then, the shipyard?

Man: Umm... If this goes here, and that goes over there... Then where does this thing go? And what about that doohickey? Aargh! I can't make heads or tails of this!

Shay: Uh, excuse me?

Man: Hm? Hi, I'm Dock.

Dock: Captain Stern commissioned me to design a ferry.

Shay: I'm looking for the captain.

Dock: Oh! That there... Are they Devon goods?

Shay: Yeah, I need to deliver them to Captain Stern.

Dock: But, hmm... This won't do... Captain Stern went off somewhere. He said he had some work to do. Could I get you to go find Captain Stern and deliver that to him?

Shay: (There's only one place left where he can be. This is turning into the worst case scenario.)

{Back outside, the line is gone. Shay enters the museum}

Greeter: Welcome to the Oceanic Museum. The entrance fee is 50 poke. Would you like to enter?

Shay: Yes. (Team Aqua is everywhere in here. But if they don't recognize me...)

Greeter: Please enjoy yourself.

Aqua grunt: (!) Aiyeeeh! What are you doing here?

Shay: Tch. You're...

Aqua grunt: Me? I'm the Team Aqua member you thumped before, remember? Back in Rusturf Tunnel? Here, take this! You have to forgive me!

{He hands over TM 46 Thief}

Aqua grunt: That TM, it suits you more than it does me. Hope I never see you again! Wahahaha! {Runs off}

{Note: Originally, he said he was going to steal something from the museum to make up for his past failures, but since you're there, he's just leaving. This was changed for Emerald... for some reason.}

Aqua: If I ripped off the stuff here, would it make me rich?

Aqua: If our goons didn't bungle things in Rustboro, we wouldn't be here!

Aqua: What I learn here, I can put to use on nefarious deeds...

Aqua: I didn't have 50 poke, so it took a long timegetting by the receptionist.

Shay: (Is that why? Well, so much for being recognized. Even with all that commotion, the others didn't notice.)

Aqua Female: We, Team Aqua, exist for the good of all!

Shay: Card-Carrying Villain or not, make up your minds.

Aqua: We were told to assemble here, so we did, but... Our Boss, the linchpin, isn't here.

Shay: (Stern should be, though. Maybe on the second floor?)

{On the second floor: No Aqua grunts are around}

Scientist: Yes? If you're looking for Stern, that would be me. Ah! Those must be the parts we ordered from Mr. Stone of Devon.

Shay: Yes, they are.

Stern: Thank you! That's great! We can prepare for our expedition now.

{Enter two team Aqua grunts.}

Aqua Grunt: Hehehe, hold it! We'll take those parts!

Shay: Bad timing. As long as they're in my hands, you can't touch them.

Stern: Wh-what? Who are you people?

Aqua Grunts: We're team Aqua!

Aqua: Our boss wants those Parts! Shut your yap and fork them over!

Shay: I'm prepared to fight. Don't think I'm afraid of the dark!

{Event Battle: Versus Team Aqua Grunt}

{Aqua Grunt sent out Carvanha}

Shay: (That one is water, but also Dark.) Exde, Bullet Seed!

{Carvanha barely survives three hits of bullet seed, and wastes it's only attack Leering}

Shay: Again.

{Carvanha faints.}

Aqua: Awaaaah! A kid beat me!

Shay: As if there was any other way for it to end.

{Battle end}

Grunt 1: Oh, man, what a disaster... The boss is going to be furious...

Grunt 2: Humph, sniveling wimp! Let me take care of this!

{Event Battle: Versus Team Aqua Grunt}

{The Aqua grunt sends out Zubat.}

Shay: (Zubat now.) Exde, Nature Power.

{Inside, Nature power becomes Swift. It's a critical hit! Zubat faints. Aqua Grunt sends out Carvanha}

Shay: Bullet seed should do it.

{Three hits of Bullet Seed beat Carvanha immediately.}

Aqua: What?! I lost, too?

Shay: Evil has never been a match for me.

{End battle}

Aqua Grunt: Now what?? If we don't get the parts, we're in for it!

Aqua Grunt: Arrgh, I didn't count on being meddled with by some meddling kid!

{Enter the Team Aqua Leader}

Aqua Leader: I came to see what was taking so long to snatch some parts, and you simps are held up by a mere child?

{The Aqua Leader approaches Shay}

Aqua Leader: We are Team Aqua, and we love the sea!

Shay: Really? I honestly couldn't tell. What with the Zubat and Poochyena...

Aqua Leader: And I am Team Aqua's leader, Archie!

Archie: What makes you interfere with us? ...No! You can't be! You're not one of Team Magma? Wait, that can't be right. You're not dressed for the part.

Shay: No. I'm a freelancer working with Devon. You're a criminal gang specializing in theft, after a package in my care. That's the only reason I needed, to wipe the floor with your organization.

{Long pause}

Archie: Pokemon, people... All life depends on the sea. So Team Aqua is dedicated to the expansion of the sea. Don't you agree? What we are doing is a magnificent undertaking.

Shay: No. Not all life depends on the sea, and trying to change the world like that will only unbalance it. You don't know what you're doing, do you?

Archie: Ah, fine... You're still too young to understand our noble objective. But, I warn you, don't even consider interfering with our plans again.

Shay: Why not? Your Grunts are no match for me. ...I know you're stronger than them, but that only puts Us in the Same league. And you'll never surpass me if you keep specializing in Darkness and Intimidation. Mirror matches aren't really the best strategy, after all.

Archie: The consequences will cost you dearly! And don't you forget it!

{Archie throws a blackout bomb and Team Aqua escapes}

Shay: All bark, no bite.

Stern: You're...

Shay: Shay.

Stern: Ah, okay, you're Shay... Anyway, that was a tense situation! Thank you for saving us!

Shay: Really, it was simple. Anyway, the Goods...

Stern: Oh, yes, I almost forgot that you brought the parts from Devon!

Shay: Here you go.

Stern: Whoops! There's no time to lose! We have to set off on our ocean-floor expedition really soon. Thanks again, but now I've got to go! Feel free to wander around and check out our facilities, though.

Shay: (Team Aqua and Team Magma... If they're as similar as I was led to believe, it may take a while to deal with them both.)