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03/24/2012 00:44:15 •••

NOT a typical Mons or Shonen show.

I'll start by saying this: When this series was originally broadcasted, I was one of the "They Changed It Now It Sucks" guys and decided not to watch it. How wrong I was.

Over 10 years later, I regained an interest in Digimon, and I can safely say that Tamers is my favorite season; And is also among my favorite Anime series.

As for the plot, the series problems aren't resolved within the span of an episode, and for the first 13 episodes, it focuses on the main trio, their lives and their interactions with Digimon ("Are they sentient beings or just tools born to fight?").

In Episode 25, things start to look more "childish" and light. Don't be fooled, though; This is just a set-up for what's about to come. Episode 34 marks a "before" and "after": What was a Slice Of Life with Mons show became a progessively Grim Dark series and a Cosmic Horror Story at the end. The difference between both parts is astounding.

While the previous Digimon Series were merely Campbellian “hero's voyage”, the plot of Digimon Tamers is more complex with many plot twists and figures switching sides. While the other series only used computer culture as a mythical backdrop (for example, in the first series, the protagonists had to stop the “evil behind the firewall”), Digimon Tamers uses these elements as important plot elements, and technology becomes an integral part of the fight in the last arc. Also, there's LOTS of reference to the history of computing and programming.

The three main characters are all well-developed and you can note how different they are at the start and the end of the series. Takato was a well-developed character. He wasn't your typical Idiot Hero, or an Instant Expert that would solve things by being Hot Blooded and reckless. He started as a normal, sweet boy that most would consider "wimpy" that had to learn toface his fears and be good Tamer. Juri's backstory is just shocking.

It is not without it's flaws: The series starts slow, and some characters like Kenta, Xiaochung and, most notably, Ryo, don't get a lot of development. But overall, I found it good and satisfying. Just prepare tissues for the last episode.

Tamers is a special series. Although it is aimed at a younger audience, it is very enjoyable. I can only recommend it and let you decide for yourself.

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