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02/14/2021 21:09:40 •••

Underrated Film

Ok, so itís true that when I first watched it I was a kid and as a result the NostalgiaFilter can influence my opinion on it. That said re-examining now, I honestly like it quite a bit.

I find BillMurray to be hilarious in the film like when he comments ďLarryís not white heís clearĒ. I think the interactions between Bugs and Daffy are funny. And I like Jordanís performance.

I honestly have no problem with the CanonImmigrant Lola Bunny serving as a LoveInterest for Bugs.

I think that itís got a pretty good Aesop about standing up for yourself. All in all, I think itís pretty good. Iím not claiming itís without its flaws like the LooneyTunes putting in less effort to act like they did in the iconic cartoons but thatís not enough to ruin the movie for me so I like it.

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