Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 11: Overheat

Party Status:

  • Leiden: Lv 32 Sableye
  • Exde: Lv 32 Nuzleaf
  • Luna: Lv 32 Mightyena

{Jagged Pass: a rough downhill trail down Mt. Chimney to Lavaridge.}

Hiker Eric: Mt. Chimney's Jagged Pass... Now this is what I've always wanted in a mountain. This jagged business... It rocks my soul!

{Eric uses Geodude and Baltoy. Leiden takes them down with Faint attacks.}

Eric: Losing left me bitter! ...Yes, I did lose at Pokemon... But, when it comes to the love of the mountains, I have you beat!

Shay: It really is jagged. I can't climb back up this... If I had an Acro Bike, maybe...

{As Shay goes down the air clears a bit. However, she also sees an all too familiar figure, staring at the rock walls...}

Magma Grunt: Wah! What are you doing here?

Shay: That's my line. Why are you hanging around Jagged Pass?

Magma Grunt: What business is it of yours?

Shay: I know you have other plans involving this mountain. Just make this easy for once and tell me.

{The Magma Grunt engages Shay in battle, using Poochyena and Numel. He's slightly stronger than the grunts she faces on the peak, but not enough to matter. Leiden tries to learn Knock off, but shay doesn't let him.}

Magma Grunt: Urrrgh... I should've ducked into our Hideout right away...

Shay: (Hideout? But I don't see any entrance...)

Magma Grunt: Okay, oh-kay! I admit it—you're strong! Don't worry about me. Go wherever you want!

Shay: (They wouldn't risk blowing up a base unless they were sure they wouldn't need it anymore... what's really going on inside?) Fine. (In any case, I won't get anywhere with this guy. I should focus on other things for now...)

Picnicker Diana: This place isn't your casual hike. It's not suited for a picnic.

{Diana uses a Shroomish, Oddish, and Swablu. Luna overpowers them.}

Diana: Ohhh, no! The ground is too bumpy... Will you ever be back in this area? If you do return, I'd like a rematch. {Registered}

Picnicker Autumn: I climb this hill every day. I have confidence in my strength!

Triathlete Julio: Aiyeeh! It's awfully scary to shoot down the mountain in one go!

{Double Challenge! Autumn uses Shroomish while Julio uses Magnemite. Luna and Exde take them down.}

Autumn: Hmm... What went wrong?

Julio: I feel like I'm falling apart...

Autumn: What is that odd rock protrusion a little up the hill from here?

Shay: Rock protrusion? Oh, that one... (The one the Magma grunt was next to...)

Camper Ethan: Jagged Pass is hard to walk on. It's a good spot for training.

{Ethan uses Zigzagoon and Taillow. Exde takes them on.}

Ethan: It was all over while we were still trying to find a good footing... When I get used to this bumpiness, I'll be sure to win! Can you register me in your Pokenav? {Registered}

{That's the end of Jagged Path. Back on route 112, it's just a few short jumps back down to sea level.}

Hiker: Eh, I'd like to get to Mauville, but if I went down these ledges, it'd be no easy matter to get back to Lavaridge.

{Shay enters Lavaridge... It's a small town well known for it's hot springs and herbal remedies. But the only thing that interests Shay is the Gym. After she stocks up on Revives at the store, she heads into the Gym...}

Gym Guy: Hey, how's it going, Champion-bound Shay?

Shay: It's been intense, but a Gym battle should help me relax.

Gym Guy: Relax? Um, okay. Lavaridge's Gym Leader Flannery uses Fire-type Pokemon. Her passion for Pokemon burns stronger and hotter than a volcano. Don't get too close to her—you'll burn! Hose her down with water and then go for it!

Shay: But I haven't trained any Water Types. I could use the Rock Tomb and Dig machines I've saved, but...

{Shay finds that this Gym has a trick to it as well. She has to drop down holes and be propelled back up with geysers to get anywhere. But some holes are actually for the use of trainers waiting to ambush her.}

Kindler Jeff: See how the flames blaze wildly? They flare in anticipation of my win!

{Jeff uses two Slugma. Shay's party is ten levels higher than the opponents.}

Jeff: Something didn't go right. Well so what? I say so what? I can walk on hot coals barefoot!

Shay: ...

Jeff: ...Don't even think about trying it!

Hiker Eli: As much as I love mountains, I especially love volcanoes.

{Eli uses a Numel. Luna wins easily.}

Eli: Well, it seems to me I lost without ever being in control. I stay here because I became a fan of Flannery's power. Hehehehe.

Shay: Um, alright then.

Kindler Jace: Come on, get with it! Let's go beffore my feelings cool!

{Jace uses a Slugma. Luna is on a roll.}

Jace: It's so hot, and yet my heart is clutched by ice... The way the battling spirit burns within you, you may stand a chance against our Leader.

Kindler Cole: Owowowowow! Yikes, it's hot!

Cooltrainer Gerald: Can your Pokemon withstand 392-degree heat?

{Double Challenge! Cole uses Numel, Gerald uses a Kecleon with a Flamethrower attack. Luna takes on Kecleon, while Leiden beats Numel.}

Cole: I'm blinded by sweat in my eyes...

Gerald: It didn't burn hotly enough... The temperature of magma is 392 degrees. Your Pokemon beat me, so they should easily survive in magma.

Shay: I think that's stretching things a bit.

Kindler Axle: I'm trying to relieve my stress. Don't come along and stress me out!

{Axle uses a Numel.}

Axle: I hope Flannery flames you good! Haaah... Whew... If you spend too much time buried in hot sand, it tuckers you out...

Kindler Keegan: You must be getting tired by now. You'd like to rest in the hot sand, wouldn't you? But you should know that maintaining your willpower is an important ability for all Trainers.

{Keegan uses a Slugma.}

Keegan: Play with fire, and be burned... Your skill is real... But our Leader Flannery is strong. If you don't weatch yourself, you'll be burned seriously.

Battle Girl Danielle: Um... Okay, I'll battle with you.

{Danielle uses a Meditite with Fire Punch. Luna wins, but she's starting to get tired...}

Danielle: Oh, but you're too strong. I'm going to be a pretty and strong Trainer just like Flannery.

{Shay has now found the route to Flannery, but she leaves the gym to heal before the fight.}

Shay: Flannery is from a family of strong trainers, and is a well-respected Gym Leader herself. Sound familiar? I wonder what she's like outside of battle...

{She reenters the Gym and faces off with Flannery.}

Flannery: Welcome... No, wait.

Flannery: Puny Trainer, how good to see you've made it here! I have been entrusted with the... No, wait.

Flannery: I am Flannery, and I'm the Gym Leader here!

Flannery: Uh... Dare not underestimate me, though I have been leader only a short time! With skills inherited from my grandfather, I shall, uh... demonstrate the hot moves we have honed on this land!

Shay: I'm Shay, Dark Specialist. I know better than to underestimate you, but I won't back down!

{Gym Battle: versus Leader Flannery}

Alternate music: Guardians of the treasures

Shay: You're up, Leiden! {lv 33}

Flannery: Numel, take the field! {lv 24}

Shay: Fake out!

{Turn 1: Numel flinches from Fake out}

Shay: Now, Faint Attack!

{Turn 2: Numel is defeated without ever getting a move off.}

Flannery: Ah! Um, Slugma, show her our power! {Lv 24}

Shay: Shift in, Luna! Our best option is Secret Power! {Lv 34}

Flannery: Go beyond! Overheat!

{Turn 3: Slugma is hit, and paralyzed, but she holds on to fire an Overheat. It's a heavy hit, but Luna is still ready for action.}

Shay: (Such power... but it can't keep that up.) Finish this!

Flannery: No, it's not over!

{Turn 4: Flannery uses a hyper potion. Slugma is reduced to critical health again by another attack, though.}

{Turn 5: Luna finishes Slugma off with Secret Power.}

Flannery: So be it. Rise, Camerupt! {Lv 26}

Shay: Shift in, Leiden! Fake out!

{Turn 6: Camerupt flinches, but not much damage is dealt.}

Shay: Tough gal, I see. Leiden, Faint Attack!

{Turn 7: Leiden's Faint attack brings Camerupt down to weakened levels, but He comes off worse from her Overheat attack.}

Shay: (Such power, but every time it's used, their special attack power greatly weakens.) Come on, Leiden. We can't fall now.

{Turn 8: Shay heals Leiden. Camerupt uses Overheat again, but it's far less impressive.}

Shay: Now, go on the offensive! Faint attack!

{Turn 9: Leiden lands a critical hit, fainting Camerupt.}

Flannery: I... haven't yet begun! Go, Torkoal! {Lv 29}

Shay: Luna!

{Torkoal's White Smoke protects her from Intimidate.}

Shay: We're going in the defensive.

{Turn 10: Shay heals Luna. Torkoal uses Overheat.}

Shay: {If I hadn't healed, Luna couldn't have stood up to that. Even if I heal this turn too, she might not... No!}

{Turn 11: Shay heals Luna. Torkoal uses Overheat. Luna's condition is critical.}

Shay: That... That won't work on us!

{Turn 12: Shay heals Luna. Torkoal uses Body Slam.}

Shay: (Switching to physical moves. She's running low on steam.) Luna, try for Secret Power.

{Turn 13: Luna uses Secret power, but it doesn't do much against Torkoal's high defenses. Torkoal uses Overheat again, but this leaves her Special Attack at minimum levels.}

Shay: That's it.

{Turn 14: Shay heals Luna. Torcoal lands a critical hit with Body Slam. Luna is weakening...}

Shay: Try Secret Power again.

{Turn 15: Luna uses Secret Power. Torkoal uses Sunny Day.}

Shay: This heat... we may be in trouble.

{Turn 16: Shay heals Luna. Torkoal uses Body Slam.}

Shay: Secret Power again. We've weathered the worst she can throw at us. (I hope.)

{Turn 17: Luna uses secret power, leaving Torkoal weakened and paralyzed.}

Shay: Just as I was hoping for. Now, Bite! Keep her from landing a hit!

{Turn 18: Luna uses Bite, leaving Torkoal in critical condition. Torkoal pulls off another Body Slam.}

Shay: We can finish this now! One more time!

Flannery: Not yet!

{Turn 19: Flannery uses a Hyper Potion. Bite is slightly better than Secret Power in this case. The sunlight fades.}

Shay: Just keep it up!

{Turn 20: Torkoal flinches from Bite, and is left in a weakened state.}

{Turn 21: Torkoal is fully paralyzed, and can't launch an attack.}

Shay: I'm guessing you forgot to stock more than two Hyper potions. Luna, final strike!

{Turn 22: Torkoal is defeated.}

Flannery: Oh... I guess I was trying too hard... I... I've only recently become a Gym Leader. I tried too hard to be someone I'm not. I have to do things my natural way. If I don't, my Pokemon will be confused.

Shay: Flannery...

Flannery: Thanks for teaching me that. For that, you deserve this.

{Battle End}

Flannery: If you have a Heat Badge, all Pokemon up to level 50, even those you get in trades from other people, will obey you completely. And, it let's Pokemon use the HM move Strength outside of battle. This is a token of my appreciation. Don't be shy about taking it!

Shay: The TM for Overheat.

Flannery: That move inflicts serious damage on the opponent. But it also sharply cuts the SP. ATK of the pokemon using it. It might not be suitable for longer battles.

Shay: (If I hadn't stocked up on healing items, I would've lost...)

{Registered Gym Leader Flannery in the Pokenav}

Flannery: Your power reminds me of someone... Oh! I know! You battle like Norman, the Gym Leader of Petalburg.

Shay: ...He's my father. He chose Normal Types, I chose Dark types... Do our styles really match up?

Flannery: Yeah! Overwhelming strength! Moves that are strong with no drawbacks! Persevering through hard situations then turning the tables!

Shay: ... I guess we are alike after all. But it's tough... you know?

Flannery: ...Yeah. I do.

Gym Guy: Yow! That was a scorching hot battle!

{Shay exits the Gym. Brendan emerges from a nearby building then walks over to her.}

Brendan: Shay, hey, it's been a while. How's it going?

Shay: I've beaten half the gyms, and am about to fight in Petalburg. Ah, and more importantly, I saved the region from being blown away by Team Magma.

Brendan: Hmm... That last part's a bit hard to believe, but that's a decent collection of badges. All right, then. You may as well have this.

Shay: A pair of goggles?

Brendan: Go-Goggles. Keep those with you if you're planning to go into that desert near Route 111. There should be some Pokemon that are exclusively desert-dwellers, including some cactus-scarecrows. You might look around for those.

Shay: What are you going to do?

Brendan: As for me... I'm considering challenging Norman, the Gym Leader of Petalburg. Unlike you, Shay, your dad looks like he really is tough.

Shay: And since you know how tough I am really, you can't help but imagine how strong he'd have to be? Or would you rather fight me now and learn-

Brendan: Ahahah! See you around! {Brendan whips out his bicycle and rides away.}

Shay: Ooh, that child.

{Shay heals up at the Pokemon center, then goes back down Route 112 and 111, picking up a Nugget along the ledges. She decides to check out the desert.}

{In the desert, Shay finds a lot of Sandshrew, plus Trapinch and Baltoy. Finally, she encounters a Cacnea, and catches him in a Great Ball.}

Pokedex: Cacnea: Cactus Pokemon: Cacnea live in deserts with virtually no rainfall. It battles by swinging it's thick, spiked arms. Once a year, a yellow flower blooms.

Shay: It's been too long since I last found a new team member. Welcome aboard, Mojo.

{Shay teaches Mojo Secret Power, overwriting Growth.}

Shay: It's time. Match Call: Reliable One Dad... I'm ready.

Dad: I see... You've collected four Gym Badges... There's no avoiding it now. We will battle like I promised. Come anytime. We'll all be waiting for you!