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11/27/2019 18:06:56 •••

Lawful Stupid: The Movie

To start, I'm gonna just quickly vent.

The Dark Knight is overrated. And chock full of plot stupidity.

All Batman had to do was kill the damn Joker.

Thou Shalt Not Kill rule be damned.

End of problem. End of story.

He also gives up his moral high ground reasoning when he lies about Two Face (who he killed with his own actions, by the way).

Now that that's done, time for the substance behind the (dark) magic.

As many others have said before me, there is more (over)emphasis on exploring symbols, ideologies and themes rather than the characters who are supposed to embody these ideas and ideals, leading to the characters feeling cut and dry due to half-baked writing.

Batman swings across the Lawful spectrum so much like a pendulum that he just becomes annoying to watch. From disregarding other people's vigilantism (yeah, because having the training and the money automatically makes you all set, right?), to brutally smashing criminals' faces in, to refusing to kill any criminal no matter how dangerous they might be, to lying to the public, this Batman is one that lacks any charisma and doesn't give me any real reason to root for him.

Not to mention that Bruce kills Harvey (inadvertently, but since this is Batman, the point still stands), who is a traumatized Tragic Villain driven to insanity, while leaving Joker alive in captivity. Moral inconsistency much?

Speaking of which...

Joker is just a Straw Nihilist with no profound reasoning or understanding for his motives. You want a sympathetic nihilist? Look at General Shepherd from Modern Warfare 2. Back to Joker, the film doesn't even have much logical explanations on how he can pull off his outlandish criminal stunts — which is detrimental to a film that wants to deconstruct and add realistic grit to damn well everything.

Also, 3 hour blockbuster movies becoming the norm can be a standard that can rot in hell.

To sum up, this is not The Dark Knight.

It is Lawful Stupid: The Movie.

An overrated and overhyped film unfortunately brought to the world by an overrated and an overhyped film director.

11/25/2019 00:00:00

Itís worth noting that Two-Face was supposed to be in a coma and become the bad guy in the next film... then Ledger died.

11/25/2019 00:00:00

That\'s an interesting tidbit of trivia, but I think it worked better to have Two-Face turn evil and die in this movie, since a large part of it\'s about his character arc. Besides, if making him be in a coma was the original decision until Ledger\'s death, then what about the scene they shot in which the Joker visits Dent in the hospital?

As for the review, too much of it is complaining about Batman\'s personal code, as well as other factors, such as the length (the official runtime is just over two and a half hours- long but not unreasonably so), for it to be very useful.

11/27/2019 00:00:00

@ Valiona

I don't mind Batman's personal code — provided the character and the reasons for doing so are written well. The majority of animated Batmans are written well.

Nolan's Batman wasn't.

(the official runtime is just over two and a half hours- long but not unreasonably so)

Have pacing issues slackened in this day and age? What happened to making sure that you don't confine audiences in their seats for over 2 hours.

Classic blockbusters (Star Wars, Jaws, Alien, Star Trek, etc.) ran at most only 2 hours. In contrast, this film is adding yet another over-2-hour film to a pile of over-2-hour films in this modern age. These mega-length films should be the exception, not the norm.

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