Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 14: Missing

Shay: Hey, someone ripped some pages out of my diary!

{Due to technical difficulties, the original version of this chapter has been lost. For now, here's a summary of it's events.

Shay made it through New Mauville's tricks and deactivated the generator (But was left confused about what it had been powering). Wattson rewarded her with a Thunderbolt TM. She then swapped for an Acro Bike and went west, fighting quite a few trainers, including a group calling themselves the Mimic Circle. During the course of this, Dart, Fargus, and Mojo all evolved, making the team truly all Dark Types. Also, Shay discovered that she might be running into another species of Dark Types soon...

Shay encountered Team Aqua at the Weather Institute, and fought them all off, including their Administrator Shelly.

Shay: "You're batting .000 against me. Petalburg Woods, Rusturf tunnel, Slateport Oceanic museum... The only time I've seen you win was Mt. Pyre. And that was because you were on my side. ...Just don't act like this is anything new." ... "Why am I sticking my nose into Team Aqua's affairs? That's a good question. My first encounter with you was an attempted theft right in front of me. Then another attempt, then from me... It's obvious that Team Aqua needs to be stopped, and I can."

They had been trying to steal the Castform the Institute had made, and use them to control the weather (However, they seemed to have another plan in store). Just when it seemed to be over, an Aqua messenger came in exclaiming that Team Magma had passed by on the way to Mt Pyre, and Aqua ran after them...}