Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 15:

Party status:

  • Mojo: Lv 32 Cacturne
  • Dart: Lv 32 Sharpedo
  • Fargus: Lv 32 Crawdaunt
  • Exde: Lv 33 Nuzleaf
  • Leiden: Lv 34 Sableye
  • Luna, Lv 34 Mightyena

{Still at the Weather Institute:}

Scientist: I've been researching rain for many years, but it's ridiculous to think that humans can freely change the weather.

Shay: ...Which is why Team Aqua tried to use Pokemon to do it. (Sometimes I wonder how far their powers go.) Would it have worked?

Scientist: Unlikely. Rain Dance only lasts for a minute. There aren't enough Castform in the world to cause major climate changes.

Shay: I see.

Boy: Wow, you're really strong! I wish I could be a Pokemon Trainer like you!

Shay: Good luck with that. (Come to think of it, Castform's adaptability would make it a good Pokemon to start with.)

{Outside, the rain has stopped for a while.}

Shay: I wondered if it ever let up around here. Hard to believe it does. Well, I doubt I'd be able to catch Team Aqua easily, but I should give it a shot... I'd better remember that there are still trainers to fight here...

{Brendan bikes up behind her.}

Brendan: Shay! So this is where you've been looking for pokemon?

Shay: Actually, I stopped paying attention to the Pokedex a long time ago. What's up with you?

Brendan: Let me see how good you got. I'll test you! Now! It's a battle, so battle!

{Rival Battle: Versus Brendan 4}

{Brendan sent out Pelipper (Lv29)}

Shay: This could be trouble, Mojo. Try a Leech Seed!

{Turn 1: Pelipper used Protect, blocking Mojo's attack}

Shay: Try it again!

{Turn 2: Pelipper uses Protect, but it fails. Leech seed connects.}

Shay: All right then, shift in, Fargus!

{Turn 3: Pelipper uses Wing attack. It doesn't do much...}

Shay: Secret Power.

{Turn 4: A critical hit paralyzes Pelipper. He stays in just long enough to Wing Attack again before Leech Seed drains the last of his strength.}

Brendan: All Right then, Go for it, Combusken! {Lv 31}

Shay: Shift in, Dart! Surf! (Oh, I wish it was still raining...)

{Turn 5: Dart's surf attack takes Combusken down in one hit.}

Brendan: Wha- Then go Lombre!

Shay: (I can't hit that with a supereffective shot, but Exde hasn't fought in a while...) Exde, Fake out!

{Turn 6: Lombre flinches from Fake Out.}

Shay: Now, Secret Power!

{Turn 7: Lombre barely withstands Secret Power, but fires back with Nature Power - Swift.}

Shay: Faint Attack.

{Turn 8: Exde finishes off Lombre.}

Brendan: Hmm... You've gotten pretty darn decent.

{Battle End}

Brendan: I'd say you're good enough to search for Pokemon anywhere. Here, I'll give you this. Try it out.

Shay: HM02... Fly?

Brendan: Use Fly, and your pokemon can carry you to any town you've already visited.

Shay: That's... wonderful! Thanks a lot.

Brendan: ...But you need the Fortree Gym Badge to do that.

Shay: That won't be a problem for long.

Brendan: Anyway, I have to move along.

{Brendan bikes off towards Fortree. However, Scott comes by.}

Scott: Hahahah! Way to go, Shay!

Shay: Scott, What are you referring to?

Scott: I just passed by a Trainer riding a bike. You just beat that Trainer, didn't you? It was pretty obvious that you did. The kid looked really upset with a face all red from anger.

Shay: Is that so? Well it's nothing to do with you in any case.

Scott: I sure seem to run into you often. Are you off to Fortree Gym next?

Shay: Maybe. Actually there's another place I have my eye on. Do you know about Mt. Pyre?

Scott: That place? It's a memorial to Pokemon that have passed away. It's somewhere every trainer should climb to the top of once. It's not too far, but the Gym is closer.

Shay: (Why would Team Magma be interested in that?)

Scott: I expect you'll do well at the Gym. Well, I'll be seeing you!

{Scott leaves}

Shay: ...This is getting strange. (I hope Brendan gets over me soon...)

Guitarist Fabian: Hit me with a power chord! Victory is mine! It's our time to shine, whoa, yeah!

Ninja Boy Yasu: To lurk in shadows, and live in darkness... That is my destiny. I emerge to challenge you!

{Double challenge: Fabian uses Manectric, Yasu uses Ninjask. Surf and a Faint attack take down Manectric and weaken Ninjask. It all lasts two turns.}

Fabian: You showed me who's the boss! We'll have to take the loss, oh, no!

Yasu: I admit defeat!

Ninja Boy Hideo: To hide a tree, use a forest!

{Hideo uses two Koffing.}

Hideo: I bow to your superiority. To hide a tree, use a forest! To hide a Pokemon, use a Pokemon!

Shay: To hide a Pokemon... What?

Hideo: There is no deep, hidden meaning to that.

{Shay reaches Fortree City, where the houses are all Tree houses.}

Shay: Whoah. I wasn't expecting to see something like this.

Old Man: The city consists of homes built on trees. Perhaps because of that lifestyle, everyone is healthy and lively. Why, even myself—I feel as if I've grown thirty years younger.

{Shay wins an old woman's guessing game, and is given a TM10 Hidden Power. This is a move with different type and power depending on the pokemon using it. However, it's hard to tell what it ends up being.}

Shay: Ah, here's the Gym... Something invisible is in the way. That's disappointing.

Businessman: No one believes me, but I saw this gigantic Pokemon in the sky. It seemed to squirm as it flew toward Route 131. By the way... Sniff... Um... You, uh, smell singed. Were you at a volcano or something?

Shay: Yes, as a matter of fact. I'd have thought it would have worn off by now though... (Route 131... according to my map, that's in the ocean far to the south...)

{Shay decides to move on to Route 120.}

Shay: According to the Pokedex, Absol live around this area. I was lucky to see a trained one earlier, but now I can catch one of my own.

Parasol Lady Clarissa: Why am I carrying this parasol? I'll tell you if tou can win against me.

{Clarissa uses Roselia and Wailmer}

Clarissa: A parasol can't ward off Pokemon attacks... I don't think strong sunlight is good for my Pokemon. So I shield them with my parasol.

{Shay sees an item down a set of rock stairs, but another invisable obstacle is in the way.}

Shay: This is getting annoying...

{Shay encounters a wild Absol, and catches him in an Ultra Ball}

Pokedex: Absol: Disaster Pokemon. It sharply senses even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict natural disasters. It is a long-lived Pokemon that has a life-span of 100 years.

Shay: Predicts disasters? Were you trying to tell me something just now? ...Well, Eclipse, I think I have an idea about what. I'll give you a chance to do more than just predict it. Would you like that?

{Shay returns to the Fortree Pokemon Center and rearranges her team. Eclipse replaces Exde in the party, and she teaches him Secret Power over Razor Wind. She then goes back to Route 120}

Gabby: Oh, you're Shay! Hi! Do you remember us from last time?

Shay: Yes. It wasn't long ago.

Gabby: Can you show us how much stronger you've become? Okay, cue interview!

{Gabby and Ty are stronger than last time, having evolved Magnemite into Magneton. Fargus faints in the fight.}

Gabby: That was an intense battle! Did you get all that on camera?

Gabby: "Overgrow!" Remember? That;s the quote you gave us as the battle clincher last time?

Shay: I remember. This time it's "Pressure."

Gabby: Yeah, that's a good one. Keep an eye out for this on TV.

{One trip to the Pokemon center later:}

Bird Keeper Robert: My Pokemon is strong! How about yours?

{Robert uses a Swablu. Eclipse is at a level disadvantage, but his continuous attacks claim victory perfectly.}

Robert: Your Pokemon were stronger... You can be counted on to get better. I'd like to register you in my Pokenav! {Registered}

{Shay starts crossing a bridge, and sees Steven waiting in the biddle of it.}

Steven: Hm? Shay, hi. It's been a while.

Shay: Not that long. What's going on?

Steven: There's something over here that you can't see, right? Now, if I were to use this device on the invisible obstacle... No, no. Rather than describing it, I should just show you. That would be more fun. Shay, are your Pokemon ready for battle?

Shay: Yes.

Steven: Shay, show me your true power as a Trainer!

{Steven used the Devon Scope. It emitted a sound that stripped away Kecleon's invisibility. The startled Kecleon attacked!}

{Event Battle: Versus Kecleon} (Lv 30)

Shay: Alright, Eclipse. She's got nothing on you. Secret Power!

{Turn 1: Eclipse gets a critical hit with Secret Power. The weakened Kecleon fires back with Psybeam, but Eclipse is immune to psychic attacks.}

Shay: Good shot. Once again.

{Turn 2: Another Critical hit - Kecleon faints.}

Shay: Excellent. You've proven yourself admirably.

{Battle end}

Steven: I see... Your Battle Style is intriguing.

Shay: You haven't seen anything yet.

Steven: Your Pokemon have obviously grown since I first met you in Dewford. I'd like you to have this Devon Scope. Who knows, there may be other concealed Pokemon.

Shay: Thanks. I think I'll be needing it.

Steven: Shay. I enjoy seeing Pokemon and Trainers who strive together. I think you're doing great. Well, let's meet again somewhere.

{Steven calls out a Skarmory, who picks him up and Flys away.}

Shay: ...Thanks.

{Shay investigates the upper part of the route more, fighting a Kecleon and finding a Sunny Day TM inside a Scorched cave.}

Shay: What the heck happened here?

{She goes and gets Treecko's help to hut down some trees, finding a hidden Rare Candy. Then, she reshuffles her party and goes back to Route 119 to fight any Trainers she skipped over.}

Bird Keeper Hugh: The vast sky holds untold promise! Nothing can compare to the sheer exhilaration of flight!

{Hugh uses Wingull and Tropius. Eclipse wins, although he takes heavy damage himself.}

Hugh: Down and out! ...My Bird Pokemon made my dreams of flying come true!

Ninja Boy Takashi: If you're not on your guard, you're in for some pain!

Kindler Dayton: Hohoho! I like kid trainers! Let's have a good one!

{Double Challenge! Takeshi uses Ninjask and Koffing. Dayton uses Slugma and Numel.}

Takeshi: You're surprisingly good!

Dayton: You're pretty amazing! Hohoho!

Parasol Lady Rachel: Wherever and whenever I may be, I always have my parasol in hand.

Bird Keeper Phil: I'll show you the true potential of me and my Bird Pokemon!

{Double Challenge! Rachel uses Goldeen, Phil uses Swellow.}

Rachel: Oh, but... That's not fair.

Phil: We lacked potential...

Pokemon Ranger Jackson: Who has the knowledge and the technique for survival? Pokemon Rangers, that's who!

{Jackson uses a Breloom. Eclipse is in danger in this matchup, so Shay lets Mojo have the last word.}

Jackson: I didn't have enough Pokemon know-how... I hope you'll give me a rematch without mocking my lack of knowledge. {Registered}

Pokemon Ranger Catherine: Oh? Look at you. For someone on an adventure, you're traveling awfully light.

{Catherine uses Gloom and Roselia. Eclipse wins, though he is in poor shape by the end of it.}

Catherine: Accidents happen when you're not prepared! Do you have a Pokenav? It's a must-have tool for any trainer. Oh, you do have one! Let's register each other then. {Registered}

Shay: Alright then. I think I'm ready for the next Gym.

{Back in Fortree:}

Shay: Alright, Kecleon. This time I won't let you stand in my way! {Shay uses the Devon scope}

{The startled Pokemon fled}

Shay: ...Well, that works too. "Fortree City Pokemon Gym, Leader Winona "The bird user taking flight into the world."" Guess Exde will have to keep staying behind.

Gym Guy: Yo, how's it going, Champion-bound Shay? Fortree Gym Leader Winona is a master of Flying Type Pokemon. She's waiting at the back of this gym, behind the rotating doors. She's waiting for new challengers who are trying to take wing! Okay, go for it!

Bird Keeper Humberto: When Winona takes to battle, her face shines with beautiful determination... I'm not letting you witness that lovely sight!

Shay: Sigh... how tiring.

{Humberto uses a Skarmory. Shay switches Dart in to deal with it. Upon winning, Dart tries to learn Slash, but Shay decides against it.}

Humberto: Urk! I couldn't stop you. You'd better watch it! Don't get distracted staring at Winona or you'll go crashing down in a heap!

Shay: ...

Bird Keeper Jared: Behold the elegant battle style of Bird Pokemon!

Picnicker Ashley: Winona taught me personally! You can't beat me easily!

{Double challenge! Jared uses Doduo, Skarmory, and Tropius. Ashley uses three Swablu. Eclipse tries to learn Double Team, but Shay decides against it.}

Jared: You... You're strong...

Ashley: I was beaten...

Jared: A Trainer has to be smart to keep up with unexpected turns of events. Do you have the smarts to get to our leader?

Ashley: Thanks to Winona, the people of Fortree can live without fear.

Camper Flint: There's no need for Winona, our Gym Leader, to deal with you! I'm plenty good enough for you!

Bird Keeper Edwardo: The lovers of Bird Pokemon aspire to join this gym. As a member of the Fortree Gym, I'm not allowed to lose!

Shay: Oh? I'd been led to believe that the purpose of guards to be swept aside...

{Double Challenge! Flint uses Swellow and Xatu. Edwardo uses Doduo and Pelipper.}

Flint: Winona, I... I lost!

Edwardo: It was too much of a load for me to bear...

Flint: Winona is cute and she's strong. She's the ultimate Leader. (Blush...)

Edwardo: The world is huge, and there are countless tough trainers. I'm going to keep training and make myself even stronger.

Bird keeper Darius: You'd better know that there are all sorts of Flying type Pokemon. You do know that, right?

Shay: Yeah. The combinations are amazing...

{Darius uses a Tropius.}

Darius: You seem to know your stuff! Sure, you beat me all right. But you'd better watch it! Our Leader Winona's Pokemon are all Business.

{Shay finally reaches Winona.}

Winona: I am Winona. I am the Leader of the Fortree Pokemon Gym. I have become one with Bird Pokemon and have soured the skies...

Shay: I'm Shay. Dark Specialist. I haven't fought an even battle in some time.

Winona: However grueling the battle, we have triumphed with grace... Witness the elegant choreography of Bird Pokemon and I!

Shay: We can't underestimate each other. I hope we can both enjoy this...

{Gym Battle: Versus Leader Winona}

Alternate music: Treasure Guardians

{Winona sent out Swablu (Lv30)}

Shay: Eclipse, Swords Dance.

{Turn 1: Eclipse used Swords Dance, greatly increasing his attack power. Swablu tried Mirror Move but it failed.}

Shay: Secret Power.

{Turn 2: Swablu goes down in one hit. Winona prepares to send in Tropius. (Lv29)}

Shay: Stay in there. Keep attacking with Secret Power!

{Turn 3: Eclipse gets a critical hit, defeating Tropius. Winona prepares to send out Pelipper (Lv30).}

Shay: Hmm... Swords Dance again.

{Turn 4: Eclipse used Swords Dance. Pelliper's Supersonic attack failed.}

Shay: One more time.

{Turn 5: Pelipper used Protect. Eclipse used Swords Dance, bringing his power to maximum.}

Shay: Hmhmhm... Now, Strike! Secret Power!

Winona: Protect again! You can't take a hit like that!

{Turn 6: Pelipper used Protect again, negating Eclipse's attack.}

Shay: You can't keep this up, Winona. Secret Power again!

{Turn 7: Eclipse used Secret Power. Pelipper goes from full health to K Od in seconds.}

Winona: I should have done this earlier... Skarmory! {Lv31}

Shay: Nice choice. But can the defense of Steel help you now? Secret Power!

{Turn 8: Skarmory uses Sand Attack. Eclipse still hits and Paralyzes Skarmory. Skarmory can take one more hit...}

Shay: (Sand attack... If she's lucky, this could kick in at a critical point. I just have to hope that doesn't happen.)

{Turn 9: Eclipse hits again. Skarmory is barely holding on and is too paralyzed to attack.}

Shay: Quick attack!

Winona: It's not over...

{Turn 10: Winona uses a Hyper Potion. Eclipse's attack misses.}

Shay: Quick Attack again.

{Turn 11: Eclipse misses. Skarmory uses Steel Wing.}

{Turn 12: Skarmory uses Steel Wing.}

Shay: This is too close...

{Turn 13: Shay heals Eclipse. Skarmory uses Steel Wing.}

{Turn 14: Eclipse hits with Quick Attack. Skarmory uses Steel Wing, and ends up raising her defense.}

Shay: Try a Bite attack.

{Turn 15: Bite doesn't do much. Skarmory uses Sand Attack.}

Shay: Then Secret Power!

{Turn 16: Secret Power hits. Skarmory can't move.}

{Turn 17: Another Secret Power brings Skarmory's health to critical levels.}

Shay: Quick attack!

Winona: Not so quick.

{Turn 18: Winona uses a Hyper Potion. Quick Attack Hits.}

{Turn 19: Eclipse uses Secret Power. Skarmory uses Steel Wing. Eclipse barely holds on.}

{Turn 20: Shay heals Eclipse. Skarmory uses Steel Wing. It's a critical hit that leaves Eclipse Critical.}

{Turn 21: Shay heals Eclipse. Skarmory can't move.}

{Turn 22: Eclipse hits with Secret Power. Skarmory can't move.}

{Turn 23: Eclipse beats Skarmory with Secret Power.}

Shay: Pant... Pant... It's still 6 against one...

Winona: Well this one can win. Altaria! (Lv33)

Shay: Eclipse... Keep up Secret Power... I trust you...

{Turn 24: Altaria uses Dragon Dance, boosting her speed and physical power. Eclipse lands a Critical hit at maximum power to Beat Winona's strongest Pokemon in one hit!}

Shay: It's done. ...I knew you could do it.

Winona: Never before have I seen a Trainer command Pokemon with more grace than I... In recognition of your prowess, I present to you this Gym Badge.

{Battle End}

Winona: With the Feather Badge, all Pokemon up to level 70, even those received through trades, will obey your every command. You will also be able to use the HM move Fly outside of battle. And this... This is a gift from me.

Shay:TM40... Aerial Ace...

Winona: It's speed... No Pokemon should be able to avoid it.

{Registered Gym Leader Winona in the Pokenav}

Winona: Though I fell to you, I will remain devoted to Bird Pokemon.

Gym Guy: You did it! You've achieved liftoff!

Shay: Just one more thing to do...

Pokenav: Scott: Hiya, Shay, it's me!

Shay: Scott? Why are you calling me?

Scott: Just as I thought, you won at the Fortree Gym. Your strength... Perhaps you really are the Trainer that I've been searching for.

Shay: Why do you look for trainers?

Scott: Hahaha... I'll tell you later. Remember, you have a fan in me. I'll be cheering you from the sidelines. Keep up the great work! (Click...)

{Shay goes out and catches a Tropius to teach it Fly. Then, she flies back home to New Bark Town to rest...}