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02/16/2016 10:16:40 •••

The problems with FRLG

Being a long time Pokemon fan, I noticed several fans regarded FRLG as the best Pokemon remake. I personally disagree with that statement.

Let's start off with the changes that the remake made. Generation 1 is very, very bizarre. Not counting the gameplay changes that Generation 3 did, the changes that the remakes did is minimum as well as annoying. The remake added Sevii Island, which I personally don't care. The remakes expand the idea of Move Tutor, but the problems with it is move tutor can only be taught once and the placement for some tutors is awkward.

Now for the problem with the Pokemon. Magnemite and Magneton are the only Steel-type Pokemon and no Dark-type Pokemon is available in Kanto. This means unless the player has Magnemite or a Pokemon has Shadow Ball, taking Psychic-type Pokmeon out can be somewhat a pain, but not to the extent in Generation 1. Also, any Pokemon that has an evolution introduced in later generation can't evolve into that until obtaining the National Dex. Except for Eevee as time is absent.

Speaking of National Dex, remember in Generation 1, you have catch a certain number of Pokemon to get certain items? It's still here. Except the player has to beat the game first and caught at least 60 Pokemon just so Oak can upgrade the PokeDex!

And for my final and important problem with the remakes is... the player character doesn't turn his/her head when a trainer challenges the player character to a duel.

Despite my complaints with FRLG, there's some positive I can talk about FRLG outside of comparing it to Generation 1. I do find the graphic to look pretty nice, I would say it looks better than RSE. The music do sound nice too. I like the VS seeker as it allows the player to rechallenge a wide variety of trainers. But that's about it.

Overall, FRLG are decent pair of games despite my complaints. However, FRLG are far from the best Pokemon remake.

02/16/2016 00:00:00

\"Except the player has to beat the game first then caught 60 Pokemon just so Oak can upgrade the Poke Dex!\"

I finished the game yesterday. But the time I beat Blue, I had captured 85 different Pokémon. So I guess it depends on he player.

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