Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 21: Sky High

{Previously, Shay was unable to stop the awakening of Kyogre. Now, she, Steven, Maxie, and Archie all make their way to Sootopolis City, the center of the chaotic weather patterns. Shay's trek is the longest, as she doesn't have a flyer with her, nor has she been to Sootopolis before. However, neither rain nor sun can keep her from an appointment with destiny.}

Shay: Geez, wild pokemon are attacking like nothing was going on at all... Well ignoring the issue might work for some people, but not me.

{Shay and Tentacool dive through the underwater entrance to Sootopolis, and surface into an enormous lake in the former volcano's crater. Buildings are built into the crater wall. And in the center, Groudon and Kyogre face off.}

{The two great beasts cry out as the sky whirls around them, then return to their struggle.}

Shay: There they are... Seems even they aren't counting on the weather.

{Turn X: Kyogre used Body Slam. Groudon counters with Slash}

Shay: I'm... my pokemon are in no condition to join this fight...

{Some townspeople have locked themselves away in their homes. Others are gathered on the shores, watching and reacting in various ways.}

Blackbelt: Go for it, red Pokemon! Don't back off, blue Pokemon! {Beat as he notices shay step onto the ground beside him.} Hi, do you know the names of those Pokemon fighting over there?

Super Nerd: There's an ancient legend that says that the land and sea were shaped by a collosal battle between Pokemon. Well I'm seeing that happen with my very own eyes! Whoa, I never expected to be witness to aomething this huge!

Battle Girl: Oh no! Sootopolis City will get wrecked!

{Archie and Maxie are standing in front of the Gym, the only building built inside the crater.}

Archie: Kyogre! What's wrong?! Look over here! It's the Red Orb! Calm Down! Kyogre!

{Kyogre either can't hear, or isn't listening.}

Archie: It's no good! It's not responding at all!

Maxie: G...Groudon... Please! Stop what you're doing! I know the extent of your power now! If you keep going, all Hoenn, not just Sootopolis, will be utterly ruined!

Boy: I just get the sense somehow that the two Pokemon aren't angry. I think... They probably can't control their own power...

Shay: I wouldn't know about that. (But I wonder if there's something that can limit their power...) Ah, Steven!

Steven: Those Pokemon fighting... Groudon... And Kyogre... The two super-ancient Pokemon were awakened from a long sleep...

Shay: (All that time to build up their energy again... no wonder they're so strong.)

Steven: And now they are smashing each other with their uncontrollable energy... ...Shay. You being here now I'll take to mean that you're prepared to become involved in this crisis.

Shay: Right. What's our move?

Steven: There's someone I'd like you to meet. Come with me, please.

{Steven leads Shay along the trail running along the rocky mountainside. Suddenly, he stops.}

Steven: Listen, Shay. Does seeing Groudon and Kyogre make you think Pokemon are to be feared?

Shay: Not exactly...

Steven: Right. That's not true. Pokemon are really more... ...Why am I asking you this? You already know.

{They continue down to a cave entrance where Steven convinces the old guard to move out of the way.}

Steven: Okay, here we are! Inside here you'll find someone named Wallace. I think you have what's needed to help him...

Shay: (Help him? At least someone else will be taking a stand...)

{Thunder echoes as Shay enters the cave.}


{The cave is shorter than you would expect. Eventually, Shay climbs down a ladder into a rounded chamber where red and blue crystals jut out of the walls. A fabulously dressed man stares into a wide but not that deep hole in the ground.}

Wallace: Ah, so you are Shay? I've heard tales of your exploits.

Shay: You have me at a disadvantage, Wallace.

Wallace: I was once the Gym Leader of Sootopolis, but something came up. So now, I've entrusted my mentor Juan with the Gym's operation.

{There is a long silence.}

Shay: ...So how do we deal with this?

Wallace: Groudon and Kyogre, the two pokemon wreaking havok here, are considered to be super-ancient Pokemon. But there aren't just two Super ancient Pokemon. There is one more somewhere. Somewhere, there is a super-ancient Pokemon named Rayquaza.

Shay: You can't be serious... You want us to wake up another one?

Wallace: It is said that it was Rayquaza who becalmed the two combatants in the distant past.

Shay: They must have skipped over that in the version I heard...

Wallace: But even I have no clue as to Rayquaza's whereabouts...

Shay: (Rayquaza... as in Quasar. That would be space... or the sky or... something.)

Wallace: ! Shay, do you perhaps know where Rayquaza is now? If you do, please tell me.

Shay: Wallace, what are the chances I'd have heard about that? But there is a possibility close enough to check out. The Sky Pillar, near Pacifidlog.

Wallace: The Sky Pillar? That's it! It must be the Sky Pillar! Shay, there's not a moment to lose! We'll head for the Sky Pillar right away!

{Wallace uses an Escape rope to escape the cave.}

Shay: ... Okay, don't bother waiting up or anything. Sheesh...

{Shay stops by the Sootopolis Pokemon Center and picks up Tropius. She then flies right out of the distorted weather area to Pacifidlog, and heads toward the Sky Pillar.}

Shay: I wonder... I get the feeling that my team might have been able to fight Groudon and Kyogre directly. But with them so focused on each other, I couldn't even get close...

{Shay reaches the foot of the Sky Pillar.}

Wallace: Oh, my, I'm terribly sorry! In my haste, I didn't notice that I'd left you behind!

Shay: Don't worry about it. Can we get inside the tower?

Wallace: I've opened the locked door. Shay, let's be on our way!

{There is a sudden pounding}

Wallace: It's an earthquake!

Shay: Are you sure?

Wallace: There's not a moment to waste! We've got to hurry!

{As they reach the entrance, there is another quake}

Wallace: Hmm... The situation is getting worse...

{It starts raining on them.}

Wallace: This isn't good. The weather distortion is spreading even here... Shay. Rayquaza should be further up from here. I'm worried about Sootopolis. I've got to go back. Everything is in your hands now. Don't fail us!

{Wallace rushes off.}

Shay: Another one gone. Well, I won't fail.

{The inside of the sky pillar is a straightforward path. For now, anyway. The stairs are always in the north wall, but as she goes up, rocks force her to detour around the giant holes in the center of every floor. All the wile, she has to contend with wild Claydol and Golbat. Finally though, she reaches the top where Rayquaza waits.}

Shay: Here it is...

{Unlike the other two, Rayquaza is merely catnapping. It raises it's head toward Shay and gives a great roar before Flying off.}

Shay: ... What? Where is it going? ... If it's not going to Sootopolis, then I'll have to... do something else.

{Tropius flies Shay down from the tower into Sootopolis.}

The Event

Shay: Those two are still at it...

{Groudon and Kyogre keep fighting. But suddenly, a hole in the clouds opens up and Rayquaza descends. It hovers above the other two for a moment, and then...}

{Turn Z: Rayquaza uses Roar. Groudon and Kyogre fled.}

{Rayquaza surveys the area, then gives a roar of triumph and flies away again, back to it's perch on Sky Pillar.}

Shay: ...That's it? They all just... run away?

Woman: Oh? It was you who brought that flying pokemon here? Well aren't you amazing!

Shay: Not really. Anyone else could have done the same...

{But secretly, Shay breathes a sigh of relief as she Surfs to the small island the Gym rests on to meet up with four certain elite trainers.}

Steven: So that's Rayquaza... It's incredible how the two rampaging Pokemon would flee from it in fear...

Wallace: Shay... The leaders of Team Magma and Aqua, I don't think they meant harm. It wouldn't hurt to hear what they have to say for themselves.

Maxie: So the super-ancient Pokemon weren't only Groudon and Kyogre... After all our fruitless scheming and frantic efforts, that one Pokemon's simple action puts everything right again as if nothing had happened... Fu... Fuhahaha...

Archie: Kyogre and Groudon both dug away to who knows where. The weather in Hoenn has returned to it's normal state... Haha... Hahaha... Maybe what we were trying to do was small, even meaningless, to Pokemon...

{Archie and Maxie Fly away on their Crobat.}

Steven: It looks like both Maxie and Archie have gone away somewhere. Perhaps they've gone to Mt. Pyre to return those Orbs...

Wallace: Shay... My eyes didn't deceive me. Thanks to your help, Sootopolis... No, all of Hoenn was saved. On behalf of the people, I thank you.

Shay: You or Steven could have done the same if you hadn't decided to keep an eye on things here. Heck, any Swimmer could have finished things off...

Wallace: But... well... we held back. You were the one who stepped forward to set the world right. This is a gift from me. Please accept it.

Shay: An HM... Waterfall...

Wallace: If you have the Rain Badge, a Pokemon that has learned that move can force it's way up waterfalls. And where does one get the Rain Badge? You know, don't you?

Shay: Right behind you?

Wallace: That's right! You have to beat the Sootopolis Gym Leader. When you're all set to go, step through that door.

Shay: ...I'll come back later.

{A few minutes later, A small town in the southwest of Hoenn}

"Mom, I'm home."