Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 17: Volcanic Heart

Party Status:
  • Mojo, Lv 36 Cacturne
  • Eclipse, Lv 36 Absol
  • Leiden, Lv 36 Sableye
  • Dart, Lv 36 Sharpedo
  • Luna, Lv 36 Mightyena
  • Fargus, Lv 36 Crawdaunt

  • Exde, Lv 35 Nuzleaf

{Lilycove City. A thriving port town famed for it's Department store shopping opportunities, Pokemon Contests, and the Trainer Fan Club, is also the location of Team Aqua's Headquarters and the seat of their power.}

Aqua Grunt: If this whole world becomes ours, Team Aqua's, it will be a happier place for Pokemon, too.

Shay: ... I doubt that would be the case.

{Shay goes around talking to the townspeople and tourists. Apparantly, Tourists have been staying away because of Team Aqua, but there are still a few.}

Businessman: We just arrived here on our honeymoon vacation. We happened to see a Dragon-type Pokemon flying way up in the sky. Do cool Pokemon like that live in the Hoenn region?

Shay: Apparently so... Makes things interesting.

Newlywed: On our honeymoon, we vowed to see as many rare Pokemon as we can. So we were delighted to see a rare pokemon as soon as we arrived. I mean, we are totally happy!

Sailor: Team Aqua's been training their Wailmer in the cove. We Sailors can't get our boats out to sea with them in the way!

{Note: Interestingly, the same problem exists in versions where Team Magma has set up here instead.}

Aqua Grunt: Hey, you! Don't go near the cave in the cove!

Shay: Why?

Aqua Grunt: Why? You don't need a reason why! I'm an adult, so you just listen to me!

Shay: As if.

Aqua Grunt: I'm just a grunt, so I don't know what the boss is thinking... but being on Team Aqua, I know I'll get the chance to do big things! Wh-who are you?! I was just talking to myself!

Aqua Grunt: Fufufu... We moved more loot into our secret Hideout today... Wh-who are you?! I was just talking to myself!

Old Man: Hm, you know of the peculiar cavern in this cove? That had been a natural formation, but then that Team Aqua lot came along and made their renovations. Tey call themselves the "nature loving Team Aqua"! But what they do and what they say don't match at all!

{Shay decides to go to the Department store, and sees a familiar person standing at the entrance.}

Brendan: Oh, hey, it's shay.

Shay: Brendan. I wasn't expecting to see you so soon.

Brendan: I'm running an errand for my dad. No, I'm not buying any dolls.

Shay: Wha-?

Brendan: Anyways, it's been a while. Want to have a battle to see who's been raising Pokemon better?

Shay: Well, I have more important things to worry about... but if I can't beat you, I don't stand a chance of keeping the world on track. Let's do it!

Brendan: Aw, but you know I'm not going to lose to no Shay.

Shay: That's enough! You're gong down for the last time!

{Rival Battle: Brendan 5}

{Brendan sent out Tropius (Lv 31)}

Shay: Eclipse, Secret Power.

{Turn 1: Secret Power paralyzes Tropius. Tropius does nothing of note.}

{Turn 2: Secret Power weakens Tropius. Tropius retaliates with Magical Leaf.}

{Turn 3: Eclipse finishes off Tropius. Brendan prepares to send out Combusken. (Lv34)}

Shay: (I was expecting an item there...) Engage, Dart! Surf attack!

{Turn 4: Combusken is wiped out. Brendan prepares to send in Ludicolo (Lv32)}

Shay: Engage, Fargus! Sludge Bomb!

{Turn 5: Ludicolo uses Absorb first, greatly weakening Fargus. But Fargus' counterattack takes down Ludicolo in one hit.}

Brendan: Then it's all down to this one!

Shay: Brendan. Stop. I know what you really think of me. But you don't look foolish for losing to me, you look stupid because you keep hyping yourself up! If you'd just stop showing off-

Brendan: Pelipper, supersonic! No, wait- {Lv 32}

Shay: Engage, Luna. Secret Power!

Brendan: Protect!

{Turn 6: Pelipper's protect negates Secret Power.}

{Turn 7: Luna lands Secret Power, but Pelipper pulls off a Supersonic, confusing her.}

Shay: No good.

{Turn 8: Shay plays the Yellow Flute. Pelipper uses Wing Attack. It doesn't do much.}

{Turn 9: Pelipper uses Protect}

{Turn 10: Pelipper uses protect, and it works despite it's lowered success rate}

{Turn 11: Pelipper is paralyzed by Secret Power, but sets up Mist.}

{Turn 12: Luna takes down Pelipper with a critical hit.}

Shay: Are you done yet?

Brendan: Humph... You've done a lot of raising. That stings a bit—I had a head start on you as a Trainer...

Shay: Not enough to matter. Not even a single level. I still remember...

{Battle End}

Brendan: I... I plan on going home to Littleroot. You know I'm helping out my dad on his Pokedex. It's coming together pretty decently, so I should go show him.

Shay: You do that. It's something I let slip for too long.

Brendan: Shay, what are you going to do? Collect all the Gym Badges and take the Pokemon League Challenge.

Shay: Team Aqua and Magma are putting their final plans into action. Someone has to stop them, but... I'm the only one trying. The badges don't matter anymore, if they ever did...

Brendan: Then maybe I'll go after them instead...

Shay: ...Do whatever you want. just don't think of it as a competition between us anymore. I did want you as a friend, you know...

Brendan: Well, anyway, hang in there!

{Brendan flies away on Tropius.}

{Shay goes into the Store, and stocks up on healing items.}

Shay: Alright. I think I'm ready.

{Shay approaches the Team Aqua Hideout.}

Aqua Grunt: There! Wailmer! Leap out of the water now!

{Shay enters the cave... It is guarded by two grunts.}

Grunt 1: What? What? Are you a Team Magma Grunt?

Shay: Do I look like a Team Magma Grunt?!

Grunt 1: I hear that Team Magma is trying to awaken an awesome Pokemon at their Hideout. But where might their Hideout be?

Grunt 2: I heard that they were after the awesome Pokemon at Mt. Chimney. But what is that Pokemon like?

Shay: (Magma is farther along, and these two won't get out of the way. I'll go to mount Chimney then.)

{A bit of Party shuffling and Flying later, at Lavaridge town}

Shay: All right. Time to get serious!

{Shay uses the Acro Bike to get up Jagged Pass. About halfway:}

Shay: Oh! That boulder is shaking in response to the Magma Emblem!

{A cave opening opens up. Shay enters...}


Shay: The Magma hideout is built right into the volcano...

{Wild pokemon inhabit the cavern as well. Shay evades wild Geodudes and Gravelers. and reaches a set of boulders.}

Shay: I'll need Tropius' Strength to get through this...

{This is not difficult.}

Magma Grunt: Our leader told us to dig into Mt. Chimney, so we dug and dug. And in the course of digging, we came across something that blew our minds! What did we find? Fuhahaha! I'll tell you if you beat me!

{This grunt uses a Poochyena. Eclipse has a sizable Level Advantage, and OHK Os him}

Magma grunt: Arrgh! Taken down! I won't tell you after all. You'll find out when you get there! It'd be better if you saved surprises to the end, don't you think?

{The next area:}

Magma Grunt: Hold it right there! You don't really expect me to keep my trap shut and let you waltz by me?

{This grunt uses a Numel. Still no match for Eclipse}

Magma Grunt: Ooh wow! I concede! Maybe it would've been better if I did let you go unchallenged...

Magma Grunt F: What, what, what? Only Team Magma members are supposed to be in here! But you're not dressed in Team Magma's uniform... You rouse my suspicion! Battle with me!

{This grunt uses a Mightyena. Shay switches to Mojo to deal with her}

Magma Grunt F: Aiyiyi... My pride as a Team Magma member... If you suffer from chills, you should join Team Magma.

Magma Grunt: Ahah! An intruder!

{This grunt uses a Baltoy and Zubat}

Magma Grunt: Graaah! I've already lost. Do I really need to keep running around in a circle?

Magma Grunt: Oh, oh! An intruder!

{This grunt uses Baltoy and Numel.}

Magma Grunt: Mutter... Actually I'm no expert at battling...

Shay: (Some of the wild pokemon here are stronger than the Grunts. How are they able to operate in these conditions?)

{The path splits.}

Magma Grunt F: I don't have a bone to pick with you. I'm just following orders!

Magma Grunt: I can't stand heat. Maybe I should've joined Team Aqua instead...

{Double challenge! The female uses a Numel, while the male uses a Mightyena. Eclipse and Dart win in a single round.}

Magma Grunt F: I may have lost, but...

Magma Grunt: Yeah, I really might not be right for Team Magma... Don't you get lonely fr the sea being in a place like this?

Magma Grunt F: We dug up something beyond belief! And, we got the Blue Orb! All that's left is for our leader to... Fufufu... Fwahahaha!

Magma Grunt: You can hear tremors here sometimes. Could it be the volcano rattling? Or is it Grou... Whoops! No, no, never mind!

{This grunt uses a Zubat.

Magma Grunt: You're a fiery battler. Just like a volcano! You just happened to win this time, but that doesn't matter. Team Magma's goal is about to be reached!

Magma Grunt: One of our guys was freaking out that he lost his Magma Emblem... Wait a minute! Was it you who found it?

{This grunt uses Poochyena.}

Magma Grunt: I'm having trouble believing this... I'm getting this feeling that our plan is going to end in failure...

Magma Grunt: When Team Magma has roll call, we get important guarding assignments in the order that we line up. That's why I'm stuck off in this corner. I'm always late to roll call!

{This grunt uses Zubat.}

Magma Grunt: I'm always late for training sessions too! I hate to say it, but I'm wimpy... Okay, I'll try to put a little more effort into things from now on...

{Shay returns to the fork, and takes the other path. As she passes by a pool of magma...}

Magma Grunt: What did I do to deserve this guard posting? My left ear is burning up!

{This grunt uses a Zubat.}

Magma Grunt: I'm getting heat exhaustion... Do you think it's odd that we're wearing hoods in this magma-filled volcano?

{Shay enters a side room filled with Machinery and giant drills.}

Magma Grunt: I understand everything our leader says. But you know what? Doing stuff like digging up a super-ancient Pokemon and ripping off someones Meteorite... I think we're going a little too far. What do you think?

Shay: A little? What about erupting a volcano with a town built onto it's side?

{This grunt uses a Mightyena.}

Magma Grunt: Yeah, I think we are doing something wrong somehow. You know, losing to you cleared my mind. The next time I see our leader, I'm going to ask him about what we do.

{Back on the main path,}

Magma Grunt F: We joined so we can see our leader achieve his fantastic vision. I don't care if you're with Team Aqua or if you're just some kid passing by. No one interferes with us and gets away with it!

{This grunt uses a Baltoy.}

Magma Grunt F: Oh, no! You're not to be trusted at all! Listen to me. Team Magma is right! Don't listen to Team Aqua. Don't believe their lies!

Shay: I don't. You're both criminals that need to be dealt with! And I'm the one who will do it.

{In the next room:}

Magma Grunt: I want to see Groudon, too, but they won't let me see even it's tail...

Shay: (So that's it's name!)

Magma Grunt: It's got me feeling really frustrated. Oh, no! I blabbed about Groudon!

{This grunt uses a Baltoy.}

Magma Grunt: I guess it's impossible to win if one doesn't have a calm mind... I wonder if Groudon even has a tail?

{Two more grunts are guarding the path ahead.}

Magma Grunt 1: Fuhahaha! Soon! Very soon! Our grand objective will be achieved!

Magma Grunt 2: You're not finished yet! You're not getting by me easily!

Shay: Bring it!

{The Grunts use Numel and Zubat. A single surf from Dart finishes the battle.}

Grunt 1: Grrr... I've come so far, but now this?

Grunt 2: Was I that easy to knock down?

Grunt 1: Maxie, sir! An intruder is headed your way!

Grunt 2: C-come on, one more match...

Magma Admin Tabitha: Hehehe! You made it this far, so I'll tell you!

Shay: You were after Groudon from the beginning!

Magma Admin Tabitha: That's right! Up ahead, Groudon is sleeping! Maxie went to Groudon just seconds ago! It's going to awaken real soon! Hehe! Hehehe!

Shay: Luna, prepare to engage!

{The Administrator Starts with Numel, but Luna overpowers him. Next he sends out Mightyena, but Dart washes him away. Next is a Zubat, which Eclipse takes care of. Dart finishes off the Admin's Camerupt.}

Magma Admin Tabitha: Taken down again... hehe... ...And while you wasted time with me, Maxie should have awakened Groudon...

Shay: Not Yet! Luna, We've come a long way! Dart, Fargus, this is your home you're protecting! Mojo, not everyone can live the way you do. Eclipse, this is why we're together! Tropius... Um... thanks for the assistance.

{Shay runs around a volcanic pit, finding Maxie gazing upon a giant greyed reptilian creature...}

Shay: Maxie! Stop this now!

Maxie: Groudon... Nothing could awaken you from your sleep bathed in magma... This Blue Orb is what you sought. Wasn't it? I have brought you the Blue Orb. Let it's shine awaken you! And show me... Show the full extent of your power!

{The Blue Orb shines brightly, enveloping the area! Bathed in it's light, Groudon regains it's color, and approaches the rim of it's pool. The light fades, letting the elite trainers get a good look at the creature of myth. But then, it makes a mighty leap through the ceiling and out of sight.}

Maxie: Groudon! What's wrong? Wasn't the Blue Orb the key? Groudon! Where have you gone...

Shay: No... what's it doing?

{Maxie becomes aware of Shay's presence and the two face off.}

Maxie: Oh, so it was you?

Shay: No...

Maxie: I've seen you poking around uninvited here and there... I get it now! You must have pulled a cheap stunt!

{Battle! Versus Magma Leader Maxie 2}

Shay: I can't lose... I can't lose...

{Alternate music}

{Maxie sent out Mightyena (Lv 37}}

Shay: Mojo, plant a Leech Seed!

{Turn 1: Leech seed is successful. Mightyena makes a Scary Face, slowing Mojo down.}

Shay: Secret Power.

{Turn 2: Mightyena uses Swagger. Mojo pulls off a Secret Power.}

{Turn 3: Shay blows into the Yellow Flute. Maxie uses a Super Potion.}

{Turn 4: Mightyena uses Swagger. Mojo fights through his confusion and beats Mightyena. Maxie prepares to send out Crobat (Lv 38).}

Shay: Luna {Lv 37}. Secret Power.

{Turn 5: Crobat uses Wing Attack. Luna lands an attack}

{Turn 6: Crobat uses Confuse ray. Luna lands a Secret Power.

Shay: ...

{Turn 7: Shay blows on the Yellow Flute. Maxie uses a Super Potion}

{Turn 8: Crobat uses Wing Attack. Luna uses Secret Power, but is weakened...}

{Turn 9: Crobat uses Air Cutter. Luna hits with Secret Power. Crobat is weakened.}

{Turn 10: Shay heals Luna. Crobat gets a critical hit with Wing attack, weakening Luna.}

{Turn 11: Shay heals Luna. Crobat uses Air Cutter.}

{Turn 12: Crobat uses confuse ray. Luna hurts herself.}

{Turn 13: Shay uses the Yellow flute. Crobat uses Air cutter, weakening Luna.}

{Turn 14: Crobat uses Wing attack. Luna uses Secret Power.}

{Turn 15: Shay heals Luna. Crobat uses Wing attack.}

{Turn 16: Crobat uses Wing attack. Luna's Secret power leaves Crobat in critical condition.}

{Turn 17: Crobat uses Wing Attack. Luna finishes him off with bite.}

Maxie: Then face Camerupt! {Lv 39}

Shay: Dart. Surf.

{Turn 18: Camerupt is washed away by Surf.}

Maxie: What makes you so adept at handling Pokemon?

{End Battle}

Shay: The super-Ancient Pokemon... We know nothing about how it's mind works. It's desires...

Maxie: "There has to be some reason why Groudon fled"... That's what you're trying to say, aren't you?

Shay: ... ... ... ... (I didn't lose... But that didn't matter. How can that be?)

Maxie: Humph... You think I didn't know that? With Groudon gone, here is no longer any need for his blasted volcano. I am going after Groudon, so this is where we part!

{Maxie escapes under cover of a blackout bomb. Shay continues on through an emergency escape tunnel.}

Shay: Well, the world doesn't seem to be ending yet... but who can I call?

{Shay calls some people she knows on the Match Call.}

Stone: ...Huh? ...What's that? Grou... Yes? ...Don? You're breaking up... ...can't hear... BZZZZ...

Brendan: Hi, Shay! Did you catch the news? They say Capt. Stern discovered the Seafloor Cavern while on his submarine expedition.

Wally: Shay? It's awesome! That Ralts we caught together? He evolved, Shay! Maybe I'm talented... Ohm but I shouldn't get a big head like that! After all, it's the Pokemon that should be praised!

Steven: Hi, Shay! When you're on an adventure with your Pokemon, what do you think? Do you consider them to be strong partners? Do you think of them as fun companions? Depending on how you think, your adventure's significance changes.

Scott: Hi, Shay! I've been hearing about these odd gangs being a nuisance. Team Magma and Team Aqua I think they were. I would think there'd be some skilled Trainers among them. ...But if they're thugs...

Shay: It looks like Groudon hasn't done much yet... It's too late to stop Team Magma, but Team Aqua hasn't won yet. Tropius! To Lilycove!

{Shay enters the Aqua Hideout. The same guards are still there.}

Aqua Grunt 1: What? What? What do you want with Team Aqua? Our Boss isn't here! He's gone off to jack a submarine!

Shay:{Whispering} Where did he go?

Aqua Grunt 1:Wahaha! Do you really think I'd tell you something that crucial?

Aqua Grunt 2: What? What? What do you want with Team Aqua? Our Boss isn't here! He's on his way to Slateport City!

Shay: {Whispering} Why did he go?

Aqua Grunt 2: Wahaha! Do you really think I'd tell you something that crucial?

{Shay flies to Slateport. There is a huge crowd in front of the dock}

Man: A TV interview! Here! The Captain's a celebrity!

Fat Man: Hey! Are you watching? Am I on TV?

Girl: That lady interviewer is so cool and pretty. When I grow up, I'm going to be an international Journalist!

Chef: What's going on here? Did the good Captain come back with a big fish from the ocean floor?

Boy: Captain Stern says they discovered something at the bottom of the sea. I wonder what it is? What could it be?

Old Lady: I was hoping that it was a famous star so I could get an autograph. But who's that being interviewed? Isn't that Capt. Stern?

Ty: Okay, Capt. Stern! A big smile for the camera!

Gabby: I see, I see. You've had a most invaluable experience...

Stern: Yes, indeed. We intend to move ahead with our exploration.

Gabby: That's wonderful, Capt. Stern! Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to talk to us. We hope we can interview you again with news of your discoveries!

{Gabby and Ty leave. They will come to regret that...}

Stern: Whew... That was my first time to be filmed for TV. That was nerve-wracking. Oh! Shay! You're looking great!

Shay: Looks are deceiving. We've got trouble, Captain.

Stern: Can it wait? We made a huge discovery on our last seafloor exploration. W found an underwater cavern on Route 128. We think it's the habitat of a Pokemon that's said to be long extinct.

(Out of sight): Fufufu... Capt Stern, I presume. We of Team Aqua will assume control of your submarine!

Shay: Archie!

(Out of sight): Your objections are meaningless! We expect your total cooperation! Fufufu... Just watch and learn what Team Aqua has planned!

{The crowd looks around in confusion}

Stern: What was that all about? It sounded like someone using a megaphone...

Shay: I tried to warn you. They're already in the harbor!

Stern: The Submarine! They're trying to take it! Shay! Please come with me!

{They enter the dock building.}

Stern: Those thugs... They're the same lot who tried to rob the Devon Goods at the museum.

Shay: they must have been trying to built their own submarine, but now they've decided to take yours! Archie! That's enough!

Archie: Oh? Not you again...

Shay: You're not going to the Seafloor Cavern!

Archie: You are tenacious to track us here, that much I will give you. But now... No one can stop us! No one! Or, will you follow us back to our hideout in Lilycove City? Fwahahahaha...

{Archie and the admin dive back into the water and take off in the submarine.}

Stern: Why... Why would Team Aqua steal my Submarine Explorer 1? They can't be after the slumbering Pokemon at the bottom of the sea...

Shay: So you did know about it. That's exactly what they're after!

Stern: But even if I were to chase them, I don't stand a chance against them...

Shay: (First Groudon, now Aqua has unopposed access to the Sea Pokemon... What am I gonna do?)