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09/10/2018 17:02:18 •••


I, Ted Mosby, saw this film and it is complete crap. I am the one he based Jed Mosley on because I dated his wife before they got married. It's true I had red cowboy boots and a butterfly tattoo, but I don't always wear them and I went to Stella to remove the tattoo in 10 one-hour weekly sessions. After she did, we literally went on a two minute date because of HER schedule, not mine. I did NOT steal an orange kangaroo from one of his karate students in order to propose to Stella; I won it in a claw machine when I was trying to win a fake diamond ring. She then expected me to move into her house in New Jersey, instead of her and THEIR daughter Lucy (yes, Tony and Stella had an illegitimate daughter) moving to my apartment in Manhattan, the greatest borough of the greatest city on Earth. When I invited Tony to our wedding, it wasn't so I could see him suffer. And it was at his apartment, not his dojo, so I didn't get attacked by a student with nun chucks. I also doubt he handles them for free; the parents must be paying him to teach. Stella then dumped me because she still had feelings for him before we even started the ceremony. So she and Lucy moved to HIS place after she expected me to move to hers. That pissed me off. When they came back to give me a job offer for teaching Architecture 101 at Columbia U, I wasn't to sure about accepting it. But they were in danger of breaking up again, so I fixed it. I don't know how they found out about the goat, but I'm definite that Barney posted it in his blog. It was then I decided to accept the job offer. And now this is the thanks I get for saving their relationship? I heard one character say MY name at the end instead of the character's. Barney even went to watch it and said Tony got everything correct when it was really all wrong. If Tony doesn't acknowledge this misuse of artistic license, I will see him in court for libel as defined in the encyclopaedia, with my best friend Marshall Eriksen (NOT Barney) handling my case and get his artistic license revoked!

03/06/2014 00:00:00

1. Please use the paragraphs. They are much easier to read.

2. I hope that ALLCAPS, Fan Hater title is a parody of fan reactions.

03/06/2014 00:00:00

It's another pretent your someone else type of revew, in this case Ted Mosby from How I Meet Your Mother. I don't really get what they were trying to do though.

03/06/2014 00:00:00

They were trying to show him being outraged at his portrayal in the Film Within the Show.

03/14/2014 00:00:00

Whatever man, you just don't get this movie. This was the greatest love story ever told, and if you're egotistical enough to think this movie was based off of YOU, when your name doesn't even sound like the character's then you're almost as much a jerk as Jed Mosely. (Please note this comment was made for satirical purposes and is not serious)

09/10/2018 00:00:00

This a a great satirical review.

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