Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 9: Ashes and Sparks

Party status:

  • Luna: Lv 27 Mightyena
  • Leiden: Lv27 Sableye
  • Exde: Lv27 Nuzleaf

{Route 111 North:}

{Shay finds some berries, and a sandy slope she can go up with the Mach Bike.}

Blackbelt Diasuke: To train myself, I challenge all whom I meet!

{Diasuke uses a Machop. Shay switches in Leiden to deal with him}

Diasuke: Uncle! I give up! All I can do is keep training until I can defeat strong trainers such as yourself.

Cooltrainer Brooke: Oh, your Pokemon look like serious actors. I have to ask you for an engagement.

{Brooke uses Wingull, Numel, and Roselia. Exde overpowers them with Secret Power.}

Brooke: They didn't just look strong, they are strong! I wish I could become friends with more strong people like you! {Registered}

{Shay reaches the soot-covered Route 113}

Boy: It's fun walking through the volcano's ashes on the ground and grass. You can see where you walked—it's really neat!

Youngster Jaylen: Can you guess why it's so cool around here?

{Jaylen uses a Trapinch. Exde wins handily.}

Jaylen: Peeuuw! That stinks! The volcanic ash blocks the sun, so it doesn't get very warm. That's good for me—I can't stand heat!

Parasol lady Madeline: I use this parasol to ward off this filthy, yucky volcanic ash from my dear Numel.

Shay: (But... Numel is a volcano itself, sort of. Why bother?)

{Leiden takes on Numel.}

Madeline: huff, huff... I am exhausted... Here, slide under my parasol. Let me register you in my Pokenav. {Registered.}

Twin Tia: Both of us, we collect ashes. We battle Pokemon, too.

{Twins Tori and Tia use two Spinda. Leiden and Luna win easily.}

Tia: We couldn't win... It's boring, so I'm getting some more ashes.

Tori: How much ash do we have? Enough for a White Flute, I hope.

Shay: (What was that about?)

Gentleman: Wahahaha! Today's technology is a wonderous thing! Take this volcanic ash here. It can be fashioned into glass.

Shay: Ah, so that's what they meant. And here's the Glass Workshop.

Man: This area is covered in volcanic ash! (huff, puff) I'm specially gifted. (huff puff) I make glass out of volcanic ash and make items. (huff puff) Go collect ashes with this. (huff puff)

{Obtained the soot sack.}

Man: Once you think you've collected a good amount, come see me. (huff puff)

Boy: It's fun to blow a glass flute while my boss is talking. Huff-huff! Puff-puff!

{Shay goes back outside, and gives the route a more thorough investigation}

Pokemaniac Wyatt: Y-you want to battle with me? Even though I just caught my Pokemon?

Ninja Boy Lung: Thanks for finding me! But we still have to battle!

{Double Challenge! Wyatt uses two Aron. Lung uses Koffing and Ninjask.}

Wyatt: Y-you're all happy to win? Even though it's only me?

Lung: I'll use my ninjutsu on you... "VOLCANIC ASH SWIRL CLOAK"! ...What? It's already over?

Camper Lawrence: Were you maybe in the middle of gathering volcanic ashes?

Shay: Yeah, actually.

{Lawrence uses Baltoy and Sandshrew. Leiden learns Faint Attack over Astonish.}

Lawrence: Ehehe. We got beaten cleanly.

Ninja Boy Lao: From out of the ashes I leap! Hiyah! I challenge thee!

{Lao uses three Koffing.}

Lao: With honor I admit defeat! Yiiyaah! Witness the ancient ninja technique of Pokenav registration! {Registered.}

{Shay finds several items, including TM 32 Double Team}

Youngster Dillon: The volcano's eruption is proof that the earth is alive.

{Dillon uses an Aron.}

Dillon: You're some kind of strong!

{Shay gets a Blue flute from the Glass workshop. It's an item that can wake a pokemon up.}

Picnicker Sophie: The warmph here is making me drowsy. Battle with me so I can stay awake.

Bird keeper Coby: Pfft, with these wings I can flick you away!

{Double challenge! Sophie uses Marill and Lombre. Coby uses Skarmory and Swellow. Luna and Leiden win.}

Sophie: This is a dream. I'm sure of it...

Coby: A... What?

{Shay reaches Fallarbor Town.}

Old Man: Something's happening, and I don't like it! I've seen shady characters wandering in and out of Prof. Cozmo's home...

{Shay visits the Pokemon center and sees someone else using the computer.}

Woman: Oh, hello. You are?

Shay: Shay.

Woman: Okay, you're neame's Shay. I can see that you're a trainer. So that means you use the Pokemon Storage System I developed. How I arrived at that conclusion is a simple deductive process. You spoke to me because you wanted to access something on this PC. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Lanette.

Lanette: Honestly, I'm glad to meet you—it's great you're using the Storage System. If you could, please visit me at home. My house is on Route 114.

{Lanette leaves.}

{Shay continues exploring town.}

Gentleman: Have you already challenged Flannery, the leader of Lavaridge Gym? The girl's grandfather was famous. He was one of the Elite Four in the Pokemon league at one point. It wouldn't surprise me to see Flannery become a great Trainer in her own right.

Shay: (Sounds kinda familiar.)

Mrs. Cosmo: Professor Cosmo went off on Route 114 with some people from Team Magma.

Shay: What? Why would he go with those crooks?

Mrs. Cosmo: (Crooks?) I have no idea...

{There is also a Move Tutor in town who can reteach Pokemon moves they've forgotten.}

Shay: There's no Gym in this stretch, but I have other things to worry about. I need to intercept Team Magma.

{On route 114:}

Shay: Fossil Maniac's house: Fossils gratefully accepted.

Boy: My big brother's the Fossil Maniac... He's a nice guy who loves Fossils... He loves digging Holes, too... He dug this hole by himself... You can have this, so you can Dig holes just like my big brother...

Shay: (TM 28 Dig...)

{Back outside, there is a Gentleman with a Poochyena.}

Gentleman: All my Pokemon does is Roar... No one dares to come near me... Sigh... If you would, please take this TM away...

Shay: (TM 05 Roar.) All right then.

Gentleman: A Roar sends Pokemon Scurrying.

Fisherman Nolan: I like to fish, but I also like to battle! If anyone challenges me, I'm there, even if I'm fishing.

{Nolan uses a Barboach. Exde wins easily.}

Nolan: I like to battle, but that doesn't mean I'm good at it...

Fisherman Kai: I landed a big one! A huge one, I tell you!

Picnicker Charlotte: Me? I'm not just a pretty face!

{Double challenge! Kai uses a Barboach, Charlotte uses a Nuzleaf. Exde and Leiden win easily.}

Kai: What was that about? Did mine lose in size?

Charlotte: That wasn't cute in the least!

{Shay finds an Energypowder.}

Fisherman Claude: If it were Fishing, you wouldn't stand a chance against me. So bring out your Pokemon!

{But since this isn't fishing, Claude's Magikarp,Goldeen, and Barboach aren't anything special against Exde.}

Claude: If we were fishing, I would've won... I think I'll try my luck at landing a big one at Meteor Falls. There has to be something in there. I just know it!

{Shay finds some Persim berries, and Lanette's house. The inside of the house is very cluttered, filled with Moniters, bookshelves, and boxes.}

Lanette: Oh! Shay! I'm sorry everything is so cluttered... When I get engrossed in research, things end up this way... This is emberrassing... Please keep this a secret in exchange for this.

Shay: A Pokemon doll of Lotad? Alright...

Picnicker Nancy: I need to exercise after a meal. Let's have a match!

{Nancy uses a Marill and Lombre. Exde wins easily.}

Nancy: Oh, no!

Sr. Tyra: -Well, sure. I'm in the mood for it. I'll teach you a little about Pokemon.

{Sr and Jr Tyra and Ivy use Roselia and Graveler. Exde and Leiden win easily.}

Tyra: What an amazing battle style! I was teaching my Jr Ivy about Pokemon.

Ivy: I started training Pokemon because Tyra, my student mentor, taught me!

Camper Shane: Camping's fun! You can fish, roast marshmallows, and tell spooky stories! But the best of all are the Pokemon Battles.

{Shane uses a Sandshrew and Nuzleaf.}

Shane: Way too strong!

Pokemaniac Steve: Ufufufufufu... Want to battle against my Pokemon?

{Steve uses an Aron. Leiden wins.}

Steve: M-My Pokemon... Don't forget what you've done to me! I'll make it so that you can't forget! {Registered}

{Shay finds a Protein behind a smashable rock.}

Kindler Bernie: If you're lighting a campfire, be sure you have water handy.

{Bernie uses a Slugma and Wingull. Leiden wins easily.}

Bernie: Thanks for dousing my fire! You set my spirit on fire. Let's register each other! {Registered}

Hiker Lucas: If you're not prepared, you shouldn't be up in the mountains!

Picnicker Angelina: Have you made your Pokemon evolve very much?

{Double Challenge! Lucas uses Geodude and Numel. Angelina uses Lombre and Marill.}

Lucas: The mountains are unforgiving...

Angelina: Oh, I see. That's good to know.

Hiker Lenny: Yodelayhihoo! ... ... You're supposed to shout "yodelayhihoo" since it doesn't echo here!

{Lenny uses Geodude and Machop. Leiden wins easily.}

Lenny: Yodelayhihoo! ...When I was a wee tyke, I believed that there was someone copying me and shouting back, "Yodelayhihoo."

Shay: Well, here we are. Meteor falls, and through it is Rustboro city. But inside...

{Shay rushes in.}

{Inside, Two Magma grunts and Professor Cosmo are investigating some craters.}

Magma: Hehehe! With this Meteorite, that thing in Mt. Chimney will... {He turns around, seeing Shay a few steps above him.} ! Heh? I don't know who you are, but if you get in the way of Team Magma, don't expect any mercy!

Shay: Hm. I won't need any.

{The Magma grunts prepare to rush through Shay up the stairs.}

(Distant): Hold it right there, Team Magma! You're badly mistaken if you think you can have your way with the world!

{Archie and two Aqua grunts come in from the other direction.}

Magma: Hehehe! Even Team Aqua joins us! But it's too much trouble to deal with you all... Heh! It doesn't matter! We've got the Meteorite, so off to Mt. Chimney we go! Hehehe! Be seeing you, you Team Aqua dingbats!

{While Shay is distracted, Team Aqua pushes past her.}

Shay: Wha- No way! Luna, standby for-

{Archie rushes in front of Shay}

Archie: Didn't I see you before? At Slateport's Museum? Ah, right. Your name was Shay.

Shay: We don't have time to catch up, Archie.

Archie: At the time, I thought you were one of Team Magma's goons. Hmph... You're one odd kid.

Shay: Archie, what do you know about Team Magma's plans?

Archie: Team Magma is a dangerous group of total fanatics. They engage in destruction, claiming to expand the land mass. They are the rivalss to us, the sea-loving Team Aqua!

Shay: So, they're just like you, in the other direction. That's simple enough.

Aqua: Boss, we should give chase to Team Magma...

Archie: Yes, yes, we must! We've got to hurry. There's no telling what Team Magma will do at Mt. Chimney!

Archie: Shay, you should keep an eye out for Team Magma, too. Farewell!

{Team Aqua goes past Shay.}

Shay: (So they don't know what Magma wanted with the Meteorite. ...What could be at Mt. Chimney?)

Cosmo: I... I'm Cosmo... I'm a Professor... Team Magma asked me to guide them to Meteor Falls... But they tricked me. They even took my meteorite away... And then another similar bunch, Team Aqua showed up. After that... I don't understand any of it.

Shay: Leave them to me, Professor. You should go back home.

Cosmo: But that Team Magma... What are they going to do with that Meteorite at Mt. Chimney?

Shay: ...I don't know. {One route to Mt. Chimney is as long as the other. I might as well go back through Rustboro and Verdenturf.

{Shay finds a Moon Stone, and through Meteor Falls is Route 115.}

Blackbelt Nob: My strongest skill is busting bricks with my forehead!

{Nob uses a Machop. He's not that tough.}

Nob: Ugwaaaah! My head is busted!

Shay: Don't be so theatrical. We weren't the ones fighting.

Nob: You impress me! Give me a match after I redo my training! {Registered}

{Shay finds some Bluk berries behind a smashable rock.}

Battle Girl Cyndy: This beach is my secret training spot! Don't come butting in!

{Cyndy uses Meditite and Makuhita. Leiden wins easily.}

Cyndy: I haven't trained enough! Okay, you're free to come here. In return, I'd like to battle you again. {Registered}

Collector Hector: I have a rare Pokemon! Would you like me to show you?

Psychic Marlene: You've disturbed my meditation... You'll be punished for it.

{Double challenge! Hector uses Zangoose and Seviper. Marlene uses Meditite and Spoink.}

Hector: You... You want my Pokemon, don't you?

Shay: If I were a Poison specialist, maybe. But in fact no.

Marlene: You've broken my concentration!

{Shay finds a PP up, then goes down the ledges into Rustboro.

Shay: Okay, time to head back to Mt. Chimney. And this time, no one's going to stop me.