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I wasn't sure if I should put this in Video Games or Visual Novels, but since T Vtropes has it listed as a VN, I guess I'll put it here.

So is anyone getting this game tomorrow? Or have any of you played the original versions on the PC-98/PC? I'm pretty interested in it. I don't know too much about the story beyond the scenario, but it looks like it'll be a unique experience (for me).

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I find it amusing that while the second version has twice as many characters as the first, every character who wasn't present in the original game dies in all endings. Wonder how this new game will handle that.

I've never played any of the games, and barely know anything about them—though I did see a trailer for the new one. I was . . . a bit underwhelmed. (The one-eyed ghost in particular has a character design that, in most other works, would be applied to The Woobie rather than a genuine threat.)

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[up][up] I got it already and I like it. The 3D audio really is something...
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Seiko: Thanks! I'm gonna go butter up my pooper with it real good! ;D

Me: o_O

That line took me by surprise.

Also, I got my first Wrong End late (i assume) in Chapter 1. Naomi got consumed by a dark shadow lady in the Infirmary. I'm still trying to figure out where I went wrong. The clues seemed to hint that perhaps Seiko and Naomi shouldn't have split up so suddenly. It's also possible that I just messed up during the escape from the ghost sequence. I was so focused on trying to "wash the blood" off of the anatomy picture that I failed to examine the lamp on a nearby desk that suddenly started glowing

Anywho, character wise, Seiko is really growing on me with her teasing, yet caring personality. Naomi's cool too.
Pretty good so far. A very chilling atmosphere that makes it so you just know something horrific is bound to happen...but when it doesn't, its even more terrifying. And the sprite and voice work are superb.

Still...I don't think this is a game I should play late at night. >>;
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I shouldn't either...and yet I did. I dont even LIKE horror! (or at least I don't care for it) WTF is wrong with me?!
One bit that kinda got to me was in Chapter 2, When it said one of the murdered children had her head slowly removed, I thought it would, logically, have been severed at the neck. Imagine my horror when I got a close up of the ghost later and realized that it was more like her jaw line being the severing point.

So far I'm loving the story and characters, but I'm honestly finding the actual gameplay to be getting in the way and a bit tedious at times.
this Wrong End in Chapter 5 is too random and disturbing (spoilers,of course):

DAT EYES!! but seriously how the hell a teenager girl kills 4 people apparently unarmed?tackling the body on them?and they don't even explain what happened to her to be like that,it's just too creepy.

those eyes won't make me sleep for some nights...
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[up][up]Yeah, the gameplay is pretty eh, and unless someones out to kill you, you want it to be done. It's the dialogue and messages that suck you in (and the music)
there's a creepy Shout Out to Otaku no Musume-san manga:one of the tag corpses you find in the game is actually Kanao Yukimura's,daughter of the manga's protagonist(the "Otaku's Daughter" from the title)ah..."funny",huh?
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Just gotta say that I finally finished Corpse Party and it was excellent. The ending actually made me cry, which is the first media (game, movie, book, song, etc.) to do so.
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Corpse Party 2 has been announced.

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This thread is criminally unpopulated :(

Oh, well.

Here's hoping that XSEED or someone else localizes the sequel(s), since I loved the PSP version of the first one
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I'd love to chat about some Corpse Party in here, but it doesn't seem as if many people have played/visited the thread, so I stopped popping in. Note that if you still haven't tried the original yet, it's on sale until November 6th for 9.99. It'd probably be best to play that one first, since there seems to be some spoilers in the sequel from what I've seen.

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Specific release date for Shadowy Book's localisation established. Price is the same as the first.

I probably should start actually trying to finish Chapter 5, in the meantime.
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I need to get around to finishing up those wrong ends, myself.
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I'm not sure this was the best game for me to play while trapped by weather. [lol] It uses sound effects a wee bit too well. Partway through Chapter 5, and afterwards I'm going to mop up all the Wrong Ends I didn't manage to stumble upon with my magical ability to make terrible decisions so I can get all the Exchaps.
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Hey, a question in case I missed something. If everyone who dies in hellschool is retconned out of existence, and Kaho's dead before any of them get there, how is her blog post still around for Ayumi to get the ritual from? Or is this a case of massive convenience, where Kaho died, like, just after they performed the ritual or something?
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I believe Book of Shadows explains that,though I haven't played it yet.
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Well, in that case... ON TO BOOK OF SHADOWS!
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So, any news on Blood Drive.... Book Of Shadows ending let me in anticipation :P
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Not sure if you heard, but Blood Drive is apparently coming to the Vita. No new news in awhile though.
The first chapter of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient came out in Japan recently, but that's all I'm really aware of. Hasn't been translated yet, as far as I know.
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No, the other one.
So, apparently there's an OVA of this too. (Or from my point of view, a whole bunch of stuff preceeding the anime.)

As for the first episode, I don't think Seiko could trip over more death flags if she tried... And why didn't she just lift her up instead of A, pulling her down, B, pull the noose up, or C, run away and waste time?

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