Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 18: Storming Castle

Shay: Groudon has been awakened. But it disappeared instead of agreeing to help Maxie in his schemes. Archie knows about the Sea Pokemon's location, but he needs to resupply at headquarters. If he gets away, I don't have the power to go after him. The last thing we need is Both mythic pokemon active... I have to stop him now!

{Party setup:}

  • Exde: Lv 35 Nuzleaf
  • Leiden, Lv 36 Sableye
  • Mojo, Lv 37 Cacturne
  • Luna, Lv 37 Mightyena
  • Eclipse, Lv 37 Absol
  • Dart, Lv 37 Sharpedo

  • Fargus, Lv 37 Crawdaunt

{Shay waltzes into the Team aqua base. The guards from before have been withdrawn.}

Aqua Grunt: Ayiyiyi! Suspicious character spotted!

{But there are others. This grunt uses a Poochyena.}

Aqua Grunt: Grrrrr... I lost it! I took the loss for the Team, but I did my job...

{Shay comes across a set of teleporters.}

Shay: Those grunts must be smarter than I thought to remember the way through here. I'll have to brute force it!

{In another section:}

Aqua Grunt F: Yawn... Keeping watch ofer the Hideout bores me. I'll take you on.

{This grunt uses a Carvanha.}

Aqua Grunt F: Yawn... Oh, I lost... If you scurry too much, other Team Aqua members might get you.

Aqua Grunt: If you want to know the secret about our hideout, you have me to beat!

Aqua Grunt F: Hey! You there! Which do you think is cooler? Team Aqua's uniform or Team Magma's?

{Double Challenge! The male uses Zubat and Carvanha. The female uses Poochyena and Zubat}

Aqua Grunt: I can't win at all...

Aqua Grunt F: I lost in a cool way...

Shay: So what's the secret?

Aqua Grunt: Our Hideout's secret? Well, let's just say... There's a submarine at the far end! But, by now... Kekekeke...

Shay: (He intentionally gave me useless information...)

Aqua Grunt F: If you have a cool uniform, you look good even in a loss, don't you think?

Shay: (Come to think of it, green really isn't my color... No time for that now!)

{Shay finds herself in an office.}

Shay: Must be Archie's. What's with those balls in the corner?

{The first one is an Electrode. Clearly, it is a mine to dissuade others from checking the others and getting something valuable. Two are fake. The other two:}

Shay: The Master Ball? ...Or Devon's version of it, maybe. Why wouldn't he be taking this with him? ...And this one is a nugget of pure gold.

{But there is nothing else of interest in this room. Shay finds another route...}

Aqua Grunt: Wahahah, I grew weary of waiting! Y Ou owe me a battle, too!

Shay: Fine. No arguments.

{This grunt uses a Carvanha.}

Aqua Grunt: Tired of waiting... Lost and dazed... Boss, Is this good enough?

Aqua Grunt: Fuel supply loaded A-OK! In-cruise snacks loaded A-OK! Nothing left to do but KO a pesky meddler!

{This grunt uses a Zubat.}

Aqua Grunt: I took a serious licking! Humph! This was supposed to happen! My mission was just to hold you up!

Shay: It's working... Time's running out...

Aqua Grunt F: Warp Panels, the Hideout's pride and joy! You're clueless about where you are, aren't you? Fluster and tire out the enemy, then lower the boom! That's our plan!

Aqua Grunt: When I joined Team Aqua, the first thing I had to learn was how these warp panels connected.

{Double Challenge! The female uses Zubat, while the male uses Carvanha.}

Aqua Grunt F: What's wrong with you? You're not tired at all!

Aqua Grunt: I was too occupied thinking about the warp panels... I'll have to learn about how to battle more effectively...

Aqua Grunt F: That reminds me... I can't remember where I put the Master Ball. If I fail to guard it, our Boss will chew me out...

Shay: You failed. {Continues}

{The next area is built as a dock. One last guard turns around as she approaches...}

Aqua Admin Matt: Hehehe... Got here already, did you? We underestimated you!

Shay: I knew the stakes.

Aqua Admin Matt: But this is it! I'm a cut above the Grunts you've seen so far. I'm not stalling for time. I'm going to pulverize you!

Shay: Idiot. Each battle makes my Pokemon stronger!

{Battle: versus Admin Matt}

Shay: No more games.

[[ Music: versus Pinchers boss]]

{Matt sends out Mightyena. (Lv 34)}

Shay: Exde, shift out. I'll let Mojo handle this.

{Turn 1: Mightyena takes advantage of the switch with Scary face.}

Shay: Secret Power!

{Turn 2: Mightyena uses Swagger. Mojo hurts himself.}

Shay: Tch.

{Turn 3: Shay uses the Yellow Flute. Mightyena uses Odor Sleuth.}

Shay: Waste of time. Secret Power again!

{Turn 4: Mightyena uses Swagger again. Mojo K Os himself.}

Shay: You'll pay for that. Exde, your move again. Fake out!

{Turn 5: Mightyena flinches.}

Shay: I know how durable Mightyena can be, but he can't stand up to much of this! Secret Power!

{Turn 6: Exde uses Secret Power. Mightyena is weakened, but uses Scary Face}

{Turn 7: Mightyena uses Swagger. Exde hurts herself.}

Shay: I see your strategy now...

{Turn 8: Shay uses the Yellow flute. Mightyena uses odor sleuth.}

{Turn 9: Shay heals Exde. Mightyena uses swagger, but it misses.}

Shay: Now, attack!

{Turn 10: Mightyena uses Swagger. Exde hurts herself, but is still up.}

Shay: This can't last forever.

{Turn 11: Shay uses the Yellow Flute. Mightyena uses Roar, forcing Exde back out of combat. Luna takes her place, intimidating Mightyena.}

Shay: Now's our chance! Secret Power!

{Turn 11: Mightyena is paralyzed by Secret Power, but manages a Swagger.}

{Turn 12: Shay uses the yellow flute. Matt uses a Super Potion.}

Shay: You're all washed up! Attack him again!

{Turn 13: Mightyena barely holds on, using Scary face.}

Shay: Not enough to help you now. Finish him!

{Turn 14: Mightyena is defeated. Matt prepares to send out Golbat.}

Shay: You're turn, Leiden. Fake out.

{Turn 15: Golbat has the inner focus to not flinch, and fires back a Confuse Ray.}

{Turn 16: Shay blows the Yellow Flute. Golbat uses Wing attack.}

Shay: Faint Attack.

{Turn 17: Golbat strikes first with wing attack.}

{Turn 18: Shay heals Leiden. Golbat uses Wing attack.}

{Turn 19: Golbat uses Confuse Ray. Leiden hurts himself.}

{Turn 20: Shay blows the yellow flute. Golbat uses Wing attack.}

{Turn 21: Golbat uses Wing attack, Leiden counters with Faint Attack, both are in critical condition.}

{Turn 22: Shay heals Leiden, Golbat uses Bite.}

Shay: Now... end it!

{Turn 23: Golbat uses confuse ray, Leiden hurts himself.}

{Turn 24: Shay uses the Yellow Flute. Golbat uses Wing Attack. Leiden is weakened...}

Shay: Let's try that again. End it!

{Turn 25: Golbat uses wing attack, Leiden holds on to Faint Attack Golbat one last time.}

Admin Matt: Hehehe... So I lost, too...

Shay: That should not have been so difficult.

{Battle End}

{Matt looks back at the shadow of the Submarine, then back at Shay.}

Admin Matt: Hehehe! While ! was toying with you, our Boss got through with his preparations!

{The Submarine leaves.}

Shay: No!

Admin Matt: Hehehe! Our Boss has already gone on his way to some cave under the sea! If you're going to give chase, you'd better search the big, wide sea beyond Lilycove. But will you find it then? Hehehe!

{Shay is speechless.}

Shay: (Again... it's happening again...)

{Shay walks out of the Aqua Hideout.}

Shay: I have no options. I have to go out to sea and hope I can find another way underwater...

{And so, Shay began her search. Battling Tentacool and passing Swimmers, she continued. Against a world that had finally learned to match her again.}

Bro Roy: Will you battle with us again? But take it easy next time, okay? {Registered Sis and Bro Lila and Roy}

{However, the lightheartedness of the other trainers began to remind her of something.}

Swimmer Jenny: It's only on a whim, but maybe I'll get you to register me in your Pokenav. {Registered}

{She had enjoyed meeting her pokemon, watching them grow.}

Shay: All right Leiden. Confuse Ray can replace Secret Power for now. I can reteach you that later if we need it.

{Facing danger and overcoming it.}

Shay: Nice one, Mojo.

{And being a hero, an inspiration.}

Shay: So far, so good. Now show him what you got, Luna!

{She didn't regret her choice to face Teams Magma and Aqua.}

Triathlete Pablo: Yep, you're not bad at all! I'd like to get to know you more! {Registered}

{She loved her new home of Hoenn.}

Shay: Time to try out that Needle Arm of yours, Mojo.

{She regretted nothing.}

Shay: Maybe... it'll all be alright anyway...

{She drifted aimlessly, one place being as good as another.}

Triathlete Talia: There is an odd place nearby. There's a huge tower there. Why don't you go take a look?

{She is surprised to be able to find that tower.}

Shay: The door is closed... Ungh. And heavy. ...Hold on a minute, this is where that green dragon I heard about was heading! The Pokenav calls it the Sky Pillar... but how would it know? So many mysteries...

{Setting this matter aside for now, Shay finds a town built on floating planks.}

Shay: According to the Pokenav, this place is called Pacifidlog Town.

{She explores the town, finding a distinguished gentleman.}

Gentleman: Er-hem! I am the Pokemon Fan Club's most important person, the Chairman's younger brother. I'm here enjoying my vacation with my Pokemon, yes, indeed.

Shay: (Two Azuril, one likes him, one hates him. What has he been doing to that one?)

Gentleman: Ah! Your Pokemon... It clearly likes you very much. A Pokemon that adoring and adorable deserves a TM like this, no?

Shay: Return?

Gentleman: If a Pokemon likes you a lot, Return's power is enhanced. If it doesn't like you, Frustration's power goes up.

{She meets other people in town.}

Girl: A sky pokemon! A sky Pokemon!

Woman: People were saying they saw a Pokemon flying high above Hoenn. Is it flying around all the time? Doesn't it need to rest somewhere?

Shay: Excuse me sir, do you know about the Sky Pillar?

Fisherman: The Sky Pillar? ...Oh, you must mean that tall, tall tower a little further out. If you asked me, I wouldn't climb it. It's too scary to get up that high. Life at sea level in Pacifidlog, that suits me fine.

Man: In the Hoenn region, there are three Pokemon that represent the power of rock, ice, and steel. Each of them is said to hide away deep inside caves. That's the story I heard when I was just a little kid.

Shay: Another trio? How many legendary pokemon are there?

Woman: "Six dots open three doors." Grandpa used to say that, but I don't know what he meant.

Shay: (I know I passed by the undersea cavern on my way here. But...I couldn't find a surface entrance. There are two other sea towns I passed by on my way here though. Maybe one of them will have something...)