Lets Play Pokemon mono-dark


Chapter 19: Reach for the Stars

{Shay explores various places she passed over in Hoenn, finding a Giga Drain TM on route 123, and a Leaf Stone on Route 119}

Shay: Hmm. Just what I was hoping to find. Alright. Just hold still Exde...

{Shay teaches Exde Giga Drain over Faint Attack, hen uses the Leaf Stone - Evolving her into a Shiftry.}

Shay: That means all of you are in your final forms. Hopefully this will be enough.

{Shay explores the ocean, paying more attention to her map, and finds Mossdeep City: a large, island City, with a Gym and a Space Center.}

Blackbelt: I can't do this anymore! It's utterly hopeless! I'm a Fighting type Trainer, so I can't win at the Mossdeep Gym no matter how hard I try!

Shay: (Sounds like I'll have an easy time though.)

Blackbelt 2: Ahh... It feels great letting the waves wash over my feet... Speaking of the waves, you know that island city Sootopolis? I think the Gym there had a new Leader come in. People tell me the new leader once mentored Wallace.

Boy: I got this from Steven, but I don't know what it's good for. I think it's called King's Rock. Do you want it?

Shay: Sure, why not? (Steven? Here?)

Boy: Why would you want it? You're weird. You can keep it, but keep it a secret from Steven.

Shay: (Why you little...)

Woman: This island's Space Center has been launching huge rockets. There's been some kind of uproar over a letter they received recently.

Shay: (I should check that out.)

Sailor: I heard from a Sailor Buddy that Team Aqua set up shop in Lilycove. I also heard that someone came along and wiped the floor with them!

Shay: {Sly smile}

Sailor: But Mossdeep here's been targeted by that Team Magma. If you want to know what they're up to, go visit the Space Center.

Shay: ! I think I will.

Old Man: All life needs the sea t live, even though it makes it's home on the land. Life, having run it's course, becomes soil and returns to the land. And the sea is always connected to the land. Yes, like the very shoreline here.

Shay: I know some people who need to listen to you...

Scott: Shay, feeling good? I'm doing great! I'd heard Mossdeep's Gym Leader is pretty strong, so I decided to come take a look-see for myself. But there's something wrong about this town. People are going on about a warning letter and the Space Center... I don't think it concerns me in any way though.

Shay: And that's what separates us. You don't care about stopping crime, and I do. But if you don't fight, then I'd understand why you want to stay out of it- {Notices that Scott has left} Hey! Don't just ignore me!

Fisherman: Hey there, Trainer! A Super Rod really is super! Say all you want, but this baby can catch Pokemon off the seafloor! What do you think? You want it, don't you?

Shay: Yes.

Fisherman: You bet, you bet! After all, a Super rod is really super! If there's any water, try dropping in your Rod and see what bites!

{Shay enters the Space Center}

Sailor: I was taking a stroll down the beach when I found this. It's not anything I need, so you can have it.

{Shay got the Sun Stone}

Sailor: The Hoenn region has been famous for meteor showers for a long time.

{Shay checks out the letter on a table, labled with the Magma symbol.}

Shay: This is... An intent to steal notice? "To the staff of the Space Center: How are you? We are doing fine. We will soon visit you to take your rocket fuel. Please don't try to stop us. We will take the fuel no matter what. Let there be more land! -Team Magma"

Steven: Shay, I see you've read that proclamation already. Team Magma is coming after the rocket Fuel on this island. I don't know what they'd need it for, but they can't be allowed to take it. I'll keep an eye on things for a while longer. In the meantime, why don't you go check out the town?

Shay: ...Alright. If you think you can hold the fort.

{Shay goes to the Pokemon Center to prepare her party to fight at the Gym.}

Shay: (Hmm... I hate to say this, so I won't, but Luna has the lowest Special Attack. I'll have to leave her behind.)

Party Status:
  • Dart, Lv 39 Sharpedo
  • Eclipse, Lv 39 Absol
  • Fargus, Lv 39 Crawdaunt
  • Leiden, Lv 40 Sableye
  • Exde, lv 40 Shiftry
  • Mojo, Lv 41 Cacturne

  • Luna, Lv 40 Mightyena

{Shay distributes Hold Items around the Team, and uses 3 PP ups on Exde's Giga Drain attack.}

Sign: Mossdeep City Pokemon Gym. Leaders: Liza and Tate "The mystic combination"

Gym Guy: Yo, how's it going, Champion-bound Shay?

Shay: Been better.

Gym Guy: The Gym Leaders here use Psychic type Pokemon. If you go up against them with Fighting or Poison type Pokemon, they'll inflict horrible damage! Plus, they'll come at you with outstanding combination attacks. If you want to win, you'll need to show them how tight you are with your Pokemon. Go for it!

{The gym is set with teleporters and switches.}

Psychic Preston: Battles hinge on the strength of your spirit! The weak-spirited will never win!

Psychic Maura: The roads you have traveled... What you have experienced... Come at me with everything you've learned!

{Double challenge! They use Kirlia and Kadabra.}

Preston: I lost! I must temper my spirit again!

Muara: You've traveled a path of greatness! A bright future awaits those who have worked diligently. For those who lazed idly, there is only despair at the end. What goes around comes around...

Preston: The indecisive lose. That's my warning to you.

{The rooms of this gym are all quite small.}

Psychic Blake: Fufufufu... Watch me levitate a Poke Ball Telekinetically! Wroooooooooaaaar! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Sometimes, I'm out of synch...

Psychic Samantha: I see it... I see your future... If you can beat me, I will tell you your future!

{Double challenge! They use Girafarig and Xatu}

Blake: My Pokemon battling skills are out of sync, too!

Samantha: I surrender! You ill wage a terrifically intense battle with our Gym Leaders... The result... You won't hear it from me!

Blake: A Poke Ball was too heavy to lift psychically, but this dust bunny... Whoooooooooooooooh! ... ... ... ... ... ... No, I'm not cheating! I didn't blow on it! Honestly!

Psychic Virgil: Let me see your talent!

Gentleman Nate: Hohoho. You need me to show you how Tenacious the Psychic type can be.

{Double Challenge! They use Ralts and Spoink}

Virgil: You possess spectacular talent!

Nate: Oh! My, my! Your battle style is fantastic! I... I don't let defeat rattle m-me, however b-badly.

Virgil: If there are any prodigies in the world, then our Gym Leaders are them! However, you may be even more talented than them...

Psychic Hannah: When you lose to me, don't be too hard on yourself. It's not that you're weak—I'm just too strong!

Hex Maniac Sylvia: Even at the risk of life, I will win this battle!

{Double Challenge! They use Kirlia and Meditite. Dart is taken down by a Hi Jump Kick.}

Hannah: You're just too strong!

Sylvia: What you do... It horrifies me... How dare you beat me... It won't be my fault if something horrible befalls you...

Hannah: I'm not going to get down on myself for losing. I just need to train harder. Positive thinking—that's my strong point!

{Shay leaves the gym to heal up, then comes back.}

Hex Maniac Kathleen: Let me show you a perfectly awful, horrifying time!

Psychic Nicholas: Wroooar! Have a taste of my super Pokemon hard-battling power!

{Double Challenge! They use Kadabra and Wobbuffet.

Kathleen: N-nooooo!

Nicholas: Oh! Done in! All right! I think I'll develop a special invincible Pokemon Power next.

Kathleen: Your vitality is contagious! Get away from me quickly!

Gentleman Clifford: I may be past my prime, but I suggest you not patronize me.

Psychic Macey: You're not getting through to the end! Not if I can help it!

{Double Challenge! They use Girafarig and Natu.}

Clifford: Ah, you overflow with the power of youth!

Macey: How could you be so ludicrously strong? Humph! You may be strong, but you're not suitable for the Psychic type! The way you battle is somehow brutal!

Shay: You have a point.

Clifford: It seems that I could not overcome your youthful energy.

{Shay finally reaches the Gym Leaders' chamber, and walks up to the young masters.}

Tate: Hehehe... Were you surprised?

Liza: Fufufu... Were you surprised?

Tate: That there are two Gym Leaders?

Liza: That there are two Gym Leaders?

Tate: We're twins!

Liza: We're twins!

Tate: We don't need to talk because...

Liza: We can each determine what...

Tate: The other is thinking...

Liza: All in our minds!

Tate: This combination of ours...

Liza: Can you beat it?

Shay: It depends. If you're the experts you were built up to be, have you overcome your chosen types weaknesses? You are the ones being tested this time!

{Gym Battle: versus Tate and Liza}

Shay: I'll start with these two...

{Alternate music: Cipher Admin}

{Shay sends out Fargus and Dart to match the leaders' Claydol (Lv 41) and Xatu (Lv 41)}

Shay: Fargus, Crabhammer that Claydol! Dart, Crunch Xatu!

{Turn 1: Xatu uses calm mind. Xatu is weakened by Crunch. Claydol uses earthquake on everyone else (Xatu is immune) especially weakening Dart. Fargus weakens Claydol.}

Shay: Change of plan. Crabhammer! Crunch! Focus all attacks on Claydol!

{Turn 2: Xatu uses Sunny Day. Crunch finishes off Claydol, and Solrock is brought in in it's place. Crabhammer hits Solrock, but it's not as powerful as normal because of Sunny Day.}

Shay: Continue the same tactics on Solrock. Crabhammer, Crunch!

{Turn 3: Xatu uses confuse Ray on Fargus. Crunch finishes off Solrock. They send out Lunatone. Fargus weakens himself in confusion.}

Shay: Can't take risks with this.

{Turn 4: Shay uses the Yellow flute. Xatu uses Confuse Ray on Dart. Dart critically weakens himself. Lunatone uses Calm mind.}

{Turn 5: Shay uses the Yellow Flute. Xatu uses Confuse Ray on Fargus. Dart weakens Lunatone with crunch. Lunatone uses Calm mind and eats a Sitrus berry.}

{Turn 6: Shay uses the yellow flute. Xatu uses Confuse ray on Dart. Lunatone uses Light Scree, Fargus tries a Sludge Bomb on Lunatone. It doesn't do much.}

Shay: Dart, use Secret Power on Xatu!

{Turn 7: Shay uses the yellow flute. Xatu. Xatu uses Sunny Day, then is put in critical condition. Lunatone uses Calm Mind.

Shay: Both of you, attack Xatu! Secret Power! Surf!

{Turn 8: The leaders use a Hyper potion on Xatu. Lunatone is weakened by surf.}

{Turn 9: Dart strikes first. Xatu uses Calm Mnd. Lunatone's attack misses.}

{Turn 10: The leaders use a Hyper potion on Xatu. Lunatone fails at attacking. Fargus paralyzes Xatu with Secret Power, but is paralyzed himself by Xatu's Synchronize ability. Light Screen wears off.}

Shay: Keep up Secret Power attacks on Xatu!

{Turn 11: Dart attacks Xatu. Lunatone Hypnotizes Dart to sleep. Xatu confuses Fargus. Fargus can't act.}

{Turn 12: Shay uses the blue flute. The leaders use a Hyper Potion on Xatu. Lunatone uses Light Screen.}

{Turn 13: Shay heals Fargus' status. The leaders use a Hyper Potion on Lunatone. Dart uses Secret Power on Xatu. Xatu can't act.}

{Turn 14: Dart hits Xatu. Lunatone's hypnosis misses. Fargus finishes off Xatu. It's two against one now.}

Shay: The sunlight should have faded by now. Crabhammer! Surf!

{Turn 15: Dart uses Surf. Lunatone hypnotizes Dart. Fargus hits with Crabhammer.}

{Turn 16: Shay plays the blue flute. Dart uses Surf. Lunatone misses with hypnosis. Light screen wears off.}

Shay: This is it!

{Turn 17: Dart finishes Lunatone with Surf.}

Tate: What?! Our combination...

Liza: Was Shattered!

Tate: It can't be helped. You've won...

Liza: So, in recognition, take this.

Shay: Well, that was fun. You deserve your positions.

{Battle end}

Tate: The Mind Badge enhances the Sp. Atk and Sp. Def of Pokemon.

Liza: It also lets you use the HM move Dive outside of battle.

Shay: ! Dive?! That's just what I needed! Of course, I'll have to find it first.

Tate: You should also take this, too.

Shay: The Calm Mind TM.

Tate: I raises Sp. Atk and...

Liza: It raises Sp. Def!

Tate: It's a move that's perfect...

Liza: For Psychic Pokemon!

{Registered "Tate and Liza" in the Pokenav}

Tate: Looks like the bond between you and your Pokemon is far stronger than the bond that we share as twins.

Liza: You will become even stronger! We've battled you, so we know.

Gym Guy: Wow, you're outstanding! You're one great Trainer!

{Shay heals at the Pokemon Center, then starts heading toward the Space Center... but as she approaches, she sees Team Magma ahead of her.}

Shay: Oh no... I have to catch up to them!


{Inside the Space center, Team Magma has set up, with the grunts and civilians facing each other from opposite sides of the room}

Sailor: With Team Magma around, I guess strolls on the beach aren't safe.

Woman: Team Aqua should take care of Team Magma! But if they did that, Team Aqua will become bold and brazen, won't they?

Old Man: A giant chunk of metal bursts through the skies and flies into space... But Team Magma wants to spoil that dream of mine! I'm not having any of that!

Scientist: Those Magma thugs have their sights set on our Space Center. But we can't allow anything that milor to interfere with our Rocket Launch!

Magma Grunt F: As promised, we've come for the rocket fuel!

{This grunt uses Zubat, who Fargus beats, and Poochyena, who Eclipse beats.}

Magma Grunt F: Ran out of fuel... Don't think you're on a roll just because you've beaten me!

Magma Grunt: We gave you fair warning! There's nothing sneaky about us!

{This grunt uses a Numel, who Fargus beats.}

Magma Grunt: Grrr... We should have used sneaky treachery... Okay, I get it already! The next time, we'll come unannounced.

Magma Grunt: The rocket fuel the Space Center has in storage—that's what we're after. We mean to take every last bit of it!

{This grunt uses a Baltoy, which Leiden beats.}

Magma Grunt: Please, can you spare some fuel? Even a chintzy cup will do!

Shay: What are you going to do with the fuel?

Magma Grunt: How would I know? Ask our leader upstairs!

{The staircase is guarded}

Magma Grunt: Our leader said no one, but no one, gets past me!

{This grunt uses two Mightyena and a Numel. Leiden beats all of them}

Magma Grunt: Ack! Ack! Aaack!

{The grunt steps aside}

Magma Grunt: Please, tell our leader that I never abandoned my post. That I stayed to the bitter end...

Shay: Don't be so theatrical.

{On the second floor, Shay walks right into an ambush!}

Shay: What?!

Magma Grunt: What's wrong with you? You're outnumbered three to one, but you still want to take us on?

Shay: Yes I do.

Magma Grunt 1: A reckless go-getter, are you? Okay, I'll go first!

{The grunt uses a Zubat. Leiden wins easily}

Magma Grunt 1: I lost! But! {Steps back}

Magma Grunt 2: It's too soon to be relieved! I'm up next!

{This grunt uses a Mightyena. He roars Leiden out of the fight, but Eclipse finishes him off.}

Magma Grunt 2: I lost, too! But! {Steps back}

Magma Grunt 3: I bet you want to take a break. But I'm not about to let you do that!

{This grunt uses a Baltoy. Leiden wins}

Magma Grunt 3: We should've taken a break... That's what we should've done... {Steps back}

Magma Grunt 1: Are we being useful to our leader at all?

Magma Grunt 2: Three of us here, and look at the sorry mess we got ourselves into.

Magma Grunt 3: We three losing like this... We look worse than usual by triple!

Scientist: Why would Team Magma want to steal our rocket fuel in the first place?

Boy: Team Magma... Do they want to go into space, too?

Gentleman: If Team Magma takes the rocket fuel, I won't be able to go to space! They can't be allowed to get away with such an outrage!

{In the corner, Steven is facing off against Maxie and the Executive}

Steven: Team Magma... What's the point of stealing rocket fuel?

Maxie: Fufufu... Since you're so curious, you deserve an explanation. We're going to jettison the entire load into Mt. Chimney! With Groudon gone, we have no need for that slag heap of a mountain! So we'll use the fuel's power to make the volcano erupt! It will be savage!

{Steven is taken aback, and also Punched Across the Room. However, he steps forward again.}

Shay: And here I thought something like that was too insane even for you!

Maxie: {Without looking} Clear out of the way! Don't you dare interfere!

Shay: Not a chance. I'm taking you down for good this time!

Admin Tabitha: Hehehe! We come all this way to get fuel, and we're interfered with again! If you're going to mess with us too, we'll take care of you at the same time!

Steven: Shay! You're going to help me?

Shay: Of course. I can't let Team Magma's plans for destruction go on!

Steven: Let's go into battle together! Are you ready?

Shay: Always!

{Shay chooses Dart, Fargus, and Eclipse to fight. Steven prepares Metang (Lv42), Skarmory (Lv43), and Aggron (Lv44)}

{Multi Battle! With Steven against Maxie and Tabitha}

{Maxie starts off with Mightyena (Lv42). Tabitha uses Camerupt (Lv36). Dart and Metang face off against them.}

Shay: Dart, use Surf!

{Turn 1: Dart takes down Camerupt in one hit. Tabitha sends out Golbat (Lv 37) . Mightyena uses Swagger on Metang. Metang uses Psychic on Golbat, weakening him.}

{Turn 2: Dart finishes off Golbat and leaves Mightyena in critical condition. Tabitha sends out Mightyena (Lv 38). Maxie's Mightyena uses Scary face on Dart. Metang hurts itself in confusion}

{Turn 3: Maxie's Mightyena uses Take Down on Dart. Dart is weakened. Metang snaps out of confusion and metal claws Maxie's Mightyena, defeating him. Maxie sends out Crobat (Lv 43). The Admin's Mightyena uses Take Down on Metang.}

{Turn 4: Crobat defeats Dart with Wing Attack. Shay sends out Eclipse. Metang defeats Mightyena with Metal Claw. It's two against one, now.}

Shay: Maxie! At the rate you're going, who will be left to live on your new land? It's just not worth the cost!

Maxie: I'm sure I have no idea what you mean.

Shay: Damn it, Maxie! Eclipse, you're up! Secret Power!

Steven: Shay, watch yourself! (She must really be tired of their attitude...)

{Turn 5: Crobat uses Mean Look, trapping Eclipse in battle. Eclipse and Metang double team him with Secret Power and Psychic, defeating him. Maxie sends out Camerupt (Lv44).}

Shay: Maxie, you're never going to win, and neither will Archie!

{Turn 6: Eclipse uses Secret Power, Metang uses Reflect, and Camerupt uses Amnesia, increasing his special defense}

Shay: Take a good, hard look at yourself, Maxie...

{Turn 7: Eclipse weakens Camerupt with Secret Power. Metang uses Light Screen. Metang uses Take Down on Metang.}

Shay: Do you want to be hated? Have the world want to get rid of you?

{Turn 8: Eclipse leaves Camerupt in critical condition, leaving Metang to finish him off with Metal claw.}

Maxie: All I want... I just want to expand the land mass...

Tabitha: I'm with our leader...

{Battle End}

Maxie: We failed to make the volcano erupt... We failed to control Groudon after we had awoken it... Is our goal to expand the land misguided?

Shay: Maxie... Isn't that what everyone else has been telling you all this time? And even if it wasn't, all the crimes and destruction you've been trying to cause...

{There is a long silence}

Maxie: If... If we, Team Magma, are wrong... (But, she's been fighting against Archie's team too...) Then might Team Aqua's goal to expand the sea be equally misguided?

{Maxie and the Admin share a look.}

Maxie: All right... We will give up on the fuel... There appear to be more important matters that I must examine...

{One more blackout bomb later}

Steven: Whew, that was too tense. Shay, thank you.

Shay: dont mention it...

Steven: I have something to give you as thanks for your support. Please come see me at home after this. Oh, yes. I don't live in Rustboro City. I live right here on this island.

{A little later, at Steven's house:}

Steven: (!) Shay... As you can see, there's not much here, but this is my home. Thank you for all that you've done.

Shay: ...No, thanks for your help, Steven.

Steven: This is my token of appreciation. It's the Hidden Machine Dive. No need to be shy—you've earned this HM.


Shay: ! Thank you! (With this... With this there's still a chance)

Steven: While you're using Surf, you should notice dark patches of water. Use Dive if you come to deep water like it. You'll drop to the seafloor. When you want to come back up, use Die again. In some places, it won't be possible for you to surface, though.

Shay: Got it. (The Seafloor Cavern... I'm gonna give it my all!)