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04/01/2018 21:00:43 •••

How To Basic: Be scared. Be very scared.

I'll admit. I liked the channel originally. But, I had to give up when he made the videos where he effectively sodomises perfectly usable chicken carcasses. People pull the 'He doesn't waste food at all' line, but secretly, we all know he does.

Now, he has devolved to destroying objects and breaking the things that he needs to live normally, such as his heaters and countless other appliances. This suggests a lust for power and authority, which is one of the hallmark traits of a serial killer - damaging objects which can't react or fight back.

This man needs therapy, not a podium.

06/23/2015 00:00:00

Like Braindeadpshewpie before him, this IS his therapy. If not for internet video and the inexplicable attention it attracts, he would've killed someone/gotten killed for being an annoying asshat already.

08/11/2015 00:00:00

The thing is, I'm sure that HTB in real life is a mostly ordinary guy (well, he isn't ordinary, but I don't think he'd attack or kill someone). If a guy plays a serial killer in a movie, that doesn't mean he's going to kill someone in real life. A big, ugly death metal band roaring lyrics about raping and beheading children doesn't actually support or encourage it, they just make extremely dark lyrics inspired by the works of dark horror authors.

However, it's still upsetting to see him break so many things and cause so much mayhem. That's why I dislike HTB so much. He thinks he's funny, but he isn't. He thinks destroying good quality objects and wasting massive amounts of food is okay, but as you stated, he's now destroying things he actually needs, like his oven and cupboards, rather than some laptop he bought with his YouTube riches. He's ruining his own house just to make YouTube money (unless he's bought a brand new house, and is now deliberately destroying his old one).

I bet if someone were to show HTB a room of everything he's ever destroyed, he'd suddenly feel shocked and ashamed.

08/11/2015 00:00:00

"People in Africa could have eaten that X!"

04/01/2018 00:00:00

I\'ve seen people in the comment section proclaiming that the \"foods he uses are expedited and that he\'s really not eating anything\". Well, that is an enormous amount of wasted food and also I don\'t think guitars, computers, tables, etc can expire. I really don\'t enjoy how people can recklessly destroy objects for the sake of entertainment simply because of how it could never be attained again or simply be recycled.

All in all he\'s pretty much wasteful and I friggin hate it.

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