Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 4: Glittering Darkness

{Rustboro City, exiting the Devon Main Building}

Team Status:

  • Luna, Lv 13 Poochyena
  • Exde: Lv 17 Nuzleaf

Shay: Devon turned out to be friendlier than I expected.

{Suddenly, a scientist runs out behind her.}

Scientist: I've been developing an added feature for the Pokenav... And it turned out great! Shay, may I see that Pokenav? The one our President gave you?

Shay: Ah, all right.

{A few adjustments later:}

Scientist: There you go, Shay. I added a new feature named "Match Call" to your Pokenav. Using the Match Call feature, you can chat with people who have been registered in your Pokenav. Shay, our President Stone should be registered in your Pokenav. Test it out. Please give our President a call.

Shay: OK, let's see... Activate, Match Call: Devon Pres Mr. Stone, Call...


Mr. Stone: Oh? Shay!

Shay: Hello, Mr. Stone. Sorry to bother you like this, we were just checking this "Match Call" function.

Mr. Stone: Since you called me, the Pokenav must be working properly!

Shay: So it seems.

Mr. Stone: Other people can be registered, so try calling them up, too!

Shay: (So I can register other trainers... maybe...)

Mr. Stone: Good! Good! You seem to be quite happy!

Shay: Wait, I didn't say anything, how-

Mr. Stone: Hm... How could I know that? It's because I'm looking down at you from my office window!

Shay: {Looks up} Ah. So you are.

Mr. Stone: Wahahaha! See you again! {Click}

Scientist: Okay, I'd better get back to work. Please take care, Shay!

Shay: Hmm... before we start on this quest of ours, I think I should see what I can do with this Cut HM. I think it would be the best fit for Treecko. Let's go get her.

{Shay starts checking the routes she's been in before. On route 116:}

School Kid Karen: Oh, wow! Isn't that a Pokenav: I have one too! Please Register me!

Lady Sarah: Just so you know, I've never once been bested by anyone at anything.

{Sarah uses a Lotad and Zigzagoon. Luna wins easily.}

Sarah: Oh, my goodness. This is a new experience for me.

Rich Boy Dawson: When you gaze upon my Pokemon's gorgeous fur, their beauty will render you helpless!

Shay: Not a chance.

{Dawson uses a Zigzagoon and Poochyena. Luna's level advantage decides the match before it begins.}

Dawson: Oh, baby, say it isn't so!

Shay: (He'd better be talking to his Pokemon.)

{Shay finds some Pinap and Chesto Berries}

Lass Janice: Let me teach you how strong my adorable Pokemon is!

{Janice sends out a Marill. Luna only just starts breaking a sweat.}

Janice: You're a notch above me... Pokemon that possess cuteness and power, that's ideal, I think.

Shay: That's one way of looking at it.

School Kid Jerry: We learn all sorts of things at the Trainer's school. I want to test things out for real!

Shay: I understand. Let's go!

{Jerry uses a single Ralts. As a psychic, it's helpless against Luna.}

Jerry: I slacked off in school... That's why I lost.

Shay: No it isn't. You lost because I didn't give you a chance to put your knowledge to use, and because I used the one type Ralts couldn't even touch.

Jerry: I learned at the Trainer's school that the Pokenav can register Trainers. I don't really get what that means, so can I just try it?

Shay: Sure. No problem.

Jerry: I'll have to redo some courses at the Trainer's school. If I don't, Roxanne will be steamed.

Shay: Hey, there's no shame in losing to me. Even Roxanne couldn't win.

{At the south end of Rustboro:}

Brendan: Oh, hey, Shay!

Shay: Brendan. I was wondering if I'd see you again.

Brendan: You had a Match Call feature put into your Pokenav! Cool! Let's register each other so we can get in touch anytime!

Shay: ...Fine. No objections here.

Brendan: By the way, Shay, I walked by Mr. Briney in Petalburg woods. I bet he was on his way home to his cottage by the sea.

Shay: (Say, there's an idea. Dewford is across the sea, so I'll need help to get there...)

Brendan: Shay, how's your Pokedex? Have you filled in any Pages yet?

Shay: A few. (But I haven't been paying much attention to it...)

Brendan: Mine Rules.

Shay: (He's still the same.)

Brendan: Want to have a battle to see how far you've progressed?

Shay: Yes.

Brendan: I know you just became a trainer, but I won't go easy!

{Rival Battle: versus Pokemon Trainer Brendan 2}

{Brendan sent out Lotad}

Shay: Luna, Bite attack.

{Turn 1: Lotad retaliates with Astonish}

{Turn 2: Lotad flinches.}

{Turn 3: Critical hit. Lotad faints.}

Brendan: Get ready, Torchic!

Shay: Stand your ground, Luna. It has to be you that does this! Bite again!

{Turn 4: Torchic uses Growl first.}

Shay: (This isn't good. I'd better change my tactics a bit.) Sand Attack!

{Turn 5: Torchic uses Growl first.}

{Turn 6: Torchic uses Focus energy first.}

{Turn 7: Torchic uses Growl first.}

{Turn 8: Torchic misses with Ember first.}

{Turn 9: Torchic misses first.}

{Turn 10: Torchic hits with Ember first.}

Shay: Tch, that was a heavy hit. I can't take risks. {Shay uses a potion.}

{Turn 11: Torchic misses with Ember.}

Shay: Now, attack with Bite!

{Turn 12: Torchic hits with Scratch first.}

{Turn 13: Torchic misses.}

{Turn 14: Torchic misses.}

{Turn 15: Torchic misses, then then faints.}

Brendan: Hmm... You're pretty good.

{Battle End}

Brendan: By the way, you know Mr. Briney? The guy I just passed?

Shay: Yes, I know him.

Brendan: Um, I bet you didn't know this, since you just moved here, Shay, but Mr. Briney was once a great-

Shay: I heard already.

{Route 104:}

Haley: You're strong, but should I register you in my Pokenav? Maybe I shouldn't... Okay, sure, I will register you!

Winston: Hm? Ah, you've obtained a Pokenav. I will gladly register you. After all, I have plenty of money.

{In Petalburg woods, behind some Cutable trees...}

Girl: Oh, neat! That's the Badge from Rustboro Gym! You must be a trainer. You should try using this item.

Shay: A Miracle seed. This will be useful.

{She also finds a Great Ball and Tinymushroom}

{On the other side of Route 104}

Lady Cindy: Hello, we meet again. We seem to be drawn together. Let's register each other in our Pokenavs.

{Route 102}

Youngster Calvin: I've been working hard at this since I saw you before. I'd like to battle you again, so can you register me in your Pokenav?

Shay: Yes.

{Return to Littleroot Town.}

Shay: Mom? Are you there? I have something to tell you.

Mom: What is that, honey? A Pokenav?

Shay: Well, yeah. Someone from Devon gave it to me.

Mom: Well, honey, how about registering your mom?

Shay: Yeah, I really should. But what I really came here to say was that I've been sent on a few delivery missions for Devon. And after that... I'm on a Gym Challenge.

Mom: Oh. Does that mean...?

Shay: Yes it does. I hate to leave you alone though, especially considering... (...considering that's what I didn't like about Dad's behavior...)

Mom: Shay, I'll be fine. Go on and do whatever. I know you can take care of yourself.

Shay: ...No. You know that I won't have to.

{Shay looks around town again, and finds that Professor Birch is nowhere to be found.}

Shay: Where could he be... Maybe route 103?


Birch: Oh, Shay! I've already heard about you! It seems your Pokenav's been upgraded with Match Call. Well, I should register, too!

Shay: Yeah, being able to contact you lie this will help with the Pokedex.

{Mr. Briney's cottage:}

Shay: Mr. Briney-

Briney: Hold on, lass! Wait up, Peeko! {Notices Shay} Hm? You're Shay! You saved my darling Peeko! We owe so much to you!

Shay: Yeah, well, I need your help with something. I need to borrow your boat!

Briney: What's that? You want to sail with me? hmhm...

Shay: Yeah, I have some important packages to deliver. A letter to Steven in Dewford, and... something else due in Slateport.

Briney: Quite the busy life you must lead! But, certainly, what you're asking is no problem at all. You've come to the right man! We'll set sail for Dewford. Anchors aweigh! Peeko, we're setting sail, my darling!

{They board the boat, and start off, through Sea Route 105}

Pokenav: (Ring-).........

Shay: Unregistered? Who could it be?

Dad: Oh, Shay? .................. Where are you now? It sounds windy wherever you are.

Shay: I'm off to Dewford.

Dad: I just heard from Devon's Mr. Stone about your Pokenav, so I decided to give you a call.

Shay: (Why would Mr. Stone have known to contact Leader Norman?)

Dad: It sounds like you're doing fine, so that's fine with me. You take care now. (.......... click)

{Dad Norman has been registered in the Pokenav.}

{The boat continues through route 106, and to Dewford.}

Briney: Ahoy! We've hit land in Dewford. I suppose you're off to deliver that letter to, who was it now, Steven!

Shay: {Reading sign} "Dewford town: A tiny island in the blue sea." Tiny is right. There isn't even a Pokemart here...

Cooltrainer?: Gorge your eyes on this! It's a Silk Skarf. It's right at the cutting edge of fashion, yeah! Oh, I can se your eyes twinkling! You appreciate my dazzling style! Oh, you're a delight! Here you go, I want you to have it.

Shay: ...Thanks?

Boy: Wow, you bothered to cross the sea to visit Dewford? Did you maybe come here because you heard about Brawly? He's so cool... Everyone idolizes him.

Shay: (Hmmm, If Brawly is a Gym leader, that would explain why people come to this island just because of him.)

Fisherman: This is a renowned fishing spot. Are you getting the urge to fish?

Shay: Yes.

Fisherman: I hear you, and I like what you're saying! I'll give you one of my fishing rods.

Shay: (...It seems really old...)

Fisherman: And, as an added bonus, I'll even throw in a little fishing advice! First, you want to face the water, then use the Rod. Focus your mind... If you get a bite, pull on the Rod. Sometimes you can snag something immediately, but with bigger catches, you need to time the pulls on your rod to haul them in.

Shay: Here's the Gym. "Leader: Brawly, A big wave in Fighting." That's pretty vague...Maybe I should deliver the letter first.

Woman: There's a stone cavern at the edge of town. I've heard you can find rare stones there.

Shay: Hmm... that sounds like a place he would go.

Boy: I like what's hip, happening, and trendy. I'm always checking it out. Listen, have you heard about this new "Becomes School"?


Boy:That's right! Of course you know! I mean, sheesh, "Becomes School"... It's the hottest thing in cool! Wherever you're from, "Becomes School" Is the biggest happening thing, right?

Shay: Are you nuts?! "I mean, sheesh, "Becomes School"... What kind of nonsense is that?" Who's the wise guy who thought that stinging two completely random words together could be cool? It's not even a phrase! And geez, why does everyone feel the need to never let me get a word in?

{Shay storms off onto the beaches of route 106}

Shay: I really should calm down. That "Trend" may be idiotic, but aren't they all? I've never payed attention to them before...

Fisherman Ned: What do people do if they need to go to a washroom?

Shay: ...Go to a washroom?

Fisherman Ned: What if my rod hooks a big one while I'm in the washroom? I just can't go...

Shay: What. Why would you be leaving your rod behind? I've had enough of this. Battle time.

{Ned sends out a Tentacool, but Luna takes him down with Tackle attacks.}

Ned: I lost because I'm trying not to go to the washroom.

Shay: Then go! And take your rod with you.

Fisherman Elliot: Which do you prefer, fishing in the sea, or a stream?

Shay: Actually, I haven't decided.

{Elliot uses two Magikarp and a Tentacool.}

Elliot: Like in deep-sea fishing, I lost spectacularly! ...Fishing's great, but so is battling. If you don't mind, can we meet again?

Shay: That's fine. If you have a Pokenav, we can connect that way. {They can.}

{Granite Cave:}

Hiker: Hey, you. It gets awfully dark ahead. It'll be tough trying to explore.

Shay: I'm here looking for someone. Is anyone else even here?

Hiker: Yeah. That guy who came by earlier... Steven, I think it was. He knew how to use Flash, so he ought to be all right, but... Well, for us Hikers, helping out those in need is our motto. Here you go, I'll pass this on to you.

Shay: This is the Flash HM... but who do I need to beat to unlock it?

Hiker: You need the Gym Badge from Dewford's Pokemon Gym.

Shay: I thought so... I'm going on ahead without it. How bad could it be?

{One floor down:}

Shay: I had to ask. I can barely see a foot in front of me...

{Note: In fact, Gen 3 darkness is in some ways the hardest to navigate with. Gen 1 had the walls and ladders visable, with only items and Trainers hidden. Gen 2 had the environment blacked out completely, with items and the cave entrance visible. Gen 3 reveals the surrounding squares only, but what's worse is that Flash is less effective. Even with it active, only a small fraction of the screen is revealed.}

{Basement 2:}

Shay: That was pure luck. But, It's strange that I haven't seen any-

{A wild Zubat attacks, and puts up quite a fight.}

Shay: In this darkness... surely there's something for me to catch.

{A wild Aron attacks. Exde handles him, but more attack.}

Shay: This isn't good. My item stocks are limited... We'll have to run for it!

Shay makes it to another set of ladders, bringing her back to the lit portions of the cave.

Shay: Back where I was, just a bit higher. Is there something up here?

{Makuhita attacks, but Shay runs. She finds a new area.}

Grey Haired boy: My name is Steven. I'm interested in rare stones, so I travel here and there.

Shay: Ah, Steven, your father sent me with this letter...

Steven: Oh! A Letter for me? ... Okay, thank you. You went through all this trouble to deliver that. I need to thank you. Let me see... I'll give you this TM. It contains my favorite move, Steel Wing.

Shay: (Useful for giving Flying pokemon an edge against Rock and Ice types.) Thank you.

Steven: Your Pokemon appear quite capable. If you keep training, you could even become the Champion of the Pokemon League one day. That's what I think. I know, since we've gotten to know each other, let's register one another in our Pokenavs.

Shay: No objections here.

Steven: Now I've got to hurry along.

{Steven exits.}

Shay: ... I'm sure there's something else in this cave...

{Shay goes back into the dark areas, and looks around the ladder until she finds a Sableye.}

Shay: It looks like a ghost... Luna, Bite attack.

{Sableye retaliates with Night Shade.}

Shay: Normal effectiveness. I wonder... Bite again.

{Sableye leers.}

Shay: I'm switching in Exde.

{Sableye leers.}

Shay: Great Ball, go!

{Sableye was caught.}

Pokedex: Sableye: Darkness Pokemon. It digs branching holes in caves using its sharp claw in search of food—raw gems. A Sableye lurks in darkness and is seen only rarely.

Shay: Dark/Ghost. With that combination... You're just what I've been looking for, Leiden.

{Shay retreats back to the Dewford Pokemon center.}

Shay: That's one mission compete. But before I go on, I still need to fight Brawly. Sorry, "Wave in Fighting", but the badges are the only way to get respect these days.