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Visual Novels
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new postpinnedVisual Novel Recommendations274Fri, 26th Sep '14 1:49:04 PM
new postGrisaia series10Sun, 19th Oct '14 3:08:40 PM
new postType-Moon: Fate/stay night, Tsukihime, and Kara no Kyoukai discussion37,731Sun, 19th Oct '14 4:00:57 AM
new postKickstarters35Sat, 18th Oct '14 6:14:58 PM
new postWhen They Cry - Higurashi and Umineko2,605Thu, 16th Oct '14 3:39:59 AM
new postDangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair1,130Mon, 13th Oct '14 4:50:30 AM
new postKey Visual Arts669Mon, 13th Oct '14 2:49:18 AM
new postdon't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story21Wed, 1st Oct '14 5:00:46 PM
new postMuv Luv266Sat, 13th Sep '14 7:19:50 PM
new postPlanetarian discussion21Fri, 12th Sep '14 2:05:59 PM
new postSci ADV: Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, and Robotics;Notes127Sun, 7th Sep '14 5:18:01 AM
new postMaji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!112Fri, 5th Sep '14 12:48:27 PM
new postYour gateway VN?64Tue, 2nd Sep '14 11:22:25 AM
new postThe general thread of generalness (a.k.a. we talk about everything)1,524Mon, 25th Aug '14 12:02:00 AM
new postDengeki Stryker 27Mon, 11th Aug '14 4:50:30 PM
new postOtome games!38Sun, 10th Aug '14 7:23:40 AM
new postKatawa Shoujo: HNNNGGGGGGG!!!5,369Tue, 5th Aug '14 4:06:42 PM
new postG-Senjou no Maou430Wed, 30th Jul '14 7:47:50 AM
new postComyu12Tue, 29th Jul '14 11:14:12 PM
new postMy Girlfriend Is The President47Fri, 11th Jul '14 3:01:06 PM
new postShuffle: The Visual Novel144Thu, 19th Jun '14 8:39:41 AM
new postWestern visual novels?23Tue, 29th Apr '14 5:55:56 AM
new postRose Guns Days50Mon, 28th Apr '14 9:24:33 AM
new postNine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors543Tue, 8th Apr '14 12:31:28 PM
new postCROSS†Channel45Tue, 1st Apr '14 2:10:59 PM
new postGender Bender DNA Twister Extreme3Fri, 21st Mar '14 1:20:19 AM
new postSoyasushi Productions1Mon, 10th Mar '14 7:17:04 AM
new postGo Go Nippon - ~My First Trip to Japan~2Fri, 7th Mar '14 3:11:43 AM
new postIs it possible to create a visual novel that is NOT eroge?26Fri, 28th Feb '14 8:28:00 PM
new postSaya no Uta127Sat, 11th Jan '14 2:55:13 PM
new postLet's complain about everything that's wrong with visual novels!3Wed, 11th Dec '13 12:09:19 PM
new postReview a Visual Novel with one Word, then a Paragraph.2Wed, 4th Dec '13 10:50:46 PM
new postTrue Remembrance4Fri, 22nd Nov '13 9:09:58 PM
new postThree Sisters' Story2Tue, 5th Nov '13 1:15:09 AM
new postHakuouki (confirmed for translation)12Thu, 24th Oct '13 11:02:03 AM
new postMLP Visual Novel22Sun, 20th Oct '13 9:28:38 PM
new postFavourite Visual Novel Quotes69Wed, 16th Oct '13 5:40:19 AM
new postSharin No Kuni170Sun, 8th Sep '13 5:56:17 AM
new postCorpse Party27Thu, 22nd Aug '13 10:03:33 AM
new postAnalogue: a hate story49Wed, 21st Aug '13 2:51:56 AM
new postThe Da Capo franchise297Sun, 11th Aug '13 2:25:06 AM
new postDEARDROPS (OVERDRIVE) 64Sat, 10th Aug '13 9:16:09 PM
new postGalZoo Island4Wed, 17th Jul '13 12:17:01 AM
new postAir Pressure2Sat, 13th Jul '13 12:13:19 AM
new postNo-One Has to Die4Thu, 20th Jun '13 8:17:24 PM
new postHiganbana no Saku Yoru ni15Tue, 28th May '13 10:36:58 AM
new postActual Sunlight - New Interactive Fiction19Sun, 21st Apr '13 2:14:22 PM
new postRewrite3Thu, 18th Apr '13 9:04:52 PM
new postHoshizora no Memoria6Mon, 15th Apr '13 10:13:59 AM
new postMorenatsu5Wed, 13th Mar '13 1:00:43 PM
new postKoihime Musou15Mon, 11th Mar '13 7:01:45 AM
new postDating sim page quote6Mon, 28th Jan '13 11:43:30 PM
new postOVERDRIVE General Thread 7Tue, 22nd Jan '13 7:25:41 AM
new postEf A Fairy Tale Of The Two80Tue, 8th Jan '13 12:31:28 PM
new postEver17 (spoiler thread!)236Thu, 3rd Jan '13 2:22:05 PM
new postCould it be possible for a blind user to play Visual Novels?4Sat, 29th Dec '12 5:26:16 PM
new postHelp start the Nakige YKTTW, plix2Wed, 26th Dec '12 3:44:56 PM
new postWhat are you currently reading?17Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:50:28 AM
new postImage source needed25Tue, 11th Dec '12 9:40:15 PM
new postKinetic Novel - Juniper's Knot4Mon, 10th Dec '12 9:19:46 AM
new postVisualNovel: Cause Of Death5Sun, 9th Dec '12 1:08:21 PM
new postDoes anyone else have a vndb profile?12Mon, 3rd Dec '12 8:58:34 AM
new postFavourite Song in a VN?21Mon, 3rd Dec '12 8:43:11 AM
new postWhat a beautiful... steampunk series (Liarsoft)71Wed, 21st Nov '12 12:56:44 PM
new postMitsumete Knight8Sun, 18th Nov '12 11:41:33 AM
new postKira Kira126Mon, 12th Nov '12 5:24:31 AM
new postPhantom of Inferno1Tue, 6th Nov '12 6:29:36 PM
new postUtawarerumono43Wed, 31st Oct '12 11:51:36 PM
new postBrass Restoration4Fri, 26th Oct '12 10:23:45 PM
new postEdelweiss10Tue, 23rd Oct '12 11:42:58 PM
new postCanvas 25Tue, 23rd Oct '12 10:20:31 PM
new postStuck in Yu-No41Mon, 22nd Oct '12 8:32:44 AM
new postEnglish translated Visual Novels in Desura?5Mon, 22nd Oct '12 2:47:17 AM
new postThe adventure of Bacon [Western Visual Novel]5Thu, 18th Oct '12 9:28:06 AM
new postThe Spirit of Eternity Sword (Eien no Aselia, Seinarukana)53Thu, 18th Oct '12 7:04:01 AM
new postSquare Enix's prank: a Final Fantasy Otome game!2Sat, 22nd Sep '12 9:23:24 PM
new postNever720Wed, 5th Sep '12 5:36:35 AM
new postPrincess Waltz11Sun, 12th Aug '12 5:52:08 PM
new postDemonbane15Tue, 3rd Jul '12 1:50:58 PM
new postPrince Maker - Braveness4Sat, 30th Jun '12 4:05:50 AM
new postHelp needed for tropey project: Kyon, Big Damn Hero, The Visual Novel1Mon, 25th Jun '12 2:25:13 AM
new postDoes one "play" visual novels or "read" them?41Sun, 17th Jun '12 6:54:13 AM
new post196312Sun, 10th Jun '12 11:08:52 PM
new postA Profile37Sat, 2nd Jun '12 11:39:04 PM
new postKara no Shoujo32Thu, 31st May '12 8:04:41 PM
new postBest Visual Novel Character37Sun, 20th May '12 11:00:41 PM
new postRemember 1133Tue, 8th May '12 1:41:39 PM
new postWhat do you like and dislike most in a Visual Novel heroine?20Thu, 3rd May '12 9:20:20 PM
new postSymphonic Rain6Wed, 2nd May '12 2:31:31 PM
new postDevil Gene R: A Visual Novel Kickstarter5Sun, 29th Apr '12 6:22:43 PM
new postFuwanovel - fansite for fan translated VNs19Sat, 21st Apr '12 2:53:54 AM
new postA New Market For Visual Novels?19Sat, 31st Mar '12 7:35:32 PM
new postOne Golden Afternoon: Hoshizora Meteor's "Forest"15Sat, 24th Mar '12 7:18:13 AM
new postVisual Novels for Tablets/E-readers: An Idea7Tue, 28th Feb '12 8:22:42 PM
new postFuwanovel; or, where does the fan translation scene go from here?1Sat, 28th Jan '12 7:52:30 AM
new postLovePlus3Thu, 19th Jan '12 5:07:44 PM
new postLinear novels27Sat, 14th Jan '12 12:20:58 PM
new postVNs that work on Mac computers4Wed, 11th Jan '12 8:21:42 PM
new postJust had the strangest idea...5Thu, 8th Dec '11 5:05:01 AM
new postThe Thirteenth Year1Tue, 6th Dec '11 9:00:58 PM
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