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02/18/2021 11:11:37 •••

Think for Yourself

First things first, I donít think that Antz was in any way a rip-off of A Bugís Life. I think the similarities between the two are almost entirely superficial. I think Antz is more similar to A Bugís Life than it is to TheAntBully but I donít think that says all that much.

Now that thatís out of the way, Antz is clearly trying to be Darker and Edgier than Disney movies are and Iím not a huge fan of that tone.

That said, there are a lot of things that I like about this film. First of all the Aesop that the individual should never be replaced by the collective. When Barbadosís severed head before dying in Zís arms tells him ďDonít make the same mistake I did. Donít follow orders your whole life. Think for yourself.Ē And that, in addition to being a strong emotional scene, actually articulates the Aesop quite well.

I also like how that Aesop permeates the film. Z complains about ďthis gung-ho superorganism thing that I donít getĒ since he wants to be allowed to care about himself rather than subordinating all interests to the colony. Princess Bala, wants to evade the destiny thrust upon her of giving birth to larvae for the rest of her life since she wants to be able do what she herself desires instead of being subordinated to her position. And Colonel Cutter goes from simply doing his Ďdutyí to the colony to doing what he wishes and has a HeelĖFace Turn as a result.

Also it seems to me that the villainous General Mandible is a Fascist by another name who espouses the idea of everything inside the colony, nothing outside the colony, nothing against the colony.

The animation hasnít aged well but considering that pure CGI animation had only just started I really canít blame them for that.

The humour of this movie wasnít as funny as that of other DreamWorks movies such as Megamind but I think it was funny enough.

So is this film an animated classic? No. Is it a good movie? Yes.

02/18/2021 00:00:00

I have fond memories of Antz. Even to a kid like me it felt like a wittier, smarter alternative to Bugs Life with more to say. It\'s also one of the few Dream Works movies that doesn`t date itself with excessive pop culture references.

02/18/2021 00:00:00

Iím glad you enjoyed it.

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