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05/07/2019 13:26:30 •••

Formulaic but refined

What's this movie about? In troper speak, I would say it's about a Five-Man Band who must prevent a MacGuffin from falling into the hands of the Big Bad, all while learning the Power of Friendship. That's pretty generic, but remember that's not bad.

I remember a quote that was something like this: "If you want a refined experience, stick with a formulaic tale. If you want freshness and originality, don't expect perfection." Call Hollywood what you want, but Got G shows they have perfected the formula.

Got G has pristine special effects (two of the five main protagonists are CGI), and the action sequences are exciting if not distinct. The characters are forgettable but hold you attention and play off each other nicely. The humor is good, and the plot doesn't have too many holes in it.

Of course, there are still flaws: the standard sci-fi clichés (aliens all inexplicably looking like humans and speaking perfect English), a generic bad guy, the nature of the interplay comedy and violence that may put off some people, Unfortunate Implications and Fridge Horror surrounding the backstories of certain characters, among others.

But these problems don't distract from the fun. Certain films may be loaded with problems, but make up for them. Got G is such a film. However, there is a very big problem with this movie (and to an extent Marvel movies in general): dead characters don't stay dead. In fact, I'm just going to let Batman say it: "I'm sensing a pattern here: Coulson, Stark, Loki; you thought they were gone, and then they weren't.". You can't have your dramatic death and cop out of it.

Overall, it's a good movie. I wouldn't see it twice, but I would recommend it to someone.

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08/26/2014 00:00:00

I don't see how aliens speaking English is a flaw, no one wants to read subtitles all the time. Same thing goes for the aliens, who need to actually perform. You have to suspend your disbelief for things like that.

08/26/2014 00:00:00

Groot's Disney Death was totally worth it, just for that post-credits scene of tiny dancing Groot.

08/31/2014 00:00:00

They actually show in Peter Quill's rap sheet that he has a translator built in to his brain, probably installed by Yondu. So the aliens probably aren't actually speaking English, but their own languages. We just see and hear them in English for our benefit. Sci-fi does that often.

05/06/2019 00:00:00

(two of the five main protagonists are CGI)
Actually, no. Rocket was an actual racoon.

05/07/2019 00:00:00

Nope he was modelled on a real raccoon but totally CGI

05/07/2019 00:00:00

They had a raccoon lined up for the part (and a fox to be his stunt double). He was brought on tours to hype up the film and there was talk of a great career for him. Then he was caught up in a scandal involving an underage ringtail and the studio dropped him immediately. So they made this CG model as a last-minute replacement.

05/07/2019 00:00:00

... Not Oreo too, why can there be no good guys in Hollywood any more?! The Fox must be pissed though losing a gig cause the raccoon couldn\'t keep it in his pants.

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