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It is I, Bastard1! Some say I originate in Kazakhstan. I don't really know, myself. Anyway, I'm just your average troper like most people around here are. Listener and performer of music, player of video games, watcher of movies, reader of books, dispenser of life-improving jocularity. In particular, I am partial to Western Animation (at its best, the greatest art form in the world), and possess a dislike of "kawaii" anime and the like, but it's not as if our animation doesn't have its pitfalls, either. I respect it as an art form, but I just can't stand seeing lesser anime all over the place, which is why I'm thankful TV Tropes has allowed me to disable useless forum things such as avatars. Thanks TV Tropes!


Oh, and I'm an incurable Jerk with a Heart of Gold on account of numerous neurological disorders, so sorry about that. Ain't nothing what can be done about it. I'm at constant odds with my unflappable, character-defining sense of idealism that way. As a result, I pursue my wiki-related doings (I'm the notable figure of a certain well-known video game series wiki) with a Knight Templar attitude, though I do try to suppress it. If it ain't that, it's Snark Knight, anyway.

I have a natural inclination towards underdogs (as my creation of the article for the unsung hero of pro wrestling, Bob Holly, will attest to), and I really, really got a Hype Aversion thing, preferring to discover things and such on my own without media, or people, "telling" me what to like.