Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 3: Rocky roads.

{The Pretty Petals Flower shop, Route 104}

Shay: All right, I'd better start moving.

{In the shop's backyard, Shay finds a Poke Ball, a Potion, and a Super Potion. Then she continues on.}

Rich Boy Winston: Oh, sure, I'll accept your challenge. I have a lot of money.

Shay: That's nice.

{Winston uses a Zigzagoon. Exde wins easily, even with Winston's Full Restore.}

Winston: Why couldn't I win?

Shay: I just trained more.

Lass Haley: Should I... Or Shouldn't I? Okay, sure, I will battle!

{Haley uses a Lotad and a Shroomish. Luckily, Exde and Luna have a huge level advantage.}

Haley: I shouldn't have battled... If you're faced with a decision and you let someone else choose for you, you will regret it, however things turn out.

Shay: (I should keep that in mind...)

{There is a pond with a plank bridge over it.}

Twin Mia: We are twins, so we battle Pokemon Together.

{Gina and Mia use Seedot and Lotad. Exde and Luna outclass them.}

Mia: We battled together, but we both lost...

Gina: You are strong! We have to train lots more!

Mia: We will train our pokemon more and be strong like you.

Shay: (What do you know? I'm a role model.)

{On the other side of the bridge, Shay finds some Cheri and Leppa berries. Also, an old woman gives her a Chesto berry.}

Fisherman Ivan: Why keep it a secret? I'm the Water Pokemon expert.

Shay: Who?

Fisherman Ivan: Huh? Y Ou don't know me?

{Ivan uses three Magikarp. Enough said.}

Ivan: I thought I wasn't too bad, If I may say so, but I guess not... Bleah...

{Shay finally reaches Rustboro city. Asking around, she finds that this big city is home to the Devon corperation main building, as well as the Trainer's school, and someone with a Hidden Machine.}

Shay: Here's the Cutter's house... Cut might come in handy later...

Cutter: That determined expression... That limber way you move... And your well trained Pokemon... You're obviously a skilled trainer!

Shay: Yo-

Cutter: No, wait, don't say a word. I can tell just by looking at you.

Shay: (Why does no one let me get a word in? It's getting really annoying.)

Cutter: I'm sure that you can put this Hidden Machine to good use. No need to be modest or shy. Go on, take it!

{HM01 Cut, used to cut down thin trees... However, it can only be used outside of battles with the Stone Badge.}

{Later, at the Trainer's school.}

Man with Sunglasses: Hello? Didn't we meet before? I think back in Petalburg city. Let me introduce myself. My name's Scott.

Scott: I've been traveling everywhere in search of outstanding Trainers. More specifically, I'm looking for Pokemon Battle experts.

Shay: What for?

Scott: That's... let's keep it my little secret for now. So, what brings you to this school? Are you a trainer, too?

Shay: The Poke balls should have been the only hint you needed.

Scott: The first thing you should so is have a pokemon learn the move Cut.

Shay: Why? I've seen paths nearby blocked by trees, but they obviously don't lead to anything too important. But as it happens, I already have the Cut HM.

{Shay reads the blackboard: It lists the effects of major status changes. While she does that, the teacher goes among the desks to check on the student's work.}

Teacher: Students who don't study get a little taste of my Quick Claw.

Shay: A lot like the teachers in Johto. (Lucky for him that this isn't a country where you could be arrested for that. All he needs to worry about is some delinquent finding a way to counter it. Somehow I don't see these kids doing that.)

Teacher: Whether or not you are a good student will be evident from the way you use this spare of mine.

{The Quick Claw is an item that randomly lets a pokemon move first in a round, even when it wouldn't, normally.}

Shay: Thanks, I guess.

Teacher: There are many other items that are meant to be held by Pokemon. Just those alone will give you many topics to study!

Shay: No problem, I'll learn by experience. (I really should study more, though. I'm going to write a research paper of my own some day...)

{Looking around town, Shay finds a building where Devon workers live. Naturally, most of them are at work.}

Old man: Way back in the old days, Devon was just a teeny, tiny, company.

Boy: My daddy's working at the Corporation. My daddy made this! But I can't use it, so you can have it.

Shay: "Premier ball"? (I don't think it's any stronger than a regular Poke Ball, but It's stylish, I guess.)

Boy: When I grow up, I'm going to work for Devon, too.

Man: Devon's president likes to collect rare stones.

Woman: I think the President's son also collects Rare stones.

Shay: (I guess hobbies are nice.)

{Near the gym:}

Cooltrainer?: Have you taken the Pokemon Gym challenge? When you get that shiny Gym Badge in hand, I guess Trainers begin to realize what is required of them.

Shay: Well, maybe... "Leader Roxanne: The Rock Loving honors student." I can probably take her, but I should do some training first.

{Shay heads north to Route 115, and finds a super potion. And also that she has no way up it.}

Shay: These ledges keep people from walking north. There may be a way by sea, but...

{Back in Rustboro, Shay tries heading East.}

Sign: Timesaving tunnel nearing completion. {However, the sign has a big X splashed across it in red paint.}

Shay: Cancelled? I think this is worth checking into.

{Route 116}

{Shay finds a Repel,

Youngster Joey: My Pokemon Rule! Check them out!

{This Joey uses a Machop. He easily beats Luna, leaving Exde to beat him.}

Shay: (Tch, these guys are tougher than before. Still, I should be able to handle them if I keep healing in Rustboro.)

{A bit later:}

School Kid Karen: I study at school, and I study on the way home, too!

{Karen uses a Shroomish. Luna is able to win with Item support.}

Karen: I'm in shock—I lost? Awww, I'll never become an elegant trainer like Roxanne this way!

Shay: I think you're well on your way, actually...


Youngster Johnson: It's a dead end up here. I'm bored, so can we battle?

{Johnson starts off with a Shroomish. Luna howls up to maximum attack, then wins easily. Johnson follows up with a Lotad, who can't Growl fast enough to survive Luna's power.}

Johnson: That was fun even though I lost.

Hiker Clark: If the tunnel doesn't go through, then I'll just go over the top.

{Clark uses a Geodude. Exde wins easily.}

Clark: Gasp... Gasp... Losing made me tired...

Shay: I don't believe it...

Clark: It's no big deal if there's no tunnel. To a Hiker, mountains are roads!

Shay: I envy that.

Hiker Devan: We'll rock you hard!

{Devan uses two Geodude. Bullet Seed takes them down easily.}

Devan: Aiyiyi! No contest at all!

Shay: I think we're ready for Roxanne.

Devan: I should try different Pokemon types, that's what I ought to do.

Shay: (Hmm, that would be an easy way to win. why don't more people do that?)

{Shay finds the "Tunneler's Rest House".

Blackbelt?: Nnn... Roar! I want to dig that tunnel!

Shay: (So the diggers aren't happy. Why was the project canceled then?)

{Shay investigates what the tunnel is like so far. Inside, she encounters wild Whismur, and Luna learns Bite in battle. She also finds a Poke Ball.}

Shay: I don't believe it... It looks like there are only these two boulders blocking the path. They only reach halfway up the walls, and I can see through the cracks... Why end the project when it's so close to completion? In any case, This is as far as I can go. The only thing left to do is defeat Roxanne.

{On the way out, Exde learns Nature Power. It's a very situational move, but she considers it more valuable than Harden.}

Bug Catcher Jose: My Bug Pokemon are tough! Let's battle!

Shay: Alright then! I think we have the power to win now!

{Because they are fighting on a clear plain, Nature Power takes the form of Swift. Thanks to this, Exde is able to defeat Jose's Wurmple and Nincada.}

Jose: I lost! I thought I had you!

Shay: You would have earlier.

Jose: Bug Pokemon evolve quickly, so they get strong quickly too.

Shay: Then why hasn't your Wurmple evolved yet?

{Shay finally enters the Gym.}

Gym Guy: Yo, how's it going? Listen my friend! Would you like to become the champion?

Shay: Who doesn't?

Gym Guy: I'm no trainer, not me, but I can sure give you winning advice.

Shay: Lay it on me.

Gym Guy: That's settled then! We'll aim for the Championship together! It's your job as a Trainer to collect gym badges, am I right? But Gym Leaders aren't pushovers! And that's where I come in! I'm here to provide expert advice! Roxanne, the Gym Leader, is a user of Rock Type Pokemon. The Rock Type is very durable, but it can't stand Water Type and Grass Type moves.

{Or Fighting, or Steel, or Ground. Come to think of it, Rock isn't really that durable at all.}

Shay: That won't be a problem.

Gym Guy: Come see me afterwards, if you beat the gym leader. Well, Go for it!

Youngster Josh: Don't take us Gym trainers lightly! I'll show you why we're better!

{Josh sends out a geodude. True to his statement, it's the highest level enemy Shay has faced so far, but it's no match for Exde.}

Josh: You were too good for me...

{Suddenly, Exde starts to evolve! She becomes a Nuzleaf!}

Shay: Exde... you've become a Dark type too. So that's what my feeling about you was. (Hmm, it looks like the other gym trainers set up a double battle ambush. But If I sneak around, I can turn the tables!)

Hiker Marc: We might be in the middle of town, but so what? My rock pokemon need room to rampage!

{Marc has two Geodude. Too easy.}

Marc: Oh, man oh man! Our challenger is one feisty customer!

Youngster Tommy: If you can't beat me, you won't stand a chance against Roxanne!

{Tommy uses two Geodude too.}

Tommy: Wow! You've got some potential! But Roxanne is stronger than me by several times. You'd better be on your guard!

Shay: Well, that was a nice warm up. Here you two, hold these Oran berries...

Roxanne: Helo, I am Roxanne, the Rustboro city Gym Leader. I became a Gym Leader so that I might apply what I learned at the Pokemon Trainer's School in battle. Would you kindly demonstrate how you battle, and with which Pokemon?

{Gym Battle: Leader Roxanne}

{Alternate music: We Won't Lose!}

{Leader Roxanne sent out Geodude}

Shay: Engage, Exde! Bullet seed!

{Geodude was defeated. Roxanne sent out Geodude.}

Shay: I've got a strange feeling about her third Pokemon... Exde, Set up a Growth!

{Geodude uses Rock Tomb}

Shay: Tch. That's gonna slow us down. Exde, Bullet seed!

{Exde is still faster. Roxanne sends out Nosepass.}

Shay: That's new. But Bullet seed should take her down anyway!

{Nosepass uses Harden first. Although this doesn't protect against Bullet seed, She survives four bursts of it.}

Shay: I thought so. She's not as vulnerable as the others. Bullet Seed again!

{Nosepass uses Block. Bullet seed only hits twice: not enough to finish her.}

Shay: Again!

{Roxanne uses a Potion, but three hits of Bullet Seed, with one being a critical, finish the battle.}

Roxanne: So... I lost... It seems I still have much more to learn...

Shay: I did it... That's it. I've made my decision. I'll keep fighting this path, as a master of the Dark Type!

Roxanne: I understand. The Pokemon League's rules state that Trainers are to be given this if they defeat a gym leader. Please accept the official Pokemon League Stone Badge.

{Shay received the Stone Badge}

Roxanne: The stone badge heightens the Attack Power of your Pokemon. It also enables them to use the HM move Cut outside of battle. Please take this with you too.

Shay: TM39 Rock Tomb. This could be useful. But there's no way to get another one, right? I'll be off now.

Gym Guy: Whoa! What a breathtaking victory! My cheering must've worked! Great! Check your Trainer Card. The Stone Badge you got should be recorded on it as well. In other words, You've climbed the first step on the road to the Championship! That's got to feel awesome!

Shay: (Should it? ...Yeah, I guess it should. But the fight was so easy, this doesn't feel valuable at all. Maybe the next one will change my mind...)


(Out of sight): Get out! Out of the way!

{An Aqua Grunt runs out of the Devon Building carrying something}

Devon: Wait! Pleeeaaase! Don't take my Goods!

{The Devon Researcher runs after him}

Shay: Those were the same two from earlier!

{Shay runs after them as well. She catches up to the researcher next to the sign.}

Devon: ! Oh, it's you! You're that fantastic trainer who helped me in Petalburg Woods!

Shay: And I see you need my help again.

Devon: Help me! I was robbed by Team Aqua! I have to get the Devon Goods back! If I don't... I'm going to be in serious trouble.

Shay: Understood.

Devon: I think he took off towards the Tunnel over there.

Shay: What? But there's no way through! Why would he do something like that?

{Nearing the Tunnel:}

Blackbelt?: Nnn... Roar! What's going on? I was digging the tunnel without any tools when some goon ordered me out! That tunnel's filled with Pokemon that react badly to loud noises. They could cause an uproar. That's why we stopped using heavy equipment for tunneling...

Shay: (So that's it...)

Blackbelt?: I'm worried that some goon will do something stupid and startle the Pokemon into an Uproar.

Old man?: Ohhh, what am I to do? We were on our walk, Peeko and I, when we were jumped by an odd thug... The scoundrel made off with my darling Peeko! Wrrrooooooaaaaar! PEEKO!

Shay: Settle down- I can deal with this, but not if you bring the mountain down on me!

{Shay enters the tunnel}

Aqua Grunt: What, are you coming? Come and get some, then!

{The aqua Grunt takes a single step backwards. Shay unimpressedly walks up to him.}

Aqua Grunt: Grah, keelhaul it all! That hostage Pokemon turned out to be worthless! And to think I made a getaway... In this tunnel to nowhere!

Shay: You've lost, Grunt. Now, do you want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?

Aqua Grunt: Hey! You! So you want to battle me?

Shay: You chose poorly.

{Event Battle: Team Aqua Grunt}

{Aqua sends out Poochyena. It's stronger than before, but not as high leveled as Luna}

Shay: Luna, same tactics as before. Sand attack!

{Enemy Howls.}

{Turn 2: Enemy Tackles, but misses.}

{Turn 3: Enemy Tackles, and hits.}

{Turn 4: Enemy Sand Attacks.}

{Turn 5: Enemy Tackles and hits. Luna eats her Oran Berry.}

{Turn 6: Both miss.}

{Turn 7: Both miss.}

{Turn 8: Enemy Sand attacks, but misses.}

Shay: All right. He'll be resistant to Bite, but it's got enough raw power to make up for that!

{Both miss}

{Turn 10: Both Miss}

{Turn 11: Enemy tackles, but misses.}

{Turn 12: Enemy Sand attacks, but misses.}

{Turn 13: Enemy Howls}

{Turn 14: Enemy Howls}

{Turn 15: Enemy faints}

Aqua: Urrggh! My career in crime comes to a dead end!

{Battle end}

Team Aqua Grunt: This is plain not right...

Shay: How so? I don't see any other was this could have happened.

Aqua Grunt: The Boss told me this would be a slick and easy job to pull. All I had to do was steal some Package from Devon. Tch! You want it back that badly, take it!

{The aqua grunt shoves the goods into Shay's hands, and shoves her aside as he escapes. The Old man comes in and comes over to Peeko.}

Old Man?: Peeko! Am I glad to see you're safe! {He turns to Shay} Peeko owes her life to you! They call me Mr. Briney. And you are?

Shay: I'm Shay. Dark specialist. I fought that guy before, but his Poochyena was still no match for Luna here.

Briney: Ah, so you are Shay! I sincerely thank you! Now, if there's anything that troubles you, don't hesitate to tell me! You can usually find me in my cottage by the sea near Petalburg Woods.

Shay: Thanks!

Briney: Come, Peeko! We should make our way home.

Peeko: Pihyoh!

{They leave.}

Shay: I should find that Devon guy again, too.

Blackbelt?: Nn... Roar! That goofy goon hightailed it out of the tunnel! I can go back to digging!

Devon: Oh! How did it go? The Devon Goods! You did! You got them back! You really are a great trainer! I know! As my thanks, I'll give you another great ball!

Shay: Thanks a lot.

Devon: Excuse me, please! Please come with me!

Shay: Huh? What for?

{Devon Corporation main building:}

Devon: This is the Devon Corporation's third floor. Our President's office is on this floor. Anyway, I can't tell you how grateful I am for what you've done. Um... By the way, that Parcel you got back for us... Could I get you to deliver that to the Shipyard in Slateport? It would be awful if those robbers tried to take it again. Uh... Hehehe, so, uh, could I count on you to do that for me?

Shay: (It sounds like they don't trust their regular messengers to protect it.) Alright, I can do that.

Devon: Oh, that's right. Could you wait here for a second? {He walks to the other side of the room, then immediately walks back.} Our President would like to have a word with you. Please come with me.

{They walk over to the President's desk}

Devon: Please, go ahead.

Stone: I'm Mr. Stone, the President of the Devon Corporation. I'd just got word about you! You saved our staff not just once, but twice! I have a favor to ask of an amazing person like you. I understand that you're delivering a package to Slateport's Shipyard. Well, on the way, could you stop off in Dewford town? I was hoping that you'd deliver a letter to Steven in Dewford.

Shay: All right.

Stone: Now, you should know that I am a great President. So, I'd never be so cheap as to ask a favor with nothing in return. That's why I want you to have this!

{Shay recieved a Pokenav!}

Stone: That device... It's a Pokemon Navigator, or Pokenav for short. It's an indispensable tool for any Trainer on an adventure. It has a map of the Hoenn region. You can check the locations of Dewford and Slateport easily!

Shay: I see. That will help a lot.

Stone: By the way, I've heard that sinister criminals - Magma and Aqua, I believe - have been making trouble far and wide. I think it would be better if you rested up before you go on your way.

Shay: I'd appreciate the chance. (So, there's a Team Magma too...)


Stone: Well then, Shay, go with caution and care!


Oh hey, another LB of Pokemon!

Going mono-dark is not going to make the battles against Fighting-type specialists any more fun :V
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