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NOTE: This account is now inactive. My new handle is now HeatEdgeSword.

Hi, I'm Flamemario12. I was born in Singapore, raised in Malaysia. Grown to hate Malaysia. Not much else to say other than I watch animated shows, love Franchise/Pokemon and I had a horrible childhood and teenhood.

Tropes applied to me:

  • Manchild: I'm pretty childish, though I hit 20 not long ago as of that edit.
  • Old Shame: One of my biggest flaw. Most of the time, I will end up regretting what I did no matter what.
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  • Unstoppable Rage: If I'm angry, it's pretty difficult to stop me.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: I have a crippling fear of dogs. And to a lesser extent, school bus.

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